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  1. VS 100 is a sweet match.
  2. These are perfect for fluke, schoolie blues/stripers. Even using the bucktails to search for holes. These really are the best cheap buck tail.
  3. Not bad for a buck.
  4. The Penn battalion is really great for the price. You could look at the Tsunami Airwave Elite Striper Surf that is rated at 3-6. Ebay has it for around $135.
  5. The Jawbone bucktails do lose their hair over time but that doesn’t take away the fact that they still catch fish. OP was looking for the best cheap solution. I think Jawbone fits that description well. I have caught many fish with it and the hook is very strong. Sometimes you can get them at dick on clearance for a buck. Can’t beat that.
  6. I’m take 50
  7. I’m in!
  8. Have you looked at the Jawbone bucktails that Dicks sell? They are 3 buck a pop and are very good. You can even get them cheaper with a 20% off coupon that usually circulates every month.
  9. lol. you must be from jersey
  10. Try 4oz and if that doesn’t hold the bait go higher. Last thing you want is to tangle everyone else because your bait is not holding it’s place and drifting way out there.
  11. Star rod para flex is an excellent rod, especially for the money. The para flex also use Fuji guides not sure if the Suzuki use Fuji components. Does anyone know?
  12. Both are pretty good rods but the tsunami I would say is the best bang for your buck out of the 2.
  13. In stead of glueing a 2 piece why not just get a one piece rod? ODM has a 1 piece called the Nex1.
  14. How much for the thunnus if you break it up?
  15. Love to club em..