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  1. Ok sounds good. Thanks.
  2. Would u consider selling me the Darby & CCW’s for $200 shipped?
  3. Sorry just saw no splits. Was gonna say interested in mikes if so.
  4. Would u consider $100?
  5. I’m guessing he mistakingly put Shimano instead of daiwa. Looks like a daiwa bg 5k to me.
  6. Ok I’ll take it thanks
  7. Would u consider $40?
  8. Just curious, how does this connect to crossbars or a roof rack?
  9. Ok great. I’m gonna talk to my buddy. I think he is looking for a rack. I’ll get back to u either way. Thanks.
  10. Would u be willing to ship this? I have a friend who might be interested but we’re from MA so he wouldn’t be able to pick it up if he did want it.
  11. $460 shipped to MA?
  12. U ever go to the canal? Or anywhere close to Milford MA area? Thought it can’t hurt to ask.
  13. Don’t blame ya. Just throwin it out there because u never know... but glws. Jay
  14. Damn that sucks. Sorry to hear it. I know u probably won’t be splitting OR shipping but in the rare chance u do I’d be interested in the tinman bucktails. Hope u get better fast.
  15. I’m guessing u don’t have the 5k spool as well? Just curious.