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  1. I keep mine in the mesh pocket readily available in a small ziplock bag to avoid a wet fart sound when i need a loud horn.
  2. After getting caught in the for on the RB with boaters flying around in all directions i bought 2 of these air horns.
  3. I'm just fishing for giant bluefish.
  4. Cheech, did you stay at a kayak fishing lodge in Panama? I'm looking to do a kayak panama fishing trip.
  5. some of my biggest sharks came from close in on chitty casts. Yaking the bait out requires a lot of weight in most spots. Plus if there is seaweed you will be reeling in a ton of it.
  6. Penn squall size 12 are great reels. It has many applications fresh, salt, casting and dropping down.
  7. I just returned from my kayak trip to the finger lakes. Gog my first lake trout (around 25") and my first lake brown trout ( 22" fattie) also got a few smallies, pike, pickeral, bullheads and round gobies. Saw a sturgeon jump but no bites. Fishing was not on fire but had a great time on the water and camping with friends. Also was in the deepest water i have ever kayaked, i kayaked out to 310' of water.
  8. Trigger fish
  9. Yep Wayfair vs South Dakota. Its gonna hurt a lot of small online retailers as the cost to track, collect and remit sales taxes to a bunch of states is high.
  10. They were the 50lb clips
  11. I would think it was the fish. I started using these this year. I had a few trips with only a few small bass and a lot of plug changes ant the clips did not bend. When i used them last week catching 30"+ gator blues all day the clips all looked like the picture above.
  12. I received this as well earlier today. I think they are unique links
  13. i'm in
  14. Im going to give them a call today. Cant hurt
  15. im not sure exactly how it works or what is causing it to come off. I think its due to the amount of excess slack in the line.