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  1. any confirmation on this? 1 body to fit 3 sizes of spool will be perfect..
  2. yes thicker bail wire indeed..
  3. what about the material they use internally for those bg series above?
  4. X2 thats the reason why im selling away my shimano and moving to daiwa.. looks like im not the only one that feel the same from micromodule to micromodule 2, IMO they feel the same to me instant regret after buying twinpower xd when i can get the stradic fl for half the price, taller spool, 1 pc handle
  5. thicker bail? let me check.. i missed out the bail
  6. looks the same to me
  7. are we allow to post youtube link here?
  8. posted a video on youtube
  9. bought.. its light not gold but bronze color with eva knob
  10. i really doubt this plastic reel can hold up against salt will give it a try, reeling inside water lol
  11. underwater completely? salt? i shall put mine to the test soon.. got mine for about $7 USD 1000 size
  12. at my local tackleshop, after comparing, it seem to be lighter in weight.. Same price as the first version not magseal with glossy body as compared to the first version will be going down later and try
  13. any information for this model? magsealed or non magseal ? @scoobydoo
  14. whats ur take on Sunline Asegai? coated or non coated line? Saw ur video on ABS is good at about 25lbs for a line thats rated 18lbs wanna get more review before buying em..