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  1. looks like im not the only one facing problem tying FG knot on fine braid.. the coil doesnt really stack up and tends to overlay one another. Im using albright on light braid and the best part, just 2-3mins to tie. save alot of time on water and it really hold. how much line of 6lbs did u put? i think i will get that 500 size, always like small equipment.
  2. stradic ci4+ 1000 with ultra light rod, good fun
  3. mine are tail weighted.. the hooks on the left seem heavy i think. try changing to smaller hook. I prefer tail weighted and best with a feathered rear treble like the one on your right.
  4. prettty strong for PE0.6 with 14lb test. whats the ABS ? u tested them?
  5. how many yds ? im thinking of buying fireline 6lbs for my 1000 size reel too but do they fit all 300 yds?
  6. are these lighter than the vanford of similar size?
  7. the new twinpower sw 8k share the same body as the 10k and 14k but not sure about gosa.
  8. thats my very first topwater lure with many good catch. but i lost it during one of my cast and line snapped. didnt tighten my fg knot. it difficult to look for replacement now.
  9. oh noooooo...8k and above? but the first photo seem fine and the bottom 2nd from right is good too..
  10. u tried humbug? are those suspending lure? found 1 yesterday at a store but not sure if its suspending as im looking for jerkbait
  11. thanks, let me check online. Was told that they already stop production so just checking if its real.
  12. are they still in production? been trying to look for them for so long but they are all out of stock.
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