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  1. If you're planning on going on the south shore search the "south shore blue way". It's a series of designated kayak launch spots the website has a map and everything you need to know. Here: https://southshoreblueway.com/maps/blueway-i-map/
  2. Broke the skunk today. Was only using 6lb mono as a leader and didn't pack anything heavier so these little slime rockets broke off a couple of my rigs
  3. I got a some vacation time scheduled at the end of April and was looking to do a short trip with the wife. Came up with the idea of Cooperstown so we could hit the hall of fame and then spend a day out fishing on the lake. Anybody have any any experience on that lake or know of any respectable guides/charters that service that area? I did a quick google search and found a few but I trust the general population on this site and if anyone has any experience it would be much appreciated. Is April a good time to be hitting that lake would love to go for some lake trout but open to any species. Im also not 100% dedicated to otsego if there's any waterways near Cooperstown that you love I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  4. I've read all about the corn chumming technique which I might try. This one hit a blade bait which was the last thing I expected.
  5. Hit up a local lake in Nassau county out of sheer boredom. Froze my you know what's off but when I hooked into this guy I warmed right up. First carp ever and I gotta say they're an adrenaline rush will be targeting them more here on out.
  6. I know a couple shallow ponds near me that have a bunch of these guys. I'm looking for something to do during the colder months any tips/strategies to target them in winter?
  7. I wasn't really paying too much attention but it looked like that used gaffs on the big ones. I did hear them announce to switch to nets only I'm assuming when they hit the limit.
  8. I fish the IP some times and they're usually pretty good with me. I know someone who was on the boat Thursday and they along with a lot of the captree boats did excellent then Friday a lot busted out. It changes day to day sometimes just because Thursday was good doesn't mean Friday will be. I saw the Instagram posts also and went out wednesday 10/31 noon trip and it was indeed a full boat limit after the first hour or two then we just did catch and release but the bite died down pretty quick anyway. This pics from my trip were definitely from today because they came around asking for some to post. They seem to be on the level during my interactions with them but I don't frequent those boats that often so I could be wrong.
  9. Funny thing is I saw one of skinners seminars this winter at a local show. Asked him if he thought color of bucktail or gulp made any difference. He said he didn’t really believe it and just sticks with white and chartreuse.
  10. Any ideas to what’s wrong with my zucchini. I started it late June it’s flowered a couple times and they fell off no fruit yet. Now the leaves are turning yellowish and it just doesn’t look right.
  11. They’re in the ponds in Brooklyn/queens so that’s inevitable
  12. Welcome aboard
  13. Well, Mitchell, they are what's called a trophy fish. So, yeah, they're pretty big.
  14. Saw something on social media that Riverhead aquarium confirmed it was a mako by shinnecock. It had swam back in the marsh areas and was acting sick.
  15. Saw on newsdays website that National Geographic had a film crew off Robert Moses today filming “when sharks attack”. Supposed to have interviews with lifeguards/first responders and the kids and their families.