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  1. I have two very good condition 7’0 Star arial surf rods. Model EX1225S70CT. 90$ for the pair local pickup in Central NJ
  2. I have a brand new, never used, Battle II 5000. Looking to trade it for a used 3-4000 size shimano spinning reel
  3. I have two very lightly used Saragosa 5000sw for sale. They are in excellent condition as shown in the pics. No boxes. One is spooled with 30# suffix and the other is spooled with 30# power pro slick. 195$ each shipped or take the pair for $380
  4. Anyone know what the part availability/servicing on the FD model Stella’s is like?
  5. I fish the same area as you. My setups have 50lb mono backing connected to the monel via albright knot/haywire twist, then 10-15 ft of 80lb mono leader connected to the wire via the same knot. use a good coast lock swivel to the spoon. Side note, I have tried every other way possible to avoid using wire (braid, drails, ect.) I know braid works for some, but once i switched to wire my catch rate went wayyy up.
  6. ill take these! thanks Colin
  7. Ok, I will take it
  8. Is this reel still available? If so i would like to respectfully offer 500$
  9. I’ll take them for 25$
  10. Good morning, I’ll offer 20$ shipped immediate Paypal. let me know if this works, thanks! Colin
  11. Darth baiter, Not really interested in selling one unless I have a Stella lined up to buy. So if one pops up on here I would definitley sell them. Thanks for the reply! Colin
  12. Yes, I know this is a long shot, but my collection of Saragosa sw reels has gotten to be pretty big. I have two mint Saragossa 5000sw that I would like to trade for a used 2008 Stella 5000sw (gold/silver). Cash can be added to this from my end for the right deal of course. Again I know this is probably a long shot but would like to see if anything is out there, thanks!