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  1. As anyone who has been spending time on the water knows things are heating up, Ive been doing best fishing early mornings with small swim shads on half ounce jig heads in areas with lots of bait around. (shocker) Managed to get my first few fish on topwater this afternoon which makes me hope for good things in the coming weeks despite the lack of fish over fifteen pounds being reported to the south. Most of the fish I've seen are 20-26 inches with a sprinkling of 8+ inch fish I mistook for herring before putting a hook into one... I also managed to hook into a few shad right at high tide today. If you plan to get out there or already have been, please take a minute to look at the regulations. Ive been seeing many people fishing for herring seven days a week, fishing in protected zones, using treble hooks for bait, etc. I don't want to be the one to call the DMR on you and your kiddos and or drinking buddies but I sure will in the future.
  2. today was my first fish last year, I think ill end up taking some casts too. Very exciting time, the bird activity has really picked up in the last week in my area and I think that we will get a nice push of schoolies by the end of this week. Good luck its a great morning to be out!
  3. Sorry to intrude, hopefully its not unwelcome as I do not fish in Mass., but being from Maine where circle hooks have been the law for a bit of time now I thought I would chime in. I hated circle hooks at first, pissed me off to no end that I was either dropping or gut hooking half of the fish I got to give my bait the time of day. I asked the same question. I have found that using larger sized hooks works best. I let them eat but not for too long (swallowed baits still can gut hook), when they really have it I quickly bring the line tight, don't yank, just bring it tight. After a few months it became second nature and I don't care to use a j hook for stripers ever again. Keep trying, the best way to learn it is by making a mistake you won't forget. Learning new things is rewarding in the end. These hooks will have a positive effect overall. Hopefully commercial and charters are forced too adopt it soon enough.
  4. I gave a better effort than I normally would this early and spent a couple hours with sandworms on my favorite early season spot. Not a tap on the rod but encouraging signs included lots of cormorants traveling up and down river and even a seal popping its head up a few times. Anyone have word on shad in NH/So. Maine?
  5. Great place to start is checking out stocking reports. Sometimes I just take to google maps and search up the river till I see something interesting then go check out, my least successful but most rewarding strategy when it works. I second the 20 minute in any direction statement, once you get into the trees you won't be far off.
  6. I have been doing some casting practice over the last week below the head of tide in my local river, throwing shad darts and smaller lures. No joy yet but the birds are there which gives me hope things will start to kick off as normal (mid may to early June) in my area. trout fishing is great this time of year but I try to take it easy on those guys especially in the nice wild streams.
  7. I was thinking Tomcod too never seen one myself but always wanted to catch one. I think they run up into the backwaters very late in the fall to spawn and stay there till about this time of year. Cool fish thanks for sharing.
  8. My understanding is that nine inches is the minimum length, I'm getting that from the maine ifw website: https://www.maine.gov/ifw/docs/19-MDIFW-23-Fishing-Lawbook-2020.pdf. This pdf doesn't say anything about a new slot limit for striped bass either so obviously it is not perfect/ up to date.
  9. Parking lots in my area were packed with cars, beaches had enough space to accommodate from what I saw. Had a conversation with another person from about ten yards away while walking my dog. That seemed to be the closest to congregating that me or anyone else who didn't arrive in the same car were doing together. Worst case scenario it ends up pushing all the folks that frequent that beach onto the still accessible ones nearby and creates larger crowds. Really hoping we can find a way to get back to business as usual sooner than later, for the sake of everyones physical and mental health.
  10. Personally I am a fan. I think that most of the people with the will to get out and get any results are probably going to be buying a license eventually or already have one from ice fishing. I got a few hours in yesterday at some ponds in southern Maine and things were slow, but I am very thankful I had the option to get my first open water casting trip of the season on the books.
  11. Great article! Thanks for sharing.
  12. As the season begins to wind down for some of us I would be interested to get some input from everyone on how they did this year. What was different this year? How did your last outing go? Size of your largest fish and method used to catch it (if willing to share)? Finally, did you start using any new techniques you found to be productive enough to stick with in the future? I'll kick it off and would love to have people chime in when they are ready. In my local area, the average size of fish seemed to increase from about 16-22 inches to 18-24 inches. this was a welcome development but it is also notable that fishing the same areas I did last year produced less fish overall with hardly any micros. I also noticed a decrease in the run of herring from my perspective although that could be my memory playing tricks on itself. My (possible) last outing of this year stayed true to the pattern I have been seeing all summer, fish were hesitant to hit any swimming plugs or topwater I threw at them but once I started dragging tube and worm rigs I found a school fairly quickly and caught five fish measuring up to 26 inches all within an hour. After that window of action the tide picked up and the fish must have gone elsewhere or stopped feeding. My biggest fish came during the spring on a larger sized cotton cordell pencil popper worked quickly through some slack water next to faster current. Never got a chance to measure that fish but from comparing it to my rod and measuring that at home I would guess 34 inches. This year I really got into fishing with eels and although I didn't earn any fish larger than some schoolies for my efforts I became much more confident with them. Bought my own eel trap just the other day so I hope to capitalize on that before the tackle shops even begin to stock them during the spring. Look forward to reading any contributions y'all have to offer. Happy fishin folks.
  13. Going back to school this fall has put me out of business in the fishing department as far as the salty stuff is concerned. Targeting smallmouth in the past week has been a refreshing change of pace. I do plan to visit my home waters one more time in the next few weeks and hope to see at least one more striped-guy in return for my effort. I have had good luck in a few spots until mid October just hoping this year stays true to that pattern.. Thanks for all the reports fellas and happy fishing!
  14. Nope, been hitting the mouth of a river with eels as much as I can trying to find a nicer fish with no luck. been catching 18-inch fish on foot-long eels along with the occasional 26 making an appearance. I have to leave the area for a while in a week so not gonna stop trying until something gives or I'm forced to accept a mediocre end to my season.
  15. My July was very skunky, wish I could say differently but most of my trips were irritatingly dead. I think I can blame this on focussing my efforts during daylight hours and not being able to get ideal bait most days. Last night I decided to change things up and threw a swim shad I hadn't touched since the herring run. I scented with leftovers from failed chunking efforts and managed to land nine fish between two and three AM, five more than I caught in the whole second half of July. Nighttime is the right time. Worth noting that while I caught on the swimbait I drifted a chunk of frozen bait and changed it halfway through with zero results. Picked up a bunch more shads this morning in dark colors, don't think ill be fishing daylight hours for a while.