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  1. Most home inspectors are completely worthless. The one who did the inspection on my first house did not have a big enough ladder to get on the roof or any tools. We were in the basement and the sump pit cover had bolts so he couldn't check the pump and said it probably works.
  2. too young, you will likely be a mess and upset the kid even more
  3. Is the threaded end of the mast still in the knuckle? I had both masts break and had to use and extractor bit to remove them.
  4. Never leave home without a v2 backup
  5. Welcome to the club! That'll be $400
  6. Pro anglers are a lot heavier and harder to car top. I'd recommend the outback for your needs. I use my outback surf launching in the ocean, in the back bays, large and small rivers and lakes and it suites all my needs. I can comfortably stand and cast on the outback as well. I tried the PA12 and it was way too heavy to comfortably cartop and transport but nice to fish from. If you do not need to stand and cast then look into the revo 13 as it is a lot lighter than both PA and outback and it handles a lot better. I would also look into old town sportsman and sportsman salty pro pdl kayaks. I really like my outback but have had a lot of issues with my 180 drive and seat since day one and hobies customer service is not great any more.
  7. Check out Kiptopeeke state park which is not too far south of cape charles
  8. Do you have an issue with companies/ business owners using bankruptcy as a business strategy to avoid paying their debts?
  9. Were you getting squirrels or mice/rats? I saw a squirrel come out of the bottom of my brand new truck and wondering if it will work for squirrels.
  10. I have 2 or 3 nesting pairs this year. The males have been chasing each other around the past week or so. My robins were nowhere to be seen a month ago now are back in full force
  11. I purchased a 2022 4x4 double cab Tacoma and paid MSRP in December. They gave me 22K for my 2017 access cab manual trans taco i paid 25K for. Surprisingly they did not even put my 2017 on the lift to check it out. Needed brakes, tires and inspection.
  12. I would extend your returns and have your wife ask if there will be a corrected w-2. if they say no, file as is and if they issue a corrected w-2 report that. Assuming that you do not owe for 2021 you can file zero due extensions.
  13. I would just report the federal W-2 as is and keep in mind there is a very remote chance anything will ever come of it. Just earmark 25% of the the disability payments in case you receive a notice. The IRS system just makes sure that any amount reported on a w-2 as federal wages is reported on a 1040.
  14. If its not reported to the fed then you do not need to report it on your 1040. You will only get a matching notice if its reported to the fed (via w-2) and not included on your 1040. I would not go digging for additional taxable income. Disability payments from an employer plan are supposed to be taxed as wages (W-2) or taxed as pension payments (1099-R) if you are at retirement age.
  15. I have that same one for kayaking inshore and nearshore. It will not automatically activate like some epirb's when they hit water. It has to be manually activated. ACR beacons are used by the US military and governments around the world as they are tested and reliable. Id say it is money very well spent. You can also bring it with you if you ever go hiking or to remote locations.