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  1. so please quote where she said it was worse than either of them. A quote is something someone actually said and not a headline
  2. yea but she never actually said it was worse than either of them soooo. But she is a scum bag and 1/6 was no where even close to either
  3. did you demand to speak to the manager?
  4. I'd start with the murdering ones. were they all not burning looting and murdering like everyone says?
  5. Show me where anyone was stupid enough to say Jan 6th was worse than 9/11. Show me where the WH or Kamala ever said that. And no it was not even close to either. But i bet you cant back up your stupid statement
  6. where did i say the capitol riot was worse than pear harbor?
  7. she was peacefully protesting her way through a smashed window with armed police on the other side
  8. You act like i disagree with this. I would have been fine with calling in the national guard in to mow down looters.
  9. you sound like a broken qannon record. Go write your congressman and recommend she get the medal of honor for her heroic act of patriotism. As for looters i'm fine with the police mowing them down.
  10. but but but what if what if what if antifa 5g civil war
  11. Lol im sure you said the same about george floyd
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