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  1. I was always under the impression they were frigate Mack’s unless it’s the terminology
  2. St Croix Triumph Surf 7’ it has a moderate action can handle 2oz, and is only $110
  3. A popular Bait and Tackle shop In Bourne/Buzzards bay is having a close out sale on the st Croix avid surf- red rods. Got an 8’ for 145. Just in case anyone is looking
  4. Crocs make a trail path pair that would work well
  5. It’ll work for that, it’s best as a reel when wading creeks, with smaller presentations for weakfish, bass, and albies. Mine is rigged on a G Loomis Greenwater 8-14. It also doubles as a trout rod for the ponds.
  6. I have a St Croix Legend tournament Inshore LTIS70MHF under warranty, bought last August. Will post pics in AM $225
  7. St Croix Triumph surf rod. Iced caught both on mine with a 4000 size reel
  8. Lou Caruso did a YouTube video going over the differences, I would check that out.
  9. Please clarify that with the guy who lamiglas dropped...
  10. Quantum Cabo. Great drag and can take a beating
  11. Just cut it longer and split the ends of it so it looks like the split otter tail, there is no difference in catch rate
  12. I’ve encountered them at nomans and gay head
  13. Saw one crossing the channel at popponesset and cotuit
  14. I love my GSB1321M for my plugging applications. I plan on starting a rod geeks 11’ MH for jigging, can’t wait for that one.
  15. 3” Senkos work amazing for a worm hatch, especially the watermelon flake colors