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  1. There's a million threads on this topic, so I suggest you check them out for more info. My recommendation would be the Penn Bullnose pliers. I got the 8" and love it. Comes with a good holster and has been everything I needed from pliers.
  2. I think if you're considering the Evolution another consideration should be the NEX1 if at all doable. I handled the Evolution and it felt pretty good, but I was told by my builder (who tested it) that the it's not THAT much of an upgrade on the NEX1, which I own. Based on my experience with my 1-5 NEX1, it can throw the light stuff pretty good and is acceptable on the upper end, though throw over 4oz regularly. Evolution is super light though, as is the Genesis, but the Evolution is a high end rod. You get what you pay for.
  3. I think this is why it should've been 1@35" at the minimum. People will still find a way though, and I suppose the slot isn't the worst that could happen.
  4. I beat the snot out of my Greenbacks this season, so if budget is an issue you'd definitely be satisfied with them. As with all things though, you get what you pay for. There are definitely other boots such as the ones mentioned above that are even better, so I'd recommend you get yourself a nicer pair.
  5. I have an older pair of cheap P-Lines that I use exclusively for this. They get the job done. You can use anything really. Seen guys do it with channellocks too.
  6. Nice looking buck. Count me in!
  7. WWO had 20% on their accessories. Picked up a Gear Up bucktail pouch for 70. Not a worldie of a deal, but a deal nonetheless.
  8. How do you cook it?
  9. Definitely dogfish for me. I remember having some as a kid and my goodness I will never go near it again. Also bluefish of any size that isn't fresh. I enjoy it if cooked on the same day, but if it hits the fridge/freezer it's inedible for me.
  10. I draw the line at $30 personally. I get that a lot of work goes into making plugs but they are expendable tools at the end of the day.
  11. I made it a habit to try to get proficient on soft plastics recently, and I find myself going back to a bucktail every single time. I can count on one hand how many times a soft plastic has outperformed hard baits for me in the last three years, but I still keep a couple on me at all times.
  12. I've caught at least 100 (mostly schoolie) bass over the last couple of weeks alongside quite a few blues. Here's what I found: 2 of those fish got into trouble with the rear treble and one of those got into trouble with the rear single. All three of those fish were released safely within a couple of minutes because I had my barbs crushed and was able to remove the hooks very quickly. I'm sticking with my guns here and saying that you can use whatever you want as long as your barbs are crushed. Don't get me wrong, in a blitz I'm probably throwing plugs with rear singles, but if I'm targeting larger fish, trebles are the way to go.
  13. I got greenbacks this spring and they're not bad at all for the money. I've fished them pretty hard in boulder fields as well and they're doing just fine.
  14. I only use these plugs around bigger bass, and I've found that they don't typically get the rear treble. Sometimes they do though...With that being said, you wouldn't want to lose a big fish because you didn't have trebles. Crush your barbs, get em in as quick as you can, and release them as quick as you can. Treble hooks are not the enemy here.
  15. Snappers seem a lot more finicky these days than they were around 10 years ago. I never throw anything but snapper poppers at them. Works on the bigger ones/cocktail blues too.