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  1. I know back in the 60’s they were fairly common in the mid-coast because of the chicken plant in Belfast. All the unused parts were sent off into the bay. Or at least so I’m told. My grandfather harpooned 3 whites in the 60’s out in Penobscot bay. Of course that was before regulations and an understanding of the creature. Last one I saw was in 1998 outside the monument in rockport when I was hauling with my dad. We were in a 34’ Novi and the shark was half as big (or so it seemed in the eyes of a 12 year old).
  2. Did you get out after them? I haven’t heard too many reports of them yet...
  3. That’s insane!
  4. Very true
  5. Amateur hour on our part ha
  6. Yeah I never said it was a good idea haha. I am aware of the regs, as I was out tuna fishing days prior with a good friend. It amazed me that we went out to some of the well know tuna grounds and didn’t connect, and then I stumbled upon that one right out the back door. I’m pretty sure my 30lb flouro wouldn’t have stood a chance but at least it would have made a good story.
  7. Two days ago, while kayak fishing the usual July haunts, I came across a rather large, very tightly packed pogie school, clearly being worked (21ft of water). I slow paddled over and stopped just shy of it, so I could get in decent casting position. I stood up in the kayak to get a better vantage point and no sooner than I did, the school quickly veered toward my kayak, and then became airborne off the bow. As the water erupted and they cleared passed me, behind them, 6ft below the kayak, was a blue fin tuna. The many years I’ve been kayak fishing and just being out on the water, I have never seen a tuna in this close to shore. Literally 25ft from shore. I was jacked up to say the least and scrambled to get a pogie on the hook in the water. The next 3 hours I drifted live pogies, to no avail (other than a few decent bass). I know well enough that I would have lost that battle had I been fortunate enough to hook onto it.
  8. Heading out for a couple solid days the 5th and the 6th. Will be launching out of Portland if anyone else is out and about in the area. I’ll be the one with more rods than hands and more sh*t than neccesay stacked in the Prowler. Hoping to hook back into whatever did this to me last outing.....happy 4th all. I really enjoy reading the posts
  9. I haven’t had much luck with the tube and worm personally but I do know that crozzbow has mastered the art of that rig. Maybe he can chime in or send you a pm. I used to do pretty well on the st. George but it has been 10 years or so since I’ve fished that. Mostly chunking Mack’s dragging the river channel.
  10. Saw a few osprey diving and a handful of cormorants working the same area. Didn’t see any fish come up with the birds though. Just south of portland.
  11. Good to know Mainiac. Sounds like my $200 pair of Patagonia’s. Least they took them back, no questions asked.
  12. Thanks guys. I’m looking into those Korkers. They seem like they have good reviews and I like the interchangeable sole idea.
  13. What do you all recommend for wading boots for the flats/beaches? I had pair of Patagonia’s corrode out on me after one season- and that was with fresh water soaking after every use. Looking to get a pair of “something” before the season starts. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks Luke
  14. Good work crozzbow! Sounds like it was well worth the pain. I've been trying to get the feel for the tube and worm rig behind the kayak but I haven't had much success.
  15. Was out Tuesday in southern Maine in the kayak, fly fishing. A couple large blitz during the morning between 7:30 and 9:30 at the river mouths. Incoming tide. Fish stopped biting around 10:30 am. The schools were full of mixed sized fish. 10 inches through mid 30 inch from what I was seeing and catching. Hoping to get out a few more time before I head to the tree stand. Happy fishing!