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  1. How long are your herring patterns.... 10"?
  2. When are the meetings scheduled for 2020? I had hoped to come to some of them in ‘19 but work had other plans... thanks
  3. Mola look funny when they come up to the surface like that.
  4. That does not look good
  5. What time of day do you fish nantasket? Is it just an after dark endeavor? Just curious
  6. After stripping line in to leader start with a roll cast. The quick change of direction often triggers a strike in bass and blues. The roll cast will set the hook too.
  7. Best commute in Boston area bar none. I’ll try to say hi next time on the ferry. Look for the guy with a red folding bike
  8. I just came across this thread. I’ll try to attend the 21st meeting. May my done along as he is enjoys freshwater fly fishing
  9. Based on the size - I’m assuming this is south side of cape cod....
  10. I’ve heard rumors of bluefish off scituate. Hoping someone could confirm. Ill be heading down that way this weekend. I’ll give a thumbs up/down after that trip
  11. I’ve heard several i corroborated reports of bluefish on the south shore. Anyone able to confirm? thanks John
  12. Gartside’s book is available on kindle. Finding a paper copy is becoming challenging. There are fish piers piers all over the harbor from hull to deer island.
  13. Saw multiple schools of bunker outside near Martin's and between Castle and Spectacle islands June 30. Nothing since then