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  1. Halieus

    Z Belt

    does the belt sag at all when you have your plug bag on it? I've got a Gen 2 Z belt as well as a Tiderunner, and that was my issue with both of them. After long walks or even just a little while casting I'd find myself constantly readjusting it.
  2. good luck to us both. I had seen a really nice one on someone's truck a couple years ago. powder coated and it had a holder for the license plate and was angled back towards the grill. never found the guy so couldn't ask.
  3. thought I'd bring this one back from the dead as I'm looking for something similar. no longer available at The Surfcaster. anyone have any clue where to get these things or similar?
  4. yup. I buy one every year and leave it in the truck. never had to actually use it, as I look at tides before I go out, but it's there.
  5. pretty much any needlefish will rise on a retrieve. if you need to be close to the bottom, you're pretty limited to either dead-drifting, modifying (would advise against this), or reaching out to some builders and have a custom plug done. just know that anything suspending/level will need to be primarily center-weighted and will cast worse than tail-weighted plugs. oh, Tank makes a heavy needle too, I picked one up over the winter, but idk if it stays level.
  6. compared to other needles, yes. my initial comment was probably misleading. if we are rating casting capability 1-10, where a SS popper is a 10, and an unweighted redfin is a 1, that plug is around a 5. a BM needle, for example, is 8-9. in most situations, you won't be too concerned about reaching the fish, but if you're targeting distant structure, you may want to push out further or go with another plug. maybe mine is a dud, I don't know, but it still catches well.
  7. Franktown offers some moderate, level-sink needles, but they're not very easy to come across, and you need to make sure you get a moderate sink instead of slow sink. Good plug, but casts like $h!7. MEFishingCo also offers some, but he only works through instagram. I don't own any, so I can't speak to them. 24/7 does now make a smaller Habs-like needle that he claims to be a moderate, level sink. I've picked up a couple, but haven't fished em yet. If you have any Beachmaster Wadds, you can make them sink a bit faster by using a heavy belly hook and either a flag or nothing on the back. Make sure you test them out and dial in the configuration before fishing. YMMV.
  8. I really liked the original Spiderwire Ultracast Invisibraid. That stuff was insane around rocks and casted pretty well. Now I'm on Suffix 832, which is still very abrasion resistant and probably casts better than the Spiderwire. Props to the guys that are constantly testing out new stuff, I could never. Once I find something I like, I don't change it until I absolutely need to.
  9. GSBs are great rods, there's a reason they're so fabled in the surfcasting community. However, I would advise anyone who is looking for their first high end or custom rod to go with the ODM NEX1. These rods are just as capable (more if you ask me), and much more comfortable to fish. For someone who has been fishing GSBs for a long time, I can understand the hesitation. Someone that has no bias though, I would always recommend the more modern rod.
  10. Frank's craftsmanship is top tier
  11. I use a few that are level sink and stay level on the retrieve as well. 24/7, Surf Asylum Flat glide, Gibbs, and the High Hook Dinner Catcher are a few that come to mind, I'm sure there are others. I tend to use these in really shallow scenarios with either current and/or wave sweep. The only time they go head-up is when I retrieve fast or I jerk them hard. That's just physics, but that's not what these lures are designed to do. They're designed to stay level most of the time because their action is tailored to that. Dave's flat glide will glide when jerked, but it stays level and suspended. Same with the High Hook. The Gibbs doesn't have as much action but is basically a floater and is used in similar scenarios. Shallow water. I've caught nice fish on these plugs in as little as 2ft of water. They provide versatility as they can be retrieved fast or slow, whereas a faster sinking plug is more limiting and punishing, even if they rise on the retrieve. Thanks for clarifying what you meant by fatter head btw- I took it too literally lol the trophy tackle is a great example. I haven't had the pleasure of fishing an original, but I do have a couple of dupes that I like. They do live near the surface, and I use them in similar scenarios to the slow, level sinkers. Everything has a place. I do agree that the shape determines how it behaves on a retrieve. That's not up for debate whatsoever. I will say though, that there are a few that have the fatter tail that can be retrieved as slow as the 'trophy' style. Gibbs and Afterhours Sr are examples of that. They are made of very buoyant wood and stay up high always. 100% the conditions dictate what's productive, but sometimes there's overlap. Shallow and calm, I'm relying on slow, level-sinking needlefish most of the time, but moderate sinkers also see use. If the water is a bit deeper, I'll primarily use a moderate sinker like an Afterhours Jr or BM. I like to overshoot my target structure on the cast, then work it upwards over that structure. When they're hitting it on the drop, I like a moderate, level sink as I feel it's the most natural presentation. The fast sinkers are also usually tail sinking, and I mostly use them when it's rough out, but as I mentioned above, there are some other spots where they see play. As always, there are exceptions. I've had some crazy bites on the heavy SS, casting into a maybe 3ft deep bar and burning them back in. If they didn't get it on touchdown, they'd follow it until they got it. In my opinion, it's extremely important that a surfcaster understands his plugs deeply. There are major and subtle differences among different styles of needlefish, and sometimes even among the same style of plug. When a spot requires finesse, subtleties can make or break the fishing. Other times, all you need to do is get something in the water and you'll catch.
  12. Boga is still worth it even if you're not going to weight your fish. I've used just about every option there is to use, and none of them come anywhere close. It's by far the best for dealing with big fish and bluefish IMO. After a few years, you should be able to tell the weight class of a fish just by looking at it. Teens, 20s, 30s and low 40s are very easy to distinguish imo. High 40s low 50s is where it gets hard. If you must get an approximation, measure the length/girth IN the water. I promise it's not that hard once you get the boga on it.
  13. retrieve speed is completely up to the fisherman. you can retrieve fast or slow, so it's important to know what the plug does inherently. for example, a slow, level-sinking needlefish can be retrieved VERY slow and still stay near the surface. a moderate sinking plug on the other hand, will stay lower in the column on that same retrieve. it's extremely important to understand your plug so you can properly tailor your presentation to it. also, I'm not sure why you think no one is fishing near or on the bottom with needles. maybe not in your area, but there are definitely situations where it's needed. I know several people, including myself, who use this technique with success. I haven't come across any needlefish that have a fatter head than tail. I wouldn't even call that needlefish. I can tell you that there are plenty of needles that are fattest at the belly that can be retrieved much slower than 'fat tail' needles. Much less to do with the shape, and much more to do with how the plug is weighted and what material it's made of. I do believe the shape influences the action though, and causes some plugs to be 'swimmier' than others.
  14. here's my take. quite late but before the next season starts so hope it helps. slow sink: 24/7 7" & 9" Surf Asylum Flatglide Gibbs High Hook BM Wadd AH Jr & Sr Moderate: Hab's Jr & Sr AH Jr & Sr Franktown BM Gibbs Style BM Jr 24/7 Montauk Special Super Strike N Fish Super Strike Stubby Fast: Super Strike Heavy Tank Jr Needle Super Strike Stubby Heavy
  15. interestingly enough, he seems to be gathering quite a bit of support. I'm sure quite a few don't know his history, but that's also not really an excuse. personally, I find all the public support to be morally questionable at best. it's very shortsighted to say "he was great to me so I don't care about anything else." not a good way to go about your relationships with various people.
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