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  1. Offer $300
  2. Whats the weight on these?
  3. 20210314_150742.mp4
  4. Going a different route. Closing
  5. WTT practically brand new Stella 14k for Saltiga Expedition 5500. Spooled up with 50lb power pro, cast twice and put it back in the box. Literally perfect condition, no scratches nothing. Would prefer BNIB or like new condition. Send pics of what you got if interested. Must meet in person at Cape Cod Canal or willing to drive within 45min of CCC.
  6. Interested if Bandit or Paul pass
  7. Still interested in some other color variations if anyone else still has some, leaving the thread open for now.
  8. Cant wait to get these in the mail, thanks KironaFly, pleasure doing business with you.
  9. Interested in both, pics and price?
  10. Looking for new/like new Mike's Custom Plugs - ditch witch pencils and spring squid.
  11. I'll take these
  12. Got pictures? Interested in 4-8
  13. I'll take the lot. PM sent