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  1. Some drifts I’ve needed 20-24oz wanted the extra backbone for that and to hopefully wrench a halibut off the bottom
  2. I built myself the Rodgeeks 8’ 5 power for party boat fishing. Done as an acid wrap. Light enough tip for haddock and plenty of backbone for double pollock and other denizen’s of the deep on way up
  3. The wounded peanut bunker was one of my favorites in the fall. also the Maria jigs and old style crystal minnows none of this 3d bs
  4. Tsunami slow pitch rod with the forged reel to match size, love the lighter one for fluke and the heavier setup for cod
  5. The triumphs are great, been using the same one for over 10+years. Super versatile for all techniques.
  6. 30 braid 30 fluoro leader
  7. I was on one last year, make sure you booked the ultra limited, doing another one on a Monday In August. I used a lamiglas acid wrap 1-3 with an avet for the trip and was fine. 4-6 oz bucktails fished the skinner method. Lots of fish up to 7lvs
  8. White perch
  9. Same here, Barnstable harbor is tough with the current, I would recommend starting down on the south side to get started this year. Small soft plants to start and reverse surfcast the areas
  10. I was on the Thursday marathon, most limited out, I could have had an old school cod limit
  11. They have been tough to come by as well, I got the 132 last year, and had to wait a few months for it to come in
  12. I built a 7’10” lamiglas triflex 1-3 it’s perfect for this application, paired with a vm150. A bit heavy but the action is best suited for heavier plugs
  13. Change out the hook to a 3/8 jig head, they are deadly In the creeks for stripers, and got some bonito on them as well.
  14. There were a few guys at the bulkhead today, only saw 2 Mack’s caught in about 30minutes