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  1. thats surprising, he’s got just about everything.
  2. Have you tried mystic parts?
  3. Check out the bass pro ocean master surf rods. The 11’ will have no problem throwing 6 and head they’re $169 if I’m correct. I’ve got one the original series 12’ conventional rods and it’s a beast. I’ve also got two of the new ones in 10’ one conventional and one spinner. They’re both 4-8 and I’d be comfortable throwing 6nbait on them so the 11’ could definitely do it.
  4. It ain’t just you
  5. If you’re okay will paypal I’ll take the third swimmer down, black with the polka dots (not sure what you’d call that color) and the bottle for $50 shipped.
  6. I’d take a look at the tsunami trophy series 2 surf rods and the airwave series. I prefer the guides on the trophy as they have K-frame style guides as opposed to the airwave with O-rings. The airwave has a little nicer blank. The new trophy series are a great rod for the money and the airwave has always been a solid option as well. Be careful with some of the new penn surf rods. They’re starting to come with stainless one piece guides which I’m not a fan of especially with braid.
  7. It sounds like a sick rod now. I’ve always thought it would neat to turn my 11’ tfo sp rod into a conventional. I wonder how the 2 rods would compare side by side. The tfo is obviously more on par with a conventional plugging rod with the layout and feel of the rod. I’ve just started getting into higher end baits for freshwater I love the Jackall stuff. Not to side track too much but the megabass grand siglett I do very well on it skipping it under trees when cicadas are around.
  8. That sounds super promising I’m glad it’s working out. I’ve been on a kick to convert as much of my gear over to baitcasting/coventional as possible for a little while now so I’d definitely be interested in something like this. I’ve got a tfo sp rod and always think it’d be cool to have in conventional. This blank sounds like a beast.
  9. Interesting, I’ve always used the lashing straps as opposed to ratchet straps as well so that could be why I didn’t have that problem.
  10. For future reference about the pads just use pool noodles on your rack if you can. I buy the large ones then cut em to size and make a slit to slide them on. Use a ziptie on each size to keep them on and you’re good to go. I’ve never had an issue doing this.
  11. I’ll use up to a 7’6 usually around 7’.
  12. I’ll take the luna for asking.
  13. I’ve got a native manta ray propel 12 and love it, they come in at $1600-$2000. It’s a little narrower than say a hobie or slayer but cuts chop very well. I’m extremely happy with it the only thing I’ve upgraded was the rudder to a boonedox. It’s aluminum and a little longer at 15” which really improves the turning radius.
  14. I think the bg 4000 would be perfect on that rod they’re a great reel for the money. There’s a huge jump in size between the 4000 and 5000, the 5000 would be too big.
  15. I like to use a long enough leader to get a couple wraps of it around my spool for when I’m casting. It’s much easier on your finger than braid when casting heavier weights. The general rule of thumb is ten pounds of breaking strength for every ounce of weight and I’d just use mono I don’t see a reason to use flouro for a shock leader. As for the knot I like the fg knot it’s an awesome knot and goes through the guides very nicely. With an fg unless something happens to my line I honestly won’t retie the entire trip if I don’t have too but I will constantly check the knot to be safe.