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  1. Lots of much needed rain this weekend here in KY. Couldn’t pass up the chance to fish. Turned out to be a productive day despite the high chocolate water.
  2. First crack at a meat whistle. Critiques appreciated. Next attempt will leave space for the conehead to be all the way back as it’s supposed to. My head cement somehow turned to Elmer’s glue so the head looks rough after I topped it with gorilla glue
  3. Nice morning on the Cumberland River
  4. Urban fishing - not bad for a post work/class evening spot. Those cats sure put a bend in the 8 weight.
  5. Got started on it and watched four episodes this evening. 20 min runtime is perfect. Great stories and to the point. The idea of the Frankenstein boat is pretty cool. Would also recommend silver kings if you’ve not seen it.
  6. New species for me. Was hoping to land my first striper or hybrid but this was a decent byproduct
  7. @hipkvw I’ve got reel envy with that GD50 reel. Love to see them being fished
  8. Saturday night special
  9. Short and stout little guy from this weekend. Any idea on the ID of this other fish? Looks like the combo of the worst parts of a chub and a sucker.
  10. Trout stream Saturday morning and bass creek on Sunday night. I think I found a new pattern to use in that trout stream.....
  11. Dinks after work
  12. Was just down there from the 7-15th, hate I didn't see this earlier. Next time you are down that way send me a message and I can forward some intel to you.
  13. I usually use bungee cord, however a weedeater strap/sling from the hardware store is another cheap option
  14. I fly down Saturday for the week. Absolutely cannot wait!
  15. While I haven't put much wear on it yet, I have an outdoor research helium HD that I like well. Lightweight, has hand pockets and a chest pockets that you can pack the jacket into. It also has Velcro sleeves and pit zips.