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  1. Where in NJ?
  2. Hi everyone: I have a brand new Lowrance Elite 7 Ti pre-installed by my Kayak dealer. I've updated to the latest version of the Lowrance software. The first problem I have, is the sonar screen will be in color for a short time, then switch to a monochrome. You can see in the attached picture the pallete chosen is a color palette. Even rebooting the unit will not help. There seems to be all noise at times, I tried lowering sensitivity but it made no difference. The 2nd problem I have is when I try to use "Log Sonar". The card in the reader is a new Navionics+ East. Using their software, I selected a smaller region (Long Island), so there is 15GB of free space. A red box pops up which says Error Encountered. Inside the box it says "Failed to open file for writing. Make sure the device is not full and the path exists. Can anyone offer suggestions? I emailed Lowrance over a week ago and no answer. I am going to try and reach them on the phone tomorrow, but if someone has seen this before and can save me hours of wait time, I'd be very thankful!!
  3. Drop to $850. Almost half price. Steal of the year. Note this is the network version of the Helix with MEGA side imaging UPGRADED from standard factory transducer. This is much better than the standard model and $300 by itself.
  4. I'm new to ocean kayak fishing (rough conditions ). Has anyone ever gotten tangled in leashes when going over? Do you carry a dive knife strapped to your leg just in case?
  5. It has, in that Hairy is able to make it work. Thank you Hairy! I still wonder why a major Hobie and Thule dealer on LI, would have turned away a sale telling me they tried extensively and could not get it to work? Maybe because of worries of liabilities if the system failed? I get that the 2019 is 10 pounds over the Hullivator stated limit. I raised the same question on the manufacturers forum. So far in both places only Hairy has said they've gotten it to work. Maybe its too early in the season and people haven't tried it yet?
  6. Nice! Thank you. I feel better. Do you need a step stool at all? I ask because the Sequoia has a pretty tall roof.
  7. If you can confirm that it works (2019 Outback and Hullivator Pro 898), it would be awesome. I have a brand new hullivator the Hobie dealer told me not to install (and turned away a big sale that day). If indeed it works just fine, I will be thrilled. I've been putting it in the back of the Sequoia and tying the back gate down, but that only works when I have 0 passengers.
  8. I bounce between north central New Jersey and Long Island, can meet somewhere, or I can Fed Ex next day anywhere for $25 Everything is new and unused. Humminbird Helix 7 G2N fish finder and chart plotter with Chirp, Side Imaging, GPS - paid $850 (pouch with manual opened) Upgraded high definition transducer from Humminbird - XHS 9 HDSI 180 T part number 710201 - paid $281.89 unopened BerleyPro Hobie Humminbird adapter - paid $59.99 unopened AutoChart Pro DVD Mapping Software with Zero Lines Micro Card, bottom hardness and side imaging - paid $186.95 (pouch with manual/software opened, zero lines card unopened) Nocqua Pro Power Kit 10A battery, water resistant lithium battery kit - paid $120 (unopened) I have over $1500 invested. Fishfinder, transducer, battery, adapter never used. I might have registered the autochart software but can transfer to you. Asking $1200 or best reasonable offer. Prefer to sell as a package, but will split if necessary.
  9. Those look great! What is the brand/model? I could store kayaks in my house with those as well.
  10. No, my Hullivator is brand new in the box. The plan was to buy the 2019 Outback, have them install the Hullivator, and drive home. They said they tried it to make it work extensively as they sell hullivators. The new hull does not fit stable when the arms are lowered, it is very shaky when trying to lift it, and said when trying to lower it the hydraulics fail and the whole weight comes down at once. Thats all I know.
  11. Can you describe how this works, or post a picture?
  12. I fully agree with everything you said. I WANT it to work. I have a brand new in the box $700 Hullivator gathering dust. The Sequoia is VERY tall and I'm by myself, so having this work would be cut the load up time and hassle by 3/4, which means more time on the water. All I know is I walked in to a major Hobie dealer prepared to spend $3500 between the kayak and accessories, and they told me it after they tried it themselves, it won't work with the 2019. So they lost a big sale that day, and to anyone else who comes in with a Hullivatoer looking for a 2019. And they didn't offer another product for me to buy in place of the Hullivator, so there doesn't appear to be any reason to deceive me. If anyone comes up with a way to make it work, they would be a hero in my book.