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  1. Planning to head out into the Portland area and maybe a bit north one night this week and try to get into some squid. My plan as of right now is to get out after dark and target a few bridges preferably with lights and use some squid jigs. I have never done this before so if anything I said sounds right/wrong or you have some other advice it would be greatly appreciated. I figure if I get too frustrated after a while it might turn into a striper outing but would love to do something different (and eat some of my catch)
  2. This spring has been good for me but I do feel like there has been a drop-off in the amount of bait and fish above mid-thirties since a few years ago. So far I have caught about a hundred fish after getting out for at least a half hour all but three or four days since the second week of may. in terms of size, most have been 18-24 inches with three over 28 the largest at around 32. In my eyes, this season and last season have fished very similarly. will be fishing a tube n worm for the next few weeks so expecting lots of shorts anyway.
  3. glad to hear it I just picked up some bait with plans to head out later tonight, will be more than happy to pick up a few been skunked the last few times out trying upriver with topwater lures but that bite has slowed down for me after having a few very good days about a week ago. I did see some pogies around the mouth of a river recently so I might start around there. thanks for the report
  4. I would say no, during my first two years of shad fishing I have caught two stripers on shad darts. i wouldn't use them to target stripers usually but they do hit tiny lures
  5. I don't frequent that area so maybe someone can jump in with some better advice but fishing only bit north of there I can tell you that time frame is great Gear sounds good but if you plan to cast for maks it might be better to find a slightly shorter and lighter rod for a diamond jig/ sabiki rig set up, that said I catch maks on my ten-foot surf rod but if you can swing a second one the option of live lining a mak is more feasible Popular and effective lures up here from my point of view include swim shads (tsunami etc.), SP minnows or similar minnow style baits, topwater at dawn and dusk, kastmaster spoons for distance If fishing is tough or I feel like picking a fish of any size within an hour or so I fall back to bait, My favorite is sand or bloodworms but if you do catch mak it can be tough to beat a real fresh chunk in terms of catch rate and even quality of fish, doesn't sound like you're too interested in bait fishing but keep it in mind if things are slow I am far from an expert and still learning the area myself, but hopefully some of that is of use to you.
  6. Hit the same spot last night on the incoming, a few bass were feeding on top when I got there and as the tide flooded they came within casting range, wasn't able to get a hit on topwater but picked up my nicest fish of the year at right around 25 inches on a freshly dug sandworm dragged over the bottom. so far my success rate has been better than last year
  7. three schoolies last night at sunset on a dropping high tide in an estuary. Got to the spot on the incoming and not a tap till the tide switched then it was on for half an hour. once the sun set completely and the tide dropped a few feet I called it a day. bait of choice is worms, now I just need to work out how to hook em without flying off on the second cast??
  8. Soaked a bit more bait at sunset last night and jigged for shad while watching for signs of bigger bass this morning. No fish but saw lots of birds and knowing my chances at a nice fish improve each day has me wanting to get back to it already, tight lines.
  9. Decided to check the water on my first day back in So. Maine. After digging my own sea worms I opted to head for the nearest mud flat. after dragging worms for a few hours without a tap, my line got heavy with what I assumed was a snag, I was quickly corrected when a few head shakes bobbed the tip of my rod, then slack. I returned to the sod bank cursing circle hooks and quickly impaled another worm sliding it over the hook eye. I lobbed my next cast in the same general area as the last, dragging my sinker across the steep bank at the edge of the mud flat. On cue, a second fish grabbed my worm and this time I reeled down fast making sure to bury the circle hook this time. Seconds Later I pulled my first bass of the year from the water, probably no more than twenty inches but as always that first fish put the biggest smile in a while on my face. Get after it!
  10. depends on the area, there is an ongoing documentation of spawning fish in the Kennebec. http://www.cca-maine.org/files/maine_stripers.pdf, now that the Penobscot is being restored I hope that we can establish our own healthy breeding stock in Maine. Might be the best bet for having these fish around in years to come.
  11. A few articles have said the finish date was planned to be March 31st but I am not sure if they have finished up yet, Last I checked they had moved tons of sand over to the bay side of the Jetti and looked like they were still working on areas near the mouth and up towards town.
  12. Honestly have to agree, I only care to take one fish a year and I would love it if I could keep the 25 incher that happened to be gut hooked instead the 32 inch female that could have been safely released and was instead harvested due to my doubt I would catch another legal bass that day.
  13. I watch skinners videos occasionally and never heard any spot specifics, after seeing this post I took to google maps and found the spot in seconds. Considering a trip to my newly discovered favorite honey hole as we speak!
  14. this is worth looking for sure, when I switched to circles I was frustrated and felt like the technique I was using would either make me miss fish or hook them too deep. I still miss lots of fish with the circle from fish that pick it up and drop it, but after over a year using circles I have cut back on deep hooked fish considerably by getting a feel for the moment a fish really takes a bait and getting my line tight that second. My biggest issue is with the reasoning given. Following the logic by next summer people would be walking off the beaches with twenty inch fish for dinner.
  15. my understanding is that these counts are taken by employees of the power companies at dams with fish ladders by a person visually counting each individual that is within the compartment when it closes to be lifted to the above section of river, I'm not sure if each load is counted but I would assume that is the case or they make the counts consistent through other means. The Saco trap was updated as recently as October so it seems possible they count from may until the end of fall. https://www.maine.gov/dmr/science-research/searun/programs/trapcounts.html Here is the link to where I found it. Considering contacting someone to request the data from previous years, whether the funds for compiling this research come from my fishing license or state/ federal taxes I feel entitled to accessing it. I agree the herring count in the Saco is not encouraging, but considering I can only vaguely remember the data from last year which was the first time I had ever run into numbers of herring locally its hard to say which direction we are heading in for sure. Numbers in the Penobscot appear to be booming in the case of most sea run fish due to the dam removal, however with more anglers participating each year and Maine deciding that regulations not adopted up and down the East coast are ineffective it would take every dam in New England being busted down to keep these fish around 100 more years.