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  1. I think the new design of the outback (the outback loader) makes it easy to put on a truck rack. It is actually a lot easier than loading my 2014 revo. I could see how loading on an SUV could be a challange ne there may be some videos showing how to easily do it.
  2. Steve from Mass is full of ****
  3. Many people are no longer itemizing due to the change in the tax law due to the 10k cap on taxes paid deduction. How is it silly to pay a couple hundred extra a month and shave 7 years off your mortgage. If i pay $200 additional per month i will pay my mortgage off 7 years early. That 7 years x $1200/month is $100,000. If its looking like you wont be able to itemize there are state/ federal mortgage programs you may be eligible for. My rate was 4% i put 10% down and i get a 2,000 tax credit per year for my mortgage interest even though i do itemize.
  4. I was seeing a lot of big bass motionless on the surface. It was almost like they were sleeping, i was right on top of them before they would react.
  5. I fished the RB from 11 pm - 7 am Sunday. Fog came in quick and thick. It was very disorienting and even with the GPS on my finder it was a challenge to stay on curse with no visible landmarks. On our way in there were a lot of boats going pretty fast in the fog where there was less than 20' of visibility. I ordered a compass to keep on my PFD.
  6. They are cool looking fish. One year in VA we caught a bunch of ribbons under dock lights at night.
  7. I caught a lookdown and tiny remora at the same time on a sabiki rig fishing south Jersey.
  8. should have kept it for the tank!
  9. That is the dumbest **** i ever heard. If you added fentanyl to weed and smoked it it would kill you
  10. Keys on a lanyard on my neck under my drysuit in cold weather. In warmer weather i keep phone and keys in dry pouches connected to my PFD. I wouldn't leave your keys anywhere not connected to you in case you loose your yak at least you can get home.
  11. 2 annual kayak fishing trips to the Virginia beach with the boys and hopefully the return to Costa Rica. Virginia fishing usually sucks aside from last years miracle bull reds but there is a limitless supply of beer, brats and sponge crabs. Other than that ill try to get out every weekend and fish.
  12. Sunday looks pretty windy as of now. I was thinking of going Sunday.
  13. Please post a picture if you get time thanks
  14. I have only used the new Outback on a lake thus far. For me the real question will be how it does with surf launches and landings. My quick observations after only one use. It is a little heavier than the revo but with the rudder guard it is easier to get on my truck's ladder rack. Its a lot more stable than the revo and almost as fast. Turning seems comparable to the revo. There is a lot more on deck storage on the outback but less in-hull storage. I used to keep the big sand wheels in the front hatch of my revo and put the frame on the back. There is no enough room for the wheels in the front hatch of the outback. I think the outback will will make fishing a lot more comfortable. Mike
  15. Other than the seat issue I was very happy with the rest of the kayak. Standing to take a piss (and sometimes cast) will be a game changer. It was very stable in the high seat position even in winds up to 25 mph. Tons of storage and the built in tracks and H-rail was a plus.