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  1. Racarod is the nicest imo, but any ski racks do the job just fine. Having a 2nd setup rigged up only saves you a couple minutes tops when switching so if theft is a concern you can just leave your extra reels in the car.
  2. A lot of my usual spots are decent hikes so I'm not really moving around too much. My most reliable patterns have come from staying even when I "shouldn't", so I always think it's worth it to really fish a spot as hard as you can. You never know what you may find.
  3. I personally wouldn't go near an inlet without 50lb test line. For open beaches 30lb is perfect. As far as brands go, I've used Suffix 832 and Spiderwire Ultracast Invisibraid and liked them a lot. Right now I'm using J-Braid and I like that as well. I'd avoid Spiderwire Stealth and PowerPro
  4. I catch and release.
  5. Yeah I always followed this too. Rats, schoolies, teens, 20s, cows
  6. Happened to me as well. Got a little excited after a 20 minute hike to a spot, within a couple of casts I was walking back. I went with the Gamakatsu casting finger though. In hindsight that $20 would have been better spent on athletic tape and a plug, but it's still a good accessory nonetheless. Oh well!
  7. I actually used to have the the 9' stellar lite about 5 years ago. I remember it being very light, but it also handled my plugging well and even tossed bunker chunks with 3oz lead. It's a good rod at a great price, and it caught me some decent fish. Edit: I'm pretty sure Steve has some in store, so you can feel it out there
  8. I'm not gonna lie the case is a bit bigger than I'd like (52mm) but this thing has been amazing. Doesn't have a compass but it's got 4 alarms, an auto illumination function, and can go REALLY far ahead with tides and moons. I actually started another thread based on my feelings for this watch. I've absolutely beaten the shyzz out of it and it's still going strong. I bought mine on the river website for $50, and it pretty much hasn't left my wrist for around a year
  9. Thought of another one. I've got bungee cords that I hang across the ceiling handles in my backseat, and smaller ones for the trunk. It's to be able to hang waders, plugs, belts, etc. on them. Helps a lot for organization
  10. Brilliant. You sold me as well. This is awesome as well. Definitely gonna be picking a lot of these suggestions up.
  11. What do you use these for?
  12. Have they handled the saltwater well, or do you just keep them in the truck?
  13. Oh that's a good one. Can definitely recall a few times where having one would have given me some peace of mind. Probably gonna be picking one up in the near future now.
  14. I should be studying for exams, but my mind is lost somewhere in the surf right now. What's your favorite tool or accessory that you don't see too many other guys with? For me, it's got to be my G-Shock G-7900 watch. Rugged as hell and has an accurate tide graph and the moon phases. It's been an amazing assistant in the surf where it's easy to lose your sense of time. Another good one would be the pork rind holders that go on belts, which actually gave me a lot of extra space in my bags.
  15. Yeah I've never not caught fish by being at the end of a lineup. I prefer having the additional real estate, and the fish are rarely actually holding tight to one specific spot. Also if you're fishing a spot with moderate to heavy current, being at the end of the lineup means fishing the edge of a rip a lot of the time, which I definitely prefer. Other than that it's just about paying attention. If guys are casting at one spot, then wait your turn, but if everyone's casting straight ahead you do the same. If someone hooks up, it's better to just wait them out and cast as they get close to landing. It may seem intimidating but it's really not, and the fact that you're here asking means you're already one step ahead of the clowns who come in and cross everyone up.