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    I am an avid trout fisherman and broke into saltwater fly fishing in Florida. I teach science in the Capital District of Upstate NY.
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    Fly tying and fishing, metal detecting, writing, teaching, kayaking, paddleboarding
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  1. Thanks a bunch! They are an American company too.
  2. Thanks for the info! I now know the Outback would be the best fishing boat for me but I also wanted to be able to car top it for years to come and believe the compass fits that bill. I thank everyone so much for helping out.
  3. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing the tip. I am having trouble finding one near me in the color I want so may have to wait till spring but I will be out in a new kayak soon.
  4. Thanks a bunch! I plan on wearing a basket even though it gets in the way. I did go out a purchase my first spinning rod and reel in about 10 years, along with lures. (Kastmasters sure are expensive now) So I will have backup if it becomes difficult to manipulate flyline.
  5. Thanks for the awesome review. It is just what I needed to hear. I have been using the same 9.5 foot kayak for 16 or more years and it doesn't even have a hatch or cup holder so a Compass will be like a Porsche to me
  6. Thanks so much Monstahfish! The guy at the closest kayak store in Amsterdam recommends it as well.
  7. Thanks a bunch Matt! I saw there were hull issues with the Outdacks so that is why I was looking at the Compass but seems a lot of people like their Outbacks.
  8. Good day everyone, I am in the market for a new kayak for under 3k I was thinking of a Hobie Compass but some people recommended the Outback I have no ties to any brand so I'm looking for the best kayak for the money. I live near the Hudson and mohawk rivers but and buying it mostly for trips to Long Island sound and near shore Atlantic trips in RI. I hrought my 9.5' 17 year old Perception out past the West Wall and it was hairy (probably stupid too) I fly fish often so a wide deck is important. I have a Subaru forrester and no trailer but ordered a Thule Showboat 66 Load assist so weight is a consideration. I want stability, durability, and portability, but don't need too many bells and whistles, just a place to keep a cooler or stowing spot to keep some porgies cool if I keep some, and a place for an orvis water proof backpack and a nalgene bottle. I probably won't get a fish finder so don't need a fancy compartment for it. Thanks everone!
  9. Thanks a bunch Cary!
  10. Thanks for the info and for sharing the successful pattern!
  11. I have yet to catch one on an eel but I caught me first ones on a fly a month ago. I'm new to saltwater fly fishing north of Florida but I am tying some flies for the next trip.
  12. Thanks everyone for the info !great flies too
  13. Yeah blibo it can get brutal out there at times.
  14. Excellent flies sidelock
  15. Thanks for the comments but can't see the pic for some reason