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  1. used to own one biomaster, imo smoother than TP SW under load.. as tough as the saragosa but less seal
  2. omg, is that Exist? its painful to see that happen..
  3. LT series of rotor not zion?
  4. i think anything below 3g for me will be a challenge for me, lost tons of lures due to ultra light line
  5. what about mainline and leader poundage?
  6. i guess u must have collected tons of lureS?
  7. well said Lures are made to catch fisherman before they catch fish..
  8. when we say ultra light lure, whats the lure weight range?
  9. thats what i wanna say Ci4+ stradic as well .. or just get the Stella cos no matter which reel u choose, u will always end up buying Stella at the end..
  10. but did u manage to land the fish?
  11. what the differences between theory and these LT series of reel ?
  12. not really noticeable i guess..
  13. yea my rod tip is really soft to give a hard hookset especially its extra fast action..
  14. was considering theory only until i crank luvias at the tackleshop and bought the luvias instead.. luvias feel smoother than theory imo..just a few $ more than theory and its made in japan..
  15. it always always always happen to me when im on ultra light stuff..always in the midst of a fight and the hook just come off no matter how hard i try to set..