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    I love to fish, read, write, and travel
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    Right now I currently work in seafood at a supermarket, along with some side jobs but I'm looking to go back to school next fall.

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  1. Prayers sent from my family to yours.
  2. I might be out that way this fall. I’ll give you a message when I’m there!
  3. I’ll check them out if I get another thanks!
  4. No no. It’s ok. I don’t want to cause you trouble. But thank you!
  5. Shore. I was looking at a custom rod for sale but the seller is bad at contacting me and was bad at making plans.
  6. Im not sure honestly. :/ this will be my first season doing it
  7. I’m very low on funds but I want to get into albie season. I have $200 cash and willing to meet to pick up a bonito reel and rod. Anyone willing to sell? May be able to pay more.
  8. That’s what happened to me the other night rain bait was out but after an hour of trying. I landed some. It’s difficult, but when you put your time in. You’ll do fine. I landed them on tsunami 6 inch swim shad. You can get them at any tackle shop. I just tie a 125 lb. clip on my 40 pound braid and haven’t had an issue. Good luck!
  9. I hope. Going back out first thing tomorrow morning.
  10. Hahah. I bet you’re not like me. Took me years to finally catch one.
  11. Thank you and don’t mention it. It was only right