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  1. looks real good for catfish if they are in that river
  2. Too many inexperienced boaters and sweetheart boaters to mess around in a NJ inlet
  3. My problems were from the carbon bearings above the fins. The GT drives do not have the bearings. The carbon roller bearings have extrusion holes of different sizes. The roller bearings with the largest diameter holes are prone to crushing and failing. I keep my GT drive as backup. The 180 drive seems a bight flimsy compared to the solid GT drive. The reverse is a game changer especially for fishing around pilings and over structure i just wish the 180 drive was better built.
  4. They suck! Reverse is amazing but the drive itself is poop. Mine took a **** within 2 months.
  5. How is that cooler treating you? Im looking to get a soft cooler and not trying to spend more than $50
  6. How are Delco steaks? I lived accross the street but have not been there since it was Jeans
  7. Could pay for some hotel rooms for front line workers who have high risk family at home?
  8. I use a ladder rack on my pickup and load my outback up top. I don't like the yak hanging out of the bed in tight parking lots and it makes the reverse cam useless. I do use my HF bed extender if i plan on launching in multiple spots but prefer top loading it.
  9. Fished the river last night caught my PB walleye at 26" probably around 7-8lbs. The walleye ate a huge chunk of cut sucker on 80lb mono with an 8/0 circle hook lol We also got into some flatheads with 2 being over 30lbs.
  10. Nothing special about the jigs just a super tiny hook tipped with clam or squid, any really small hook with bait would work. There are also huge eels that live in the jetty pools and between the rocks.
  11. closest thing iv'e seen to a tidal pool is the right side of the LBI lighthouse jetty. during low tide the water pools there around the rocks, its not like the tidal pools of the west coast but still holds life. I have brought a micro rod and 1/64oz jig and have caught 2" tog, cunner and seabass out of the rocks in a foot of water.
  12. if it were not for spell check I would not have a job
  13. probably
  14. was out on a walk and a huge whit pine limb fell near me.. too close for comfort
  15. The nursing home around me has 105 infected out of 175 residents and 28 have died so far.