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  1. Oh man I did not know that! The chain of explitives that I let loose when I realize it’s a dogfish... do you have any recipes to share? I would love to try these.
  2. Next summer Sea Robins are going to die. I’ve caught so many of them and just sent them on their way.
  3. This looks excellent! I don’t know anything about fishing for white perch but it looks worth looking into.
  4. That sounds amazing. I asked for a smoker for Christmas specifically for bluefish.
  5. TAK! Love that shop
  6. Congrats on the slump buster! I definitely related to this. If I went one trip with no fish since last May I couldn’t figure out what went wrong. Now it’s been a bit.
  7. I wasn’t sassing I was seriously asking. I’m still learning.
  8. Can we catch grouper and monkfish in NJ?
  9. Awesome! I’ll start some research.
  10. That’s encouraging. Do you mean out front?
  11. Sea Robin Paella here I come!
  12. Is that a bonito?
  13. That is beautiful! Are they a summer fish around here or do they line up with Albies? Also, what kind of jig is that?
  14. That is a crazy ice fishing shack! Can we catch them around here?
  15. Tuna and Haddock! One day I will own a boat.