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  1. Looks good, I’ll take the rod, on cape so dm please
  2. I’m building a freshwater rod currently, I just wrapped one up too, I would be happy to get in contact with you
  3. I have been using the 3.5 and 4.5” dartspins with great success on the pickerel
  4. WTS

    I’ll take it, dm for info
  5. Can’t fish yet but have the fever bad, it will drop once season starts
  6. Get some of the dartspins, the dumbest lure, with the best success. You’ll catch any predator on it. Best of both worlds- realistic color and feeling as well as the thumping of the blade.
  7. Used to fish the money minnows. I have switched over to the dartspins with tremendous success. You get the right shape, and the spinner blade on the ends gets bass, pickerel and trout all hot and bothered.
  8. I use the shimano sojourn for freshwater, for a $40 rod thoroughly impressed. Casts like a missile.
  9. For some reason the brown and rainbow trout colors work wonders. The brown in muddy water, rainbow in clear. Outside of those grab some Thomas rough riders 1/5oz
  10. I’ve been beating on a 40 for 3 years, only done some cleaning and greasing. Just replaced the drag washers, several large albies in a row popped the spring off. Good solid reels
  11. Thanks for all the input, I will try again soon. Needed to bend the rod. Found a few pickerel in one of the ponds today. Will find a white perch one of these days
  12. Tried some saltwater Creeks for some White perch earlier. Nothing. Are they native to the cape and the estuaries. Was using a 2” grub on a jig head. Have you guys encountered them before in the estuaries?
  13. Your 9’ would be fine on the open beach, I usually use a 9’ from the beach most of the time. Pack the longer one to reach the outer bar.
  14. The weight of the reel will create an equilibrium point just above the reel seat. The rod will no longer be top or bottom heavy
  15. The 5000 will balance better