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  1. Has anyone tried "Anchor Wizard"? The concept looks great: flip a switch and your anchor drops down. Time to move, reel it in. No line on deck, no muddy anchor. The reviews seem positive but there's not a lot of them. I'd like to hear back from folks here before drilling and mounting things to my Hobie.
  2. It was a hard lesson learned. I've now made a checklist, so in the wee hours of the night when I'm dead tired and its dark I don't make the same mistake. I also don't want to leave my mirage drive on the beach after day of kayaking.
  3. Thanks guys. I'm looking at it this way: I loved the rod, this gives me a chance to try something different that I might otherwise not have tried. I put flyers up offering a $300 reward, called the local tackle shops, etc. I still keep an eye out on the beach for the distinctive gold knob on the reel that porgy-fisherman rarely use. Not much else I can do.
  4. He didn't even ask for me to send it back. I may drop it off one day since Jersey City isn't too far from where I sometimes travel. Wouldn't hurt to have the engineers take a look at it.
  5. Update: Issue resolved to my complete satisfaction. Would not hesitate to buy another ODM.
  6. Spoke with Steve at ODM today for over an hour, the situation has been completely resolved to my satisfaction, new top section will be here Friday. I would not hesitate to buy another ODM. The rod has been fantastic, and the customer service from ODM was fantastic, even though my rod was out of warranty. And, free shipping on top of it. As a former executive and business owner myself, I can help explain why warranties are what they are. LL Bean no longer has lifetime warranties on waders. Why is that? They were originally designed for fly fisherman wading in streams. Then us guys that climb on Jetties or swim on rocks or hike for miles to our fishing spots or constantly get in and out of our vehicles when driving the beach started using them, and from all the extra wear and tear they would develop leaks. If a large number of waders are coming in for repair or replacement, it costs money. A lot of it. So, you can either increase the price of the waders, which are already expensive, or, you can shorten the warranty. With rods, there is a certain percentage of manufacturing defects, all companies in every industry know that and account for it. Then, you have the guys that high stick, or slam the rod in the car door or window, get stuck in the rocks and tug until the rod breaks, or step on them, and expect a warranty replacement. If you are a $75 million dollar company, charging a premium for your rods, you can afford those losses and offer a large warranty. If you are a small company starting out with an innovative product, R&D, prototyping, setting up manufacturing lines, etc, costs a FORTUNE. You can't charge a high price as an unknown manufacturer, and you cant offer an unlimited warranty or you would go out of business. So you find a balance. I knew up front my rod had a 1 year warranty. I could have paid double to get a rod with a 7 year warranty, but I didn't. It was my choice and I knew the risks. It was out of warranty when it broke, and I was still treated like gold and taken care of. As a business owner, if I get someone calling me to yell at me and tell me my product is crap and make demands, of course I am less likely to cut them a break than someone who calmly and rationally explains what happened, and how it can be resolved. With regards to manufacturing in China, this is a global economy. In ODMs case, it is an American company, hiring American workers, shipping product to American dealers who make money off the product and are able to employ other Americans as a result. For various reasons, its vastly more expensive to manufacture in the US than in other parts of the world. TVs and other electronics? Cell phones? Computers? Clothing? Almost all of it is made overseas. If almost every product we have is not made in the US, why such a big deal about a fishing rod? If a competitor opens an overseas plant and can now charge 30% less for their product, you must do the same or you won't be in business long. Like the rest of us I love the US and would prefer to buy from the US, but the economic reality is if I get the same quality for 1/2 the price, its hard to justify that premium. Which, is why the US has tariffs, to try and level the playing field. It also partly why Trump lowered the corporate tax rate, so US companies can be more competitive and we can keep jobs here. For us older folks, in the old days, made in China was synonymous with junk. For the last 2 decades with ISO certifications for factories being the norm and almost a minimum, they operate under exactly the same quality control standards as the US.
  7. To be honest, I don't know much about them and have never fished one. A tackle store owner told me they are terrible to deal with on warranty issues where St Croix is easy to deal with. Since I lost 2 rods this week, I'm in the market for a new or used rod. Would consider a GSB. Need 9 to 10 foot, preferable can throw 1/2 ounce bucktails without lots of wind knots, and up to the 2.5 ounce range.
  8. I'm sorry my rod broke. My Legend "disappeared" last Thursday so its not been a good week for me. I will say, I calculated it cost me $1.60 per fish caught on the rod. I could throw 1/2 ounce bucktails to 2 3/8 poppers with no effort. The rod is light, could punch through the wind with ease. Did it break because of all the use ((70+ trips) or some other reason? No idea. I sent ODM an email last night, got a response back at 1pm today saying someone will call me. So far so good. I would still buy another one.
  9. I sent them an email last night. By 1pm I had an email back saying someone would be in contact to help me. Fingers crossed. I calculated it cost me $1.60 per fish caught on the rod. Did it break because of all the use, or some other factor? I have no idea. I do know its been a great rod.
  10. Thank you. My ODM snapped last night, so that's 2 rods down in 5 days. Not a good week for me
  11. Any update? My ODM NXG-93 snapped tonight. I just sent them an email, I'm curious as to how you made out.
  12. My ODM NXG-93 snapped tonight. Its a little over a year old, has over 200 fish on it, and was one of my favorite rods. My St Croix Legend "disappeared" on Thursday night, so this has not been a good week for me. I'll keep everyone posted on customer service from ODM, just sent them an email.
  13. Thank you. Reward offered, $300. The Penn Slammer III has a distinctive gold knob. There have only been porgy fishermen there the last few days, who don't use that reel, so hopefully it will be easy for me to spot when I go back today.
  14. Went to go fishing tonight, and, my rod is not in the truck. Last night I must have laid it on the side of the SUV to open the back, it was dark and I was tired, didn't see it and drove away. Went back tonight hoping, but armies of people porgy fishing so for sure it was found. Anyone seeing one for sale on Craigslist or ebay, please let me know in case I miss it. I'm also contacting the tackle shops in the area. Hopefully someone is honest and will drop it off at Kenny's store. Lesson learned. St Croix Legend Surf: LSS90MM2, Penn Slammer III reel. Thanks in advance, Ed
  15. Merry Christmas! I try to include as much detail in the logs as I can. Its fun looking back at trips, and remembering people I met or funny/strange things that happened, or even things to remember to do or or not do. Mostly I use it to try and find a pattern that only looking at a lot of history can reveal.