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  1. looks like they hold up pretty well twitch and pause works fine
  2. oh btw, any good/heavy duty barrel swivel to recommend as well ?
  3. thanks Tim, but i have limited choices over at my side. searching for Owner gorilla but not avail
  4. dropbox chart on page 1 ? good job Aqua, appreciate !
  5. woah such heavy duty for carp? yea i know thicker shank need stronger hook set. I've been using eagle claw previously but they dont last, just 1 trip i can see rust already well, i lost a good size grouper when my hook open up, not gonna let that happen again and most often ppl overlook that hooks is crucial when something big come along cos u will nv know whats gonna bite
  6. are those chrome one thicker than the red? u use 9/0 for ?
  7. yea, i bought them few days ago thanks
  8. owner cutting point gorillas noted, thanks
  9. that look solid ! gamakatsu jighead ?
  10. hey buddy, is that the one?
  11. will keep a lookout for them, thank you u use them to tie assist hook ?
  12. are these Decoy cutlass good ?
  13. Hello, looking for strong/thick shank single hook for heavy bottom fishing or maybe sailfish/marlin any good brand to recommend?
  14. check out scoob review on youtube for the grand
  15. any chance of a review/teardown for the stradic sw?