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  1. rent a scissor lift for a week and do it yourself. Hard to justify paying 14 for something that can be done yourself for a fraction of the price. No was to guarantee the quality of the work you will get for that 14k and as other have said with the labor shortage, likely to get some hack quality work.
  2. Never thought about lighting preference being regional but makes sense. Goin forward im going to keep using the type where you can change the spectrum because the wife keeps changing her mind on the color of the lights lol
  3. I ordered them off of Amazon and the different listings had the different spectrums. It seems their prices are cheaper on amazon than on their website. i went with 3k, 4k and 5k and above seem too white/blue for me. I needed 3" lights for my kitchen rehab and went with the Lithonia brand slim lights which have the switch for different outputs.
  4. Sunco lighting had good lights. I have used their new construction lights and retro fit lights. Did my last house and current house with their products. Had one go bad and the sent me a replacement promptly. They were less than $10 a piece
  5. but but obama
  6. 4000 or 5000 is a large reel for flounder, sheepshead, trout and smaller drum.
  7. A few years ago up on the Vineyard I caught some gag groupers and snowy grouper (both very small 5") and some jacks and runners. This was early October.
  8. Nutsedge has a particular smell to it unlike grass.
  9. I just checked their website, no longer a rebate on the 7, only the 5 now.
  10. i don't know if yours is still in the date range but humminbird has $100 rebate on the Helix 7 SI. I just got a $50 rebate on my Helix 5 SI
  11. I have an ACR PLB on my lifejacket at all times. Around $250 and works pretty much anywhere in the world. Have to register it with NOAA. It uses both radio and GPS signals when activated.$250 to possibly save your life is a bargain.
  12. i have a sunjoe and it works fine. its not as powerful as a gas one but it has done everything i need it too and it is one less gas engine to keep up with.
  13. you must be some kind of big deal
  14. I had a 16' starcraft seafarer. I replaced the rotted transom with some fir I coated with epoxy paint. My 9.9 merc was plenty enough power
  15. Under the tax cuts and jobs act of 2017 home office deduction for employees was suspended until 2025. They suspended the deduction because they needed the additional tax revenue to lower rates for the mega corps. Self employed individuals can claim home office expenses in some circumstances. The IRS does allow fore some tax free payments (no included in w-2 wages) from companies to employees to offset WFH costs. Tell you wife to ask her company to give hem money for working at home.