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  1. You got it, let me know when works for you
  2. WTS st croix avid surf 8’ used only a couple of times i have built a few rods removing this from lineup. $150 pickup near canal or on cape
  3. The lamiglas black inshore has a 6’10” option. Works for trout and small schoolies, only like 125$ I believe
  4. Can’t beat the herring color with the blue and pink
  5. I build my own, and Lamiglas are always great to work with and are readily accessible. Being made in the USA is a great attribute to their rods. Just finished my night shift, they are awesome
  6. 3” Senko watermelon flake Texas rigged. Had the same issue last year, went to my freshwater bag to find something smaller and came across these
  7. They just need to find a way to sell maitais to go. That would help the situation out. No better way to fight something than with spareribs and overpowered drinks!!!
  8. 175 is a good size, the weight difference is unnoticeable from the 150, and the larger spool May help casting distance. I use the 175 on a GSB1081M, it also works on my 11’ gsb. It should be a good fit.
  9. YouTube videos are a great help, it definitely takes time to hammer it down
  10. I’ve had good success and have found the Cabo 50’s as a solid reel for that price range
  11. Just waiting on the dandelions
  12. Caught a monster in Mashpee Wakeby, maybe it found its way through the herring run
  13. Take a 6” bulb squid insert an appropriate sized diamond jig you will be all set
  14. Saw one in sandwich about 10 years ago, called it in and dept of natural resources said There were a few reports of one.