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  1. I originally found them on the giant online shopping site. Company was MOCAP, Cleartec is the product. Went direct to their site. Note that there are other similar competitors out there. They have many different sizes. I ordered 50 each of the 12" long (I could then cut them to size for my various bags and milk crate) 1 1/16" and 1 1/2" across. You can choose the thickness of the plastic, so I went with something thicker than the round fluorescent light tube protectors I used to use, because I found they cracked over time and were too flexible. These have been rock solid. With shipping charges, it was not an inexpensive solution. However, I have been thrilled with the ease of use, never having tangles, being able to easily wash down the lures in the tubes, quickly swap entire sections based on conditions (for example 3 white plugs for daytime swapped out for 3 black plugs for night time). The bottom is sealed, its not a removable cap. I drilled 2 holes in the bottom for drainage.
  2. 1 1/16" and 1 1/2" clear tech square tubes. Drilled holes in bottom. Taped 2 big tubes together and 3 small tubes together to keep them stable. No more tangled plugs!! Many more casts per night when not trying to untangle lures, less chance of losing a plug when a barrel-full-of-monkeys comes out of a giant round tube, and the square tubes allow more storage in your bag. Space on the sides to hang tins, sluggos, shads, etc. I did the same thing to my milk crate. The biggest of plugs I bought 2" vacuum tube from the plumbing supply store.
  3. This is interesting, I could use a warmer place to do some striper fishing over the winter!
  4. Thanks for this! Can’t not order one at that price.
  5. Great idea and simple! What are you using to mark them? Nail polish?
  6. Are they doing this in 2019?
  7. Can a bucktail with trailer on (otter tail or twisty worm) fit in the 4x4 bag?
  8. Manually close the bail. I had wind knots constantly until I learned that.
  9. I'm also new to kayaking and appreciate all the information in this thread. Do you folks typically get the kayak in the water ready to launch first, then put on the drysuit so as to reduce risk of damage to the drysuit? Same with unloading, do you remove the drysuit before getting the kayak on the vehicle? Why type/brand of gear leashes are you using? I'm assuming Hobie hatches are not watertight, are you using Tupperware or dry bags for misc items to keep them dry? Any other advice or recommendations? How many of you use a VHF marine radio, and which inexpensive model would you recommend?
  10. I too just picked up a Kokatat Angler Gore-Tex Black Friday special. I'm completely new to dry suits, and appreciate all the excellent tips for first timers in this thread. Also picked up NRS paddling shoes, Terramar mid weight tops and bottoms (already have a super light layer for under waders), Simms Skeena gloves. Any other info/gear you folks think would be helpful?
  11. I had a friend take it apart to try making the scale markings more readable. Now we can't get it back together! How did you reassemble it?
  12. Great! Let's get a group together!
  13. Follow up: Jeff from Pt Jude went above and beyond. Thank you for the fantastic customer service and for making great lures!
  14. I ended going with the Humminbird Helix 7 G2N SI. It has everything I want, including creating custom mapping as you fish, and can network with another unit. The only thing it doesn't have is touch screen, but I figured splash on the screen might be an issue. If you can fit a 9", they have a MEGA version, which provides even more superior side-scan.