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  1. whats ur take on Sunline Asegai? coated or non coated line? Saw ur video on ABS is good at about 25lbs for a line thats rated 18lbs wanna get more review before buying em..
  2. jbraid which? X4? X8? grand? be more specific i tried X8 and grand and both are good, but do take note that the color will not hold my line roller got stained
  3. 3000 4000 5000 are carbon
  4. felt for size 2500 and carbon for size 4000 and 5000
  5. hope it help..
  6. if thats the case, bring the heavier rod out..why must you stick to NRX? if u gotta use NRX, stick to the lure rating on the rod..simple as that.. whats the point of having a rod rating printed on the blanks..
  7. i see many pumpkin and watermelon, personally i use white and chart only these 2 color tried before watermelon and pumpkin but doesnt work for me, most of my strike are in white
  8. lets go .. thank you
  9. cant go wrong with stella
  10. mine does wobble, not very noticeable
  11. used to own one biomaster, imo smoother than TP SW under load.. as tough as the saragosa but less seal
  12. omg, is that Exist? its painful to see that happen..
  13. LT series of rotor not zion?
  14. i think anything below 3g for me will be a challenge for me, lost tons of lures due to ultra light line
  15. what about mainline and leader poundage?