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  1. I got all my pepper/tomato seedlings growing nice. I've still got some extra space to fill. It popped in my head today that I've never grown potatoes/sweet potatoes nor know anything about it. Just wondering if its too late to start them?
  2. Keep in mind to take those town by town number with a grain of salt. The real numbers are easily 3-4 times what is on there. Not saying they're hiding anything but they only show people who actually test positive. My friend and his brother work together and they both got it from a coworker there. They managed to get tested but it was after it spread to both their wives and children. They told them there was no reason to waste a test on them since they were confirmed. So officially only 2 people on the books had it but in reality 8 people had it.
  3. It's insane, I went to Hempstead lake to wet a line and there was a group of 20 morons playing softball. Other than that most people seemed to be keeping to themselves.
  4. Damn some of you have no perspective and are in your own little worlds. I live no more than 5 minutes from the west end and fish it all the time it's my home waters. If this closure saves one life or helps one person get the proper treatment they need then screw it I'll take the inconvenience of driving else where to find fish. I get it access sucks and Cuomo is a crook (which he is) but this isn't about being closed because of a construction project. There aren't many state owned places on Long Island that aren't close to peoples homes and easily accessible to a lot of people via parkways it's probably the right call to have it there. Use your heads you think the state wants to worry about some knuckleheads poking around at night by a testing center for an infectious disease? Give me a break. I already have a friend and a coworker burying a parent this week where they can't even have a funeral. I'll take the drive a little further out East or else where. Good luck everyone.
  5. Would you really want to be driving around down there? They have tents all set up and signs all over the place telling people to keep their windows up. I know it's so that in case the drivers actually have it they don't spread it but I sure as hell wouldn't want to be driving through west end. I went to get my off road permit today at the administration building and I was shocked how many people were on the board walk. It wasn't like it was packed or anything but it definitely wasn't a ghost town.
  6. To access the instructions the process is as follows: go to the NYS parks home page and scroll down to the bottom. Under "Inside our agency" there's a link for regions, click that. Then click on number 9 Long Island. From there scroll down to the permit section under the map. Click the 4th from the bottom titled: 2020 Dashboard Permit Applications-requirements for mail-in/email.
  7. Just a heads up to anyone who hasn't gotten their permits yet. I found out the hard way save yourself the trip cause you cannot get the permit in person with everything going on. After calling the parks HQ I found out you can do them online and they will be mailed to you. Same deadline still applies. I was given the link by calling this number ‭(631) 669-1000‬.
  8. I was over at the shop today and there's been no new date announced yet. I think they're waiting to see how this all plays out but I believe they're set on making it eventually happen. I was really looking forward to this and I know the guys put a lot of work into making it happen just sucks.
  9. Anyone ever grow hops? I was given a seed pack and figured I'd try growing it this year maybe brewing some beer when it's ready. Any ideas when I should start them indoors?
  10. I've always thought the easiest way was a boat. Don't have to worry about anyone questioning you or stopping and seeing if you need help. I think the four girls found right on top of each other are connected I'm not convinced the other bodies found are the work of a serial killer. Think that it has more to do with a few people realized it was a good spot to hide a body. Its interesting that they're going to use genealogy sites to help identify victims or the killer. That's how they caught the golden state killer a couple years ago. They didn't connect it to him exactly they got a match to a relative of the killer. Found out it had to be a uncle or cousin and narrowed it down followed them around and collected dna out of the garbage and got him.
  11. Yep there's an equipment list. I'm just trying to get some opinions on specific items.
  12. Thanks for the advice I'm definitely going to get the compressor now.
  13. I'll be driving a 2019 Chevy Colorado. That is the game plan get out there get some practice under my belt.
  14. Hey everyone this is yet another new to beach driving post. I just bought a Chevy Colorado and I'm planning on picking up the 2020 NYS off road permit. I want to get all the right equipment figured this was the place to get advice and apologize in advance for the dumb questions. Im purchasing x Bull traction mats, a tire deflator and tow straps rated 20k+. Dumb question number 1: would any rounded shovel do? I have a few in my garage for yard work or do you guys prefer other options. 2: the jack. I have a rolling floor jack I use to work on cars but is that over kill? Is the jack that comes with the truck enough? 3: do I need to buy an air compressor? I will most likely just be hitting sore thumb/gilgo/Robert Moses beaches. last one... I've never driven on a beach before but I've watched a few videos and read stuff on the proper etiquette and way to drive on sand. I was thinking about going out early in the season before there's a ton of beach traffic just to get some experience. Once I buy the permit I'm good to go right? Is there set dates the beaches are open?