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  1. Pulled up a fluke this summer and it measured at 18.5in.... but it was missing its whole tail probably another 4in would have been added to it. It wasn't an open wound just a rounded nub fully healed would have been a keeper but had to throw it back.
  2. I believe It's fine as long as the porgy is of legal size
  3. I may have a little issue here that I'm hoping someone can help with... So when I started my seeds I had two cells for tomatillos and 3 cells for black eggplant. The tomatillos were my first plants to sprout. Maybe a week later one of the eggplants sprouted in the cell directly next to the tomatillo. None of the other eggplant seeds sprouted. Wondering maybe if a tomatillo seed accidentally fell into the eggplant cell and that what I think it eggplant is really a tomatillo. Here's some pics of the plant in question. It might be too early to tell but I figured I'd let you smarter guys take a look! Thanks
  4. Yes sorry starting them indoors under lights
  5. First week of April generally a good time to start tomatoes?
  6. Anyone try tomatillos before are they worth it? I know they're not self pollinating so there needs to be at least two plants but any other tips or is it pretty straightforward.
  7. Started peppers/eggplants and herbs Monday... woke up today and the bell peppers and white eggplants are sprouting strong. Always great to see it starting.
  8. If you're planning on going on the south shore search the "south shore blue way". It's a series of designated kayak launch spots the website has a map and everything you need to know. Here: https://southshoreblueway.com/maps/blueway-i-map/
  9. Broke the skunk today. Was only using 6lb mono as a leader and didn't pack anything heavier so these little slime rockets broke off a couple of my rigs
  10. I got a some vacation time scheduled at the end of April and was looking to do a short trip with the wife. Came up with the idea of Cooperstown so we could hit the hall of fame and then spend a day out fishing on the lake. Anybody have any any experience on that lake or know of any respectable guides/charters that service that area? I did a quick google search and found a few but I trust the general population on this site and if anyone has any experience it would be much appreciated. Is April a good time to be hitting that lake would love to go for some lake trout but open to any species. Im also not 100% dedicated to otsego if there's any waterways near Cooperstown that you love I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  11. I've read all about the corn chumming technique which I might try. This one hit a blade bait which was the last thing I expected.
  12. Hit up a local lake in Nassau county out of sheer boredom. Froze my you know what's off but when I hooked into this guy I warmed right up. First carp ever and I gotta say they're an adrenaline rush will be targeting them more here on out.
  13. I know a couple shallow ponds near me that have a bunch of these guys. I'm looking for something to do during the colder months any tips/strategies to target them in winter?
  14. I wasn't really paying too much attention but it looked like that used gaffs on the big ones. I did hear them announce to switch to nets only I'm assuming when they hit the limit.