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  1. That’s amazing!
  2. Do you use paypal? If so I’ll gladly take it.
  3. I’ll glady take them both for $25.
  4. It does have mixed reviews though some guys love it I’m just not one of them.
  5. I might happen to work for this company and I can say it’s the worst braid I’ve ever used, I don’t know what it is about it but it just plain sucks. Lots of wind knots, not very round, loses color fast, and I’ve had lots of random breakoffs. Also the ripcord pro is discontinued for the bass pro hyper braid 8 which is decent line.
  6. So if I made a reel entirely out of stainless steel it would be extremely heavy and feel “substantial” making it the best reel ever? And no stellas and the like are not heavier than lower priced reels the whole point of these reels is to have a lighter, smoother, stronger reel. And what does a more solid bail arm have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing is the answer, this thread was about a handle breaking and you decided to talk bad about a reel you obviously know nothing about. Enlighten me on something better in the same price range.
  7. If I’m understanding this logic correctly then all upper echelon reels are poorly made because they feel too nice.
  8. I agree with the tsunami five star they’re amazing for the price. I also like the avenger bait feeder I’ve got a 40 I’ve used for a year and have fresh and salt with very minimal maintenance and it’s handled everything from Spanish to big carp and stripers. I’d even recommend the penn pursuit, I got one about 3 years ago and it’s still fine. I’ve got a buddy who uses them for his pier gear and has caught good size tarpon ans big jacks on them with no problems at all. Although I’m not saying these reels are better than reels stated above I just think they’re good options on the lowest end of the price range.
  9. “Fish slower” this was told to me by an older man in his 90’s during my first few times fishing IRI, I did what he said and listened to all his other knowledge and stories and began to catch fish.
  10. I’m in!
  11. I have very few posts so I feel as if I have little to no say In this matter I just figured I’d add that that picture is indeed a pond In Delaware I live about 15 minutes from it. Other then that I’m staying out of this lol
  12. I'm gonna have to give it a try thanks a lot. It definitely seems like it'll have lots of benefits
  13. I have that exact same setup except a 40 sealine x instead of the old slosh. I’ve considered using it but didn’t want to look like a googan how well does that work out for you?
  14. My buddy uses a 5000 on that exact rod, I thought it would be small but when I felt it it fit perfect. It’s a super light combo and works really well.
  15. I’m excited to start using mine as soon as I get them!