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  1. Got on the go-pro
  2. GSB108M 1-3 oz 14-30 lb
  3. Last week of May/first week of June
  4. The wounded peanut bunker was a killer as well
  5. The regular ones are fine, but avoid the dolphin
  6. Ive seem 3 dolphins snap in various sizes. Once casting a lure in its range, once fighting a 3lb bluefish, and once snagging pogies, would not recommend.
  7. I would go with a custom. Rod geeks makes a Blank called the XCOMP In a 7’3”. It has a solid backbone with a flexible tip. I acid wrapped one for this exact setup. Depending on preference I would go between the 2-4power rod. And you can’t get the blank color to match the reel.
  8. They will catch anything and everything
  9. St Croix Triumph Surf 7’. It was my first real rod and still in action today. For the Price and Quality, can’t beat it!
  10. Are you looking for anything particular
  11. Couldn’t pass on that either, going on my Custom north fork composite I’ll have to build now.
  12. Pictures to be posted on AM
  13. Looking to Sell the following due to thinning the herd, and started building my own Rods. St Croix Triumph 7’ 5/8-2 oz M slightly Used Great Shape $75 Under Warranty St Croix Mojo Surf 8’ 1 Piece Seen Heavy Action $80 Guides are in good shape Dt Croix Legend Tournament Inshore 7’ MHF 1/2-1 1/4 Used 3 times. Stradic FI5000 20lb powerpro Just serviced $400 registered with st Croix in August 14.5 years left on warranty Local Pick-up Cape Cod to Bridgewater area