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  1. I’ll take these Marc
  2. Yeah, no worries. Next time! I’m sure I’ll grab something from you in the future & if u still have it then, maybe u can throw it in with my next package.
  3. I think u made a typo marc!
  4. Ok $40 works. Thanks
  5. Add the last pic of bucktails to the mambo for another $20? Both the 5 bucktail lot & the mambo for $35 shipped? & if including lot 10 is an option I’d take that as well please, Thanks!
  6. I’ll take the mambo minnow please
  7. I kno it’s not exactly worth it to ship one 1/2 oz bucktail but u could throw it in one of those .99 yellow envelopes or something, I wouldn’t care.
  8. I’d throw a few bucks down to ship me the bucktail if he takes the plug. Just throwing it out there.
  9. Interested in these 2 if you’d split. $25 shipped?
  10. No problem. I understand. Lmk if anything changes. Thanks
  11. If you’d split I’m interested in the dragon
  12. I’ll take them please
  13. You may want to include the distance from butt to reel seat or center of reel seat. Also whether it was all trimmed from the butt or if it was trimmed some from the butt & some from the tip. Only trying to help. Obviously pictures will help as well. Glws
  14. Yup it’s a left hook