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  1. Thanks for pointing out the info about Suzuki dealers, CWitek. I just did a search and found that there are two more dealers within an hour of my location.
  2. KennebecJake, thank you for your reply.
  3. Hello, I believe that this is my first post on this forum, although I have been using the forums as a resource for some time. I'm looking for a boat that I can use primarily for fly fishing on protected inshore locations of the Chesapeake Bay and the Outer Banks. I would also likely use the boat on freshwater impoundments such as Santee Cooper reservoir The boat I'm currently considering is a Carolina Skiff model 192JLS, which is a 19' boat with a Suzuki 90HP or 115HP outboard. I would appreciate any member feedback about this particular boat, or any other boats in this size range that would be good for my intentions. Thanks, Mary