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  1. I am curious about the differences between the Squall II 15 CS and Fathom II 15 CS. The specs show some differences are: Reel: Fathom II 15CS / Squall II 15CS Body: Metal / Graphite Weight: 17.1oz / 15.8oz Drag: 30# / 20# Retrieve: 30" / 31" 20lb Mono: 270 yards / 245 yards How do the two compare in terms of bearings and casting? Are the upgrades from the standard 15 size to the casting special the same for both the Squall and Fathom?
  2. Just figured I would give an update on my post. I want to thank everyone for the input they provided. I went to the heaver demo day last weekend and got to try out a bunch of different rods. Threw Carolina Cast Pro (6-10 and 8-12), Vega, Rainshadow, and CTS 1305 and 1306. I was throwing 10 ounce sinkers with each rod using my Akios 656 with 17lb tritanium plus. I was trying to simulate how much weight I would have with 8 and bait (I know much more drag will be induced by having actual bait). My best distances over multiple casts were CCP 8-12 and CTS 1306. Both were right around the same distance for me and were about 9 or 10 yards longer than the CCP 6-10 and CTS 1305. So there wasn’t a real distance winner for me throwing them but they definitely felt very different during the cast. Between the CCP and CTS, the CTS just seemed to feel better for my casting style. So, I have a blacked out 1306 on order with Nick’s Custom Rods.
  3. This would be a bait rod. Either a fish finder rig or a double bottom rig depending on what I’d be doing. I plan on keeping my spinning reels and 9’ rods for throwing lures, which are really limited to things like stingsilvers and spoons.
  4. What is the benefit of touching the flange vs the center? A more subtle touch/slow down?
  5. Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it. I completely understand that technique trumps all and that every component (technique, rod, reel, line, tackle) plays its role. I am looking to put together a light weight combo that will maximize my distance for the use. In reality, it looks like the specs are showing only about a 1/4 to 1/3 ounce difference between the two sizes, and I would see a bigger weight reduction going from a Fathom II 15 to a Squall II 15, then going down in size - but, from what I've read, the fathom is a better caster. I guess my question is, keeping all things constant except the reel size, would you be losing distance going down to a 12 size from a 15. I am also sure I am overthinking this, as I do most things.
  6. Thanks dcast - I didn’t think about the painted blanks weighing more. If you don’t go with a painted blank I guess you are limited to the grayish graphite color (which is fine by me anyway)?
  7. Thanks for the input so far. While I want to try out the rods that I’m interested in, the CTS 1305 sounds like what I’m looking for. Based on rods I already have, I like the unequal split better than a 50/50 split. Rods are always transported in my truck and never fly anywhere with them, so length isn’t a concern other than fitting them in my garage. 90% of the time I’d throw 8, occasionally throw 10, and so far, I’ve never thrown 12 and bait. Seems like picking the rod for the greatest use is the way to go, which would knock out a 1306...for now.
  8. Thanks, Espresso. My reason for switching is because about a year ago I bought a conventional rod/reel for throwing 8 and bait when I am down in the OBX or at Assateague. It was the first time I ever tried a conventional and I loved it. I’ll never get rid of my smaller spinning rods (9ft and less), but i am finding I enjoy fishing more with a conventional for my bigger stuff. They are lighter, more comfortable, and just more fun for me. For the fishing I do in the Bay I never need 6oz to hold, but if that’s what I need to get the distance, I have that already that I can use.
  9. I have a Squall 15 that is my first conventional reel and I like it very much. I am looking at getting a few new conventional setups. I am interested in giving one of the new Fathom II's a shot as the 12 and 15 now have the adjustable magnetic cast control as opposed to centrifugal brakes. If using a 10' or 11' foot rod rated for say, 2 to 6 ounces, and spooled up with 12 or 14 pound mono -- would you expect longer casts out of the Fathom 12 or 15?.
  10. Hey folks, I am transitioning from spinning rods/reels to conventionals. Most of my fishing in the Bay is either from piers or the shore. Often, you need to cast out as far as possible to get any water depth where I fish. I am going to be getting a 10' or 11' rod and looking at the Penn Squall II and Fathom II in either a 12 or 15. My question is - for a 10' or 11' rod, which would cast better throwing three or four ounces (double bottom rigs or fish finder rig)? Both have the line capacity and drag I need, so that is not a concern. Just wondering if I would get better distance out of the 12 or 15. Thanks for your insight!
  11. I just got back from OBX Sunday and probably won't make it back down again until April, so I have some time to decide and get a rod. I'm in MD and will look into a casting get together if I can find one close.
  12. Thanks, savfish. Would you say the CCP rods are more sensitive to timing and technique to get a good cast? My spinning heaver that I have used for years is a 12' Ocean Master heavy, so that is what I am use to (that and a Penn Batallion conventional).
  13. Hi everyone! Been trying to read as much as I can. I grew up on spinning reels, but decided to give a conventional setup a try about a year ago (Penn Squall 15 and Batallion 12' 6-12). Needless to say, I am hooked on conventional setups on big rods now. I feel like the rod I have is best with 6 or 7 and good bait. I have the magnet on the squall down to about 1/4 or a click less. I am looking for a good heaver that can throw 8 to 10 ounces and a chunk or head. This would end up being my main drum rod and also serve double duty for sharks. I would probably not throw less than 8 on it very often. From what I'm reading have been looking at the CTS 1305/1306, Daiwa Ballistic 35-405/40-405, or the Carolina Cast Pro 6-10/8-12. I am an okay caster and my skill/range is improving. I don't attempt pendulum casts but do try to do a Hatteras or variation of the unitech for better distance over an overhead thump. I think my first question is, each of the above rods have two weight ratings that appear to work (1305/1306, 35-405/40-405, etc). For 8 to 10 ounces and bait, would I likely get better distance out of the lower or higher rating? I am also thinking of going the custom route over a factory rod. Any recommendations of one rod over the other and why?
  14. That's interesting. I regularly throw an ounce or so on the setup with my Stradic 3000 and am quite pleased with the power/ease it has on a retrieve of the lure, not to mention with a fish on. I would imagine, for me at least, that I wouldn't feel underpowered with the 5000 for throwing up to 3 ounces. One of the reasons I took the Spinfisher 4500 off the Mojo was because, in my opinion, that reel felt underpowered for tossing lures. I believe that is mainly due to what I think is a short handle on it. It will sit on a bait rod from now on, so it's not as big a deal to me.