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  1. I’ve tried it, haven’t cared for it, too many wind knots as well as lack of sensitivity. Maybe I’m crazy, but switched back to power pro slick and those issues went away...IMO with different reel manufacturers it’s best to fish the braid they make. Shimano-powerpro Penn-spiderwire daiwa-J and with Cabo’s I’ve found 832 the best
  2. The DNA series has a good feel to them, or go for the GSB!
  3. Gust grab a bg3000 combo or a battle 2 combo, they are around 120 and can take a beating
  4. A sasquatch imitating a fox?
  5. There were some strange lights south of nomans island one morning before sunrise, never seen anything like them
  6. I’ve caught them on small deadly dicks in the past, they’ll hit anything though. I’ve also caught them on the smaller stick shads and 5” storm shads. Aggressive little buggers
  7. I would look at the quantum accurists. They are around that price range, and John Skinner is always using them for fluking while raving about them.
  8. A GSB1321m maybe something else to look at as well
  9. Lately I’ve been watching the John Skinner YouTube videos. He gets into techniques and tactics. Some quality stuff good enough for lami to make him a rod
  10. Been to ISBP twice can’t go wrong with Ebbys
  11. Anyone ever have outbreaks dealing with the prokote epoxy mix for the guides? If so does switching up mixes or dr mask gloves and eye protection the best option?
  12. The skinner gsb sounds like it would be a good option
  13. I’m in the process of building some new surf rods, and the GSB is the blank to go to. Most other blanks are too fast. And the gsb has a size to fish any situation
  14. I have one, located on Cape Cod.
  15. Nice release