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  1. I had a friend take it apart to try making the scale markings more readable. Now we can't get it back together! How did you reassemble it?
  2. Great! Let's get a group together!
  3. Follow up: Jeff from Pt Jude went above and beyond. Thank you for the fantastic customer service and for making great lures!
  4. I ended going with the Humminbird Helix 7 G2N SI. It has everything I want, including creating custom mapping as you fish, and can network with another unit. The only thing it doesn't have is touch screen, but I figured splash on the screen might be an issue. If you can fit a 9", they have a MEGA version, which provides even more superior side-scan.
  5. Thank you. I'm assuming the dealer responses are a CYA in case something happens. The bigger vehicle thought was more about having extra space to store the mirage drive, paddle, shovel, boards, air compressor, 6 rods ( might fish freshwater or inlets in the day, then Montauk rocks surfcasting at night), 2 sets of waders, coolers, and multiple crates. of tackle some place secure and out of the elements.
  6. Riddler, thanks for the info and the videos! Luckily, he's going to have a Helix 10 with mega transducer on his boat, so mine stays in place. I just grab my unit and battery, stick a network cable in, and presto! 2 screens on his boat, 1 movable. When you folks are beaching, do you take the kayak into thigh high water, then stick the wheels in the scupper holes under the boat, and pull to shore? It seems that would do less scraping of the transducer and bottom of boat then pulling it to the beach and turning it sideways ?
  7. Since the setup is close to a G with crossbars, I reached out to a few "Thule 5 star dealers". Interesting results. - 2 said "Hullivator rated only to 75 pounds, the Outback is 99 so you can't use it" - another 2 said "Unfortunately there was no fit for your vehicle in terms of a crossbar system. It looks like you would need to do a custom install in order to get a roof rack system on the roof." and "I looked into different solutions to get the Hullavator onto your 2013 Infinity. Thule or Yakima do not list a crossbar fit for that car. Also, the Hullavator is only listed to carry up to 75#." So, I might be back to my thought of buying a high milage 4-runner or Sequoia just for beach fun. An inexpensive HF trailer is another options, but won't work in 1/2 the places I want to get to.
  8. Wow, that's for all the great info guys! Seriously, I really appreciate it! I was speaking to ACK to get some quotes, they suggested I should consider the YakAttack Omega rod holder for trolling because it locks the rod in place. Any thoughts? They also suggested I consider the YakAttack LeverLoc anchor trolley, just because you can lock the trolley line, and the pulleys have no sharp edges to catch the fishing line on. I'm also trying to figure out the fastest/easy way to load an 80+ pound boat onto a tall SUV Thinking of going the Hullivator route, but RackAttack told me there's no way to fit that on my suv. Riddler, is your setup quick to remove the battery and FF? My goal is to be able to move it to my friends boat when going offshore and network off his unit so we have 2 screens. Are you able to see the screen ok with it forward? Or does it pretty much line up with where it would on the right side of the Yak in front of the first molded rod holder? Where are you guys mounting the trolling rod holders? I'm assuming the molded ones are good enough for holding my casting rod, or for holding a rod when de-hooking? Thanks, Ed
  9. I've read most of the related posts, and "think" I have an idea of what I need, but am looking to the experience here to help me outfitting a Hobie Outback. I’m new to kayak fishing (aside from my inflatable). From reading through the forum, it seems like the Hobie Trax 2-30 would be the best option for a cart to work not only on the soft sand, but pulling it 100’ down a driveway/grass to store on my patio. Does that sound right? Upgrading to the sailing rudder and turbo fins seems to be a no-brainer. I’ve got a Helix 7 FF/GPS and a Noqua power pro 10amp/hr battery. I’d like to make this a portable mount, so I can unhook it from my kayak (battery and Helix not transducer), and take it on my friends Grady to network with his Helix and transducer. I saw a video on youtube where Adventure Outdoors mounted the Helix and power pro on PVC board, on the right side slightly forward of the pedal drive. My concern is the Noqua doesn’t look waterproof should you take waves, spray, or a flip. Would I be better off mounting a Yak Attack Cellblok on a GT175 gear trak? It seems I could plug any holes in the Cellblok with Oxguard, and with the small size of the Noqua the extra cabling could fit inside the Cellblok. Am I missing anything? Reading the forum, its seems like upgrading the Helix transducer from XNT 9 SI 180 T to a XHS 9 HDSI 180 T is worth the $100. On the Berleypro site, they have a $59 transducer mount for Humminbird/Hobie, does anyone have experience with this transducer using this mount? I’d also like a fishing rod mount that can accept both a spinning and casting rod, and preferably can swing to the right for trolling and straight ahead to be out of the way when casting or unhooking. Is the rocket launcher a good option for this or are there better choices? I’ve read a fixed location is best, but since I don’t know yet exactly what location will work best for me, would it make sense for me to use some sort of H-rail so I can adjust its position to find what works best? The Hobie anchor trolley should be a no-brainer as well? I’m looking at the Visicarbon Pro for a flag/night light solution. It looks like I can just stick this in one of the rear rod holders? I already have PFDs, whistle, flare, etc. Is there anything else that I should be strongly considering? Thanks in advance for any advice! Ed
  10. Thanks for this. Scored a Helix 7 for the price of a 5" fishfinder.
  11. I checked a few web sites and saw no mention of a hither hills air station. Anothet one I know of is Shinnecock East
  12. Ok seems straightforward , thanks ! is anyone creating custom sonar maps? I have navionics on my iphone and the back bay detail is either non existant or pretty weak. I’d love to be able to save the sonar maps (created as you drive around) as an overlay.
  13. Thanks for the additional info guys I appreciate it. Spring is almost here, starting to get antsy.