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  1. Managed one on the black bomber right last night around midnight, most exciting fish I have caught since the first one of the year. The moon was also pretty cool.
  2. I fished for about 20 hours this week mostly at night. A friend I was out with caught one mid 20s and I saw a low thirty inch fish caught down the beach but that's it. It really sucks to suck, I suck. Trying again tonight, I think I might actually have a mental disorder... black bombers, black slugggos, teasers, sp minnows, GT eels, mag darters, Albi snacks, deceivers, clouser minnows and not even a hit all week. Felt like I made some progress last year catching consistently and many fish above slot but I guess that whole time I was just getting lucky. Back to square one. I know fish are around and being caught, I know I am using a good variety of lures that work, I don't know how to catch a damn striper.
  3. skunked last night, enjoyed being out anyway. I just rigged a black deceiver I tied today onto my leader, trying a new spot tonight a bit closer to home.
  4. Getting out of my comfort zone a bit tonight and doing some fishing off the beaches and maybe some rocks. Weapon of choice will be a black bomber with a black sluggo as backup. Not sure what to expect, most of my night fishing experiences out front end without a hit although I have had limited success in the past. Regardless of the outcome I will be doing this more in the coming weeks. Things I have in the back of my mind are slowing down my retrieve and trying to keep the headlamp off as much as possible, would love to hear peoples preferences on fishing in the dark vs daylight hours such as beach or rocks, current or slack water etc.
  5. Saw a few pop up in the Saco river, water is so warm I'm not sure I would even bother live lining anywhere nearby. Have seen so few in my spots that I don't even carry snag hooks anymore.
  6. They can be found, I have only seen them in casco bay and have yet to have them come within range from the shore. reports I have heard are that they are not as abundant as last year and my own experiences so far have backed that up.
  7. The fishing for ME this June has been awful compared to last, and I don't just stand on the same rock every morning, afternoon and night and complain that the fish aren't swimming past my feet. I fish different times of day, different spots and different stages of tide at both sides, If there is a code I haven't cracked it yet. The fishing is just bad. I am catching, But stumbling into two fish during a trip has become a good day.. I have been flailing around with a fly rod a lot but my fishing pals have been using tried and true plugs along with testing new techniques and the results are still lacking. Haven't made it north of Portland or south of Wells so I can't speak for those areas. I don't think the bass are at risk of going extinct but they are a far cry from abundant where I am fishing. Feel free to call me a big baby who sucks at fishing all you want.
  8. managed to pick up a 24 and 28 earlier this afternoon off of the best rocks I know. Unfortunately the 28 caught a back treble to the eye badly so I took it home for the table. I had been chucking my fly rod when I decided to go to take a few casts with the sinking popper and thats all it took. I will enjoy eating the fish but this will be the only one I keep all year. more fly rod and single hooks in my future.
  9. Seems like there are pockets of fish concentrated in certain areas but outside of those pockets are large dead areas that should hold fish and are not. It almost makes me feel bad for catching when I do stumble into some good fishing, almost. Make it a gamefish, I don't think fisherman keeping them are the biggest problem facing these bass but it is one of the easiest factors to control until things (hopefully) turn around. I hope I am wrong and its me that is the problem not the fish.
  10. Hit the ledges pretty hard recently and came up with only a couple smaller fish to show for it. hoping it picks up soon..
  11. In the river near the head of tide. I have been having some action off the rocks and near some river mouths but it seems like I am still getting significantly more shots at fish during the right time and tide in the rivers. From my own past experience I expect things to slow down for me in the river over the next few weeks at which point I will switch to rocks and ledges. I enjoy fishing out front more but in the past I have had good luck on better fish in the river even later to June so its tough to get away.
  12. last night was nuts on the dropping tide, cast after cast fish from 20-27 inches. The first few spots I checked only yielded one fish between them but persistence paid off and ended up with my best night of fishing ever in terms of numbers. All caught on large thin profile swim shads on half ounce jigheads rolled slowly and paused every so often. They were hitting the weightless sluggo as well but weren't eating it, maybe a jighead on the sluggo would have produced better than weightless..
  13. Fishing has been great around sand eels or herring. One blitz I encountered at the mouth of a river had bass from 12 to 20 inches on sand eels. I have always struggled in this situation but a green hogy epoxy jig got the job done.
  14. Managed three at sunset on top water in the river last night, had to cast my arm off and make some lure changes but persistence payed off, all fish slightly over twenty inches biggest was probably 23/24. Five inch walk the dog style lure was the ticket.
  15. Managed to pick up my first schoolie on the fly rod this morning at the mouth of a river. The fish ended up hitting a black and yellow closer minnow I tied a few months back. Missed the first hit of the morning and didn't make the same mistake a few casts later, great feeling.