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  1. Thank you so much ;)))
  2. ohhh great advice :)) i must try that and show my trophy with you hiha. thank you so much.
  3. ohhh okay thank you so much :))) i will never link to any store :))
  4. ohhh Thank you so much :))) *
  5. Hello this order just arrived and i very happy when i received it very fast. Maybe next weekend would be perect for me Many people call it is swimbait, but someone else call it is Jointed-bait who else love it? and turn me some advices for these lures ?i verry appreciate it
  6. Hi Everyone - i'm just starting my bass fishing adventure and would like some advices and tips. * I'm used to fish peacock bass in Brazil and love the idea to catch some basses over here. I live in Union City - NJ and just realized that i have some lakes close by and they have a lot of basses. So, i'll try to catch some. Considering that we are close to spring, how should be my approach in terms of baits, best period of day, how fast should work the baits, etc... Anyone has experience with bass fishing in NJ or NY? i want to explore a little bit more around. Now i live if VietnamThank you guys in advance. Jack.
  7. hell yeah...I like that it's on a chatter also
  8. i also love a black spinnerbait at night. i like jitterbugs,buzz baits for top water.... i don't know who made it, but it had a little piece of metal that made contact with the blade when it spun..... very noisy and smallies crushed it
  9. Nice, its great. but unfortunately for your finger :))