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  1. My buddy uses a 5000 on that exact rod, I thought it would be small but when I felt it it fit perfect. It’s a super light combo and works really well.
  2. I’m excited to start using mine as soon as I get them!
  3. Hey tommy thanks for the advice, I talked to you on the phone a week or so ago about a rod choice and mark teaching me how to cast. I appreciate all the advice everyone has given me thank you all very much.
  4. I do not want a level wind I have no problems laying the line myself. Most likely going to be using mono at least in the beginning.
  5. Thankyou very much! I’m comfortable with both braid and mono I’m still not 100% sure what I am going to use but I will most likely be starting out with mono.
  6. I appreciate the help from everyone this site is awesome.
  7. How do you like the avets for distance?, I've heard from some that they don't get as much distance as a star drag reel but I have no personal experience with them and would be willing to give them a try.
  8. It's going to do double duty but mostly distance casting. I have another heaver I use for fishing.
  9. I am getting ready to purchase my first setup for true distance casting I have the rod picked out but I’m not sure about the reel. I’ve been looking at akios reels but was wondering if anyone had some input on them or any other good reels for the job. This is not my first time using a baitcaster or a rod like this so I’m not worried about getting something “easy” to learn with.
  10. When I fish freshwater I rarely use gulp. I usually use senkos (or something of that sort) and texas or wacky rig them. Recently I’ve been using the z-man trd with their ned head with great success. I also like zoom flukes they seem to produce well too I texas rig those too. If you get deep into the world of bass fishing theres tons of soft plastic brands guys swear by such as strike king, yum, z-man and many more. I really like the ned rig though I recommend you and everyone for that matter to try it out. This is my biggest bass to date on the ned rig I didn’t get a weight but I like to think it was a good 4lbs.
  11. Sounds like a heavy vertical jigging rod to me. There’s plenty with similar lengths and ratings on the US market
  12. I get the chills too, I turned one the day after the attack so I wasn’t old enough to remember it but reading the beginning of this thread just made me take a moment to think about it. Never forget.
  13. Bucket full of peanuts.
  14. I’ve never caught one either I’m hoping for that to change this year. These rods are actually pretty nice and not really noodly like most other salmon/steelhead rods you see.
  15. Cabelas has their fish eagle series salmon/steelhead rods, they have one that’s 9ft and rated 1/2-2 I was planning on trying it for albies. My buddy has one of them and likes it a lot I’m sure it’d be great for surf fluking.