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  1. Great deal for this rod.
  2. Savage sand eels and al gags is all I need to get it done. Those swim shads don't fly well through the air...
  3. Interesting seeing as I just broke an old legend. Eager to see what the new stuff will be.
  4. They look amazing, the double lock works great. A bit bulky and cause some small blisters to form on my palm after jigging for hours over half a dozen trips. The gap between the reel seat and rod is quite a large one, smoothed out yes but the 1/4 gap worked into my hands causing blisters. I'd also like to mention its solid aluminum = no flex. If you have a blank that will bend through your reel seat and into the bottom section, this rigid aluminum wont flex along with it, causing a stress point... ask me how I know.
  5. Hell ya
  6. Glad to hear that, I hope she was a fat girl!
  7. Bingo
  8. I have to say I am a fan of the Quantum saltwater reels. I feel they are a bit out of the norm for the canal or striper fishing, and get a lot of eye roles from gear gurus. I've been fishing a Cabo 80 with a 11' TFO for 3 years now. My pb striper of 39lbs was on it, I've put Tarpon on it and it's been a tank. The gear ratio is a bit low for traditional canal fishing but I use it anyway. I've also been fishing a Smoke 50 for 3 years, had it warrantied after the first season and only paid shipping, they replaced it with an S3 smoke 50. The main shaft bent on the previous gen. Primarily use the smoke for albies and schoolies but I let an inexperienced friend use it when I was headed to the canal. He landed a 39" striper with it on a 9" airwave 1-3oz. We slayed a few more good size fish that day and pretty sure that's what bent the shaft. Since then the new S3 still smooth as butter and hasn't given any problems. I'm also only taking it out for Albies and light game in Florida now. So you can call me a fan, they haven't let me down. I actually found another Quantum 80 at a pawn shop ly for short money so I have a backup just in case. That one has a questionable anti reverse, but what can you expect from a used pawn shop reel. I do also wish they would update the Cabo models or come out with something new to test, they had the same model for like 7 years now. Let go Quantum, bring some life back into your brand, I'll buy one.
  9. My 14000 XTD foes have quite a bit of flex through the arm to the reel seat. I was really worried at first but handled all fish I put on it. I think I may have bent the worm gear on one two many 30+ lbrs last year tho. The new Ci4+ seem much more rigid and stiff. I love the reel and will be tearing it apart to check the gears. Last year I fished my 10'6" Paraflex and 14k XTD 90% of the year and did very well. I put it to the test and she held up but seems a little sticky at top dead center now. Hence the teardown to be safe.
  10. I have two hard core canal addict buddies that swear by their ODM jigsters. Personally I may follow suit, I just like going off the beaten path so I've been exploring other blanks and options for stiff that's a mouthful. BH Striper Special, CTS S7 or Carbon Matrix, maybe go back to a Legend- not sure which way I'm going yet.
  11. Isn't that 4500h an aussie model? Don't think those are readily available around here, which is super cool in my book. I love the Saltiga's and I'm def a fan of the 2010 models if you can find one that isn't beat to ****. I think they're sick looking too. Anything that competes with a Stella is ok in my book. Going off the beaten path has always been my way.
  12. So I guess he did get the Gomexus knob from Amazon but said it was direct fit. Handle is Type B for the option. I also found this thread that has the nice carbon fiber jigging world handles but I believe those need drilling. They look nice tho.
  13. A buddy of mine is a Century rep, from what I've heard so far it's the real deal for lightweight game fish. I'll be snagging one for Albie season.
  14. You can get them on Ebay but they're not direct fit. Have to cut out the rivets as Birdsnester stated. A friend of mine snagged a good one, I'll ask him which brand and get back to you. He loves it. I have the XTD 14k and I feel your pain with that tiny T handle, it sucks.
  15. That magic wiggle means time to pull up lol