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  1. I’m not going to comment on the safety issue but I will say, since you seem to be a real student of the game, it’s worth it to learn to swim. If you swim, dive, or surf an area that you already know from fishing you learn it from a whole different perspective. It’s helped me a lot anyway.
  2. I’m sorry for the confusion. I see now that my notification was that I was mentioned not that someone responded to me. I did not intend to comment in someone else’s thread.
  3. Yes I got confused. I saw my notification and thought this was my thread.
  4. Hey somehow I got confused and replied to the wrong thread but it had a picture of your rod I think? Anyway I’d like the rod if it’s still available.
  5. Yes I’m definitely going to buy this. I’ll PM you.
  6. Sounds good. Can’t wait to see the pictures. As long as there’s no cracks or anything this sounds like it’ll work out.
  7. I’m definitely interested! Do you happen to have any pictures?
  8. Went out MoCo from 5-8:30. Tide was low and the first spot was just way too flat. Sand seemed pounded flat for 100 yds. I couldn’t reach anywhere near where the waves were breaking. I took a drive to check a couple other spots. One spot had a trough so I fished that but only managed undersized out of season fluke. Many casts came back with dead worms on them or maybe just the skin. I don’t know much about if the worms molt or anything. Maybe someone can let me know.
  9. I tried this once before. We couldn’t sort out the drive and then I was away for a while. Now that rod is sold. So I am looking for a rod built on a 1081L in North Jersey. Time is a major factor in my life right now so it needs to be relatively close to the Oranges. Here’s hoping.
  10. I agree with this. I’ve thought about this a few times lately. The truth for me is I read this thread because I go through stretches with my young children and work where I just can’t get out more than once a week. It helps me still feel in touch with the ocean. I’d like to give back as well, particularly as I was a complete beginner a few years ago and caught my first striper (a keeper) using MC55’s sand crab tactic. I’ve never felt I had much to offer as I’m still learning and my motives seem to not be aligned with most anglers here. I fish for food not trophies or pictures. A great porgie or kingfish bite is more exciting to me than it would be for a lot of guys. However, it is a good point that people shouldn’t take and not give back. I’m a private person by nature but I will make an effort to report what I see when I’m fishing, surfing or freediving (as that is usually much more informative). Apologize for jamming up the report thread with this but it was on my mind. Going Sat, will report.
  11. Went out this morning. SoMoCo. It looked great. Really enjoyed having it to myself. But in the end all I could manage was one decent fluke. Then got a flat tire. Not my morning. But all in all not the worst I’ve ever had.
  12. You’ll hear hundreds and hundreds of times that bluefish are no good to eat. But they’re actually one of my favorite. Food is just one of those personal things. As for that other thing I respect that you handled that like a gentleman. I actually can’t imagine it taking a year and a half to manage two keeper stripers so maybe there’s a reason he’s moody.
  13. You’d have to be an excellent long boarder to go when it’s that pitchy. My board is barely taller than me when it’s like this
  14. Thanks and have a great Fall