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  1. I was aware the capacity is listed at 75 which worried me at first. But, there are dozens of people on this forum and the ******** using it with the Outback, which is why I got it. But the new 2019 hull shape doesn't fit the cradles. Thanks for the tips, I will have to research more. The Sequoia is a TALL vehicle, so it creates a challenge.
  2. Geoff, thank you! I'm not handy myself. I will show the video to a Hobie dealer to see if they can do it for me.
  3. I've been following this thread and am a little confused. Last spring, I thought I was going to buy another Outback but heard about the new 2019 model, so I held off. However, I bought a Hummingbird Helix 7 Chirp SI GPS G2N in anticipation (and gift cards). Reading the forum (thanks guys), I discovered I could upgrade the transducer. The 710200 comes with mine, for $281 I upgraded to the 710201. In addition, I read the Berley pro BP2603 would work for this transducer, so I bought it. Now the 2019 Outback has Guardian. If anyone can tell me if my transducer will work with either the Guardian, or with the addition of the BP2603, I'd greatly appreciate it. Or, what options exist to make this all work. Thanks in advance! Ed
  4. Hi folks: I have a 2011 beater for guests to use, looking for something newer and in better condition for family to use. Price is relative, something tricked out with cart, anchor trolley, visicarbon, blackpak, multiple rod holders, fish finder, etc, I would expect to pay more for than a barebones kayak. Keeping that in mind, looking to spend around $900-$1700 depending on year, condition, extras, etc. I can buy as early as tomorrow, I'm actively looking and will purchase this week. Thanks in advance!
  5. So, I just got back from a major Long Island Hobie dealer, cash in hand to buy a 2019 Outback. They asked me how I planned to transport it, I said I have a the newest one, the Thule 898 Hullivator Pro. They said, sorry, you won't be able to use it. We've had to tell several customers the new shape of the Outback hull won't fit the cradle properly. Its shaky in the cradle when in the down position, and unstable when trying to lift it. When you try to lower it, the hydraulics don't work and the whole weight of the kayak comes crashing down. They said the Yakima Showdown "might" be an option, but they've been unable to test it, but since they have Hullivators they've extensively tested them. Has anyone tried the Yakima Showdown with the 2019 Outback?
  6. I just bought these as well, supposed to arrive this week. I hope to also use them for scouting trips when the surf is calm and don't need to gear up with full waders.
  7. Hi Dan: I'd like 2 each of the swimbait heads in 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1, and 1 1/2. Thanks, Ed
  8. I have the older 9 3/4 - 4. I was hesitant about the extra $$, but the 15 year warranty convinced me. Last year, I ended up using it for 70% of what I do. Its not my furthest casting rod, nor my most sensitive, but what it does it does well. Last fall there were 2 days in a row where every third cast was a fish. I only left because I was hungry and dehydrated, not because my arms were tired (had it paired with a Penn Slammer 4500). It handles big fish no issues. Yes, if there's 15mph winds and 4 foot waves I'll grab my 11 footer. Yes, if I plan on spending the day in the back bays I'll grab a shorter more sensitive rod. I like its flexibility. If my usual spots out front aren't working out, 20 minutes later I'm out back. If those are slow, 10 minutes later I'm in back bays. I've also used it as a walking stick on jetties and rocky areas. Its not the best pencil popping rod. Its hard to feel contact on the bottom with a 1/2 ounce bucktail. Since I don't yet have a beach vehicle, I do a LOT of walking, so I need something that can do a lot of things. I also like that I don't need to carry 5 rods in the car (although I usually do lol). Once I do get a beach vehicle, I'm more likely to switch rods up depending on conditions. For now I don't have that luxury. I've considered the $80 charge for the new tops. I'd be curious what people who have upgraded the tops have to say.
  9. Dulock Size 54.
  10. I was considering picking up a pair of the Deck Boss to wear surfcasting on those calm days/nights when the fish are in the wash and don't want to fully gear up in waders. At 15" high, I figure I could tuck my jeans into them and stay dry. Also thinking its good to keep in the car when driving and seeing birds. Anyone have experience doing something similar, not just with the Deck Boss?
  11. I originally found them on the giant online shopping site. Company was MOCAP, Cleartec is the product. Went direct to their site. Note that there are other similar competitors out there. They have many different sizes. I ordered 50 each of the 12" long (I could then cut them to size for my various bags and milk crate) 1 1/16" and 1 1/2" across. You can choose the thickness of the plastic, so I went with something thicker than the round fluorescent light tube protectors I used to use, because I found they cracked over time and were too flexible. These have been rock solid. With shipping charges, it was not an inexpensive solution. However, I have been thrilled with the ease of use, never having tangles, being able to easily wash down the lures in the tubes, quickly swap entire sections based on conditions (for example 3 white plugs for daytime swapped out for 3 black plugs for night time). The bottom is sealed, its not a removable cap. I drilled 2 holes in the bottom for drainage.
  12. 1 1/16" and 1 1/2" clear tech square tubes. Drilled holes in bottom. Taped 2 big tubes together and 3 small tubes together to keep them stable. No more tangled plugs!! Many more casts per night when not trying to untangle lures, less chance of losing a plug when a barrel-full-of-monkeys comes out of a giant round tube, and the square tubes allow more storage in your bag. Space on the sides to hang tins, sluggos, shads, etc. I did the same thing to my milk crate. The biggest of plugs I bought 2" vacuum tube from the plumbing supply store.
  13. This is interesting, I could use a warmer place to do some striper fishing over the winter!
  14. Thanks for this! Can’t not order one at that price.