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  1. Thanks I’ll take it. If you’ll sell me the mikes needle from your other post I’d like that also. I know it’s part of a lot so if not I understand but lmk either way. Thanks.
  2. Interested in the mikes if by chance things get split
  3. If u happen to end up splitting I’m interested in the Mikes
  4. I’ll take the needles plz
  5. No they’re not. He still makes them.
  6. I know it clearly states no splits but interested in the bm if it would help entice u to sell me the commander from your other listing. If so just lmk. If not no worries I understand.
  7. I’ll take # 4
  8. If u happen to split interested in the commander
  9. If by chance u end up willing to split if they don’t sell, I’m interested in the gas bm blast needle.
  10. They’re Gibbs
  11. I’ll take these
  12. I’ll take this one
  13. I know u said no splits but if by chance u change ur mind I’m interested in the Big Ben.
  14. Looking for some Mikes customs big bens &/or danny plugs. Thanks.
  15. Ok send me your pp when u get a chance