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  1. From the album Plug Porn

  2. Velveteen Wabbit
  3. From the album Plug Porn

  4. From the album Plug Porn

  5. From the album Plug Porn

  6. Here's a few I completed last night. Specs- 9 inches Weight- 5.35oz +/-
  7. I'm in California. I wish I was Local. LOL
  8. From the album Plug Porn

  9. They barely have any lead. Less than 3/4oz. I can get these to Glide at approximately 2' x 2'. We're filming at the Premier California Bass Lake tomorrow and hopefully we'll have footage of the these plugs. No I don't make any slimmer ones.
  10. Believe me they're not. Comparing to what others throw out here, my builds are in the light side and swim properly. You have to factor in the weight of 4X 4/0 Owners alone and the multiple coats add weight etc.
  11. From the album Plug Porn

  12. Small batch of 9" 5.35oz.
  13. Thank You. Would have been a lot happier if I didn't forget the gilplate. Not sure how I managed to leave that out.