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  1. He's the first president in 40 years who refuses to release his tax returns. Does not matter if he is a successful businessman or not. When he make dozens claims that the new tax reform will not benefit it him (all fact say they will), you owe it to the American people to backup your claims. Not that it really matters because his lies are so normalized his supporters don't give a **** about the truth. David Pecker head of the National Inquire, long time friend of Trump buying the rights to true and substantiated stories so they can bury the story and print **** like this and he claims fake news. He is a godless New York Corporate ****bag liar who bangs pornstars and hookers and he is the voice of the christian conservatives lol
  2. Pushing a tax law where over 90% + of all the benefits literally got to less than 1% of the population and the the few tax law changes that benefit the majority of americans are set to expire in 2025. He tried to repeal the federal estate and most ****** think that great for them except you do not pay any federal estate taxes unless your estate is over 5.5 million now its double that. How many americans will that benefit? We gave cut the corporate tax rates for C corporations by 14% with the promise of better living wages and lower healthcare costs. Amazon will pay no federal taxes this year a Trump will most likely not pay much taxes if any, we will not know because if he released his returns it would show that the new tax law will greatly benefit him despite his claims it will hurt him . He is the epitome of special interests, there are regulations in the new tax code that only benefit real estate moguls. Healthcare costs increased since the law passed an majority of people still cant get paid a living wage. All the tax savings were passed on to the CEO's CFO's ... and not the people as we were promised. Stripping EPA regulations that protect public health. I agree with border security and a wall. I was a registered republican until this bag of **** ran for president.
  3. I fish there on my Kayak often i'm going to try and get out there early spring
  4. I do not have it on my 2014 revo but i get envious watching my buddy reverse over a spot he missed a fluke or tog bite. Envy only lasted until he broke the reverse twice lol. It would be very nice to have if you bottom fish/fish close to bridges/rocks but not necessary. I'm about to pull the trigger on getting a 2019 Outback once i see how loading it on my rack is compared to my revo
  5. Cool looking fungus! never seen that one
  6. I yak for them every year but in the bay and not the back. I occasionally catch them in the back while togging early spring. Seems like surf clams are becoming increasingly harder to get every year. I may have to try crab and gulp shrimp if i cant get clams easily
  7. im going to give fluid film a try on my 2017 Taco. Seems like most of the paint on stuff needs a super clean surface and 50-90 temps for application. The Fluid film is also non-toxic which is a plus.
  8. I make them without crimps with just a haywire twist which can be done with any pliers.
  9. My buddy has done well fishing power bait through the ice. We used the trout we caught to live line for musky.
  10. Most collection money goes to big shiny bull ****, moving the rapists to different churches and paying hush money.
  11. Ice fishing when i can. Tax season at work makes the winter fly by
  12. im in
  13. It's a BS holiday. I refuse to give in to it and my girlfriend has gotten over it. Now if only i can get her to agree that diamonds are as worthless as Valentines day.
  14. hot dogs with ketchup
  15. I used a fake name and email account when doing the DNA kit i received for xmas. Apparently im 72% irish, 19% balkin (former soviet chithole countries) and 9% Greek. My dad's side of the family thinks they are 1/2 dego and 1/2 mick? Guess either mom was friendly with the mailman or dad's side is wrong