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  1. Respectfully offer 300
  2. Look at the penn battalion for a surf rod which you can find under 100 and the slosh will work great but a penn Fathom would be good reel choice too.
  3. ill take the freams
  4. Would you take $75? These are on sale some sites right now.
  5. would you take 25?
  6. I would look at the 150 Daiwa coastal as it has the sv spool which is great for throwing lighter lures. The 200 might not cast the 1/8 to 1/2 very far. The 200 cast 3/4 and beyond pretty darn good.
  7. ill take it. Thank you.
  8. Would you take 70 picked up?
  9. Does it come with line? Do you have pictures?
  10. Respectfully offer $70
  11. Respectfully offer 45 for the whole lot
  12. I believe he is talking about the spigot ferrule. Yes many other manufactures use this design.
  13. Can you do 30?
  14. I’ll trade you for a 6k gosa if your interested?
  15. Lost a big Spanish Mack around my area. Of a Pier too.