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  1. I've been away the better part of a year now. I can see this place is still a sewer....................nothing changes. Same old posters frittering away their lives on a computer desperately grasping to be significant. .
  2. Yes they were Shad. If you want to catch them in the DC area the best place to go is Fletchers boathouse. You can rent small boats there and the fishing is really good. Ask the folks there and they will sell you the shad darts and lures you will need.
  3. Guys...........let's stick to fishing reports. If you want to argue go to the political forum. There are men there who have thousands of hours invested in arguments with strangers.
  4. What an amazing catch that trout is. You should report that to the DNR, it would cause QUITE a stir !!
  5. A friend of mine caught a few two days ago, but the action hasn't heated up yet. Lots of high muddy water so far. Any reports coming in ??
  6. They are doing the same thing up here in Chincoteague and Assateague. Chincoteauge is known the world over for its' Ponies............now the Eco-Nazis have lobbied the Feds to pen them into smaller areas because they are in invasive species........they've been there for over 100 years. No more free roaming ponies for Chincoteague. The Amerikan Bolsheviks are on the march. .
  7. There isn't anough Valtrex in the world to cure her ills. .
  8. I guess when you are worth $100 million you feel entitled to say whatever you want to say. Mel is a idiot for running his mouth like that.
  9. I am ashamed to say I laughed at the picture. But I'm still laughing, it just struck me as funny. If I ever have a horrible disability and you get a chance to laugh at me......take it. .
  10. Always find the fish before you start fishing. He ran a 31 Bertram on the Chesapeake Bay, so it was a good adage. You can also make a metaphoric applicaiton.
  11. I've had about 6 cars and all had Michelins from Sam's Club or Costco. Most lasted well over 80,000 miles. I can't think of one time I have ben disappointed with them.
  12. Sometimes it goes on for a decade or more and thousands of posts. If it is allowed to. .
  13. Two miles south of you at Hackett's we filled a cooler full croakers some as big as 14 inches. White perch too. No Spot.
  14. My list would be too long. But #1 would have been run away to Australia and become a 1st mate on a marlin charter boat on the Great Barrier Reef. .