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  1. They float with size 12 and 14 dry fly hooks. They also float with Owner Mosquito hooks, I use a size 14.
  2. Ha! The line lay on that reel in the video image looks less than optimal.
  3. Weather Underground (now owned by IBM) and Tides Near Me, both are the paid versions.
  4. Get rid of any privacy cookie remover type plugins or apps. The way you stay logged in is with Cookies. So all you have to do is make sure you're not deleting SOL cookies. If you're getting signed out then it's because your cookie is getting removed, either you're doing it, your browser setting is doing it or some kind of privacy BS is doing it.
  5. I LOVE the Symetre reels. I have several. However they're discontinued, replaced apparently by the NASCI. I just bought a Pflueger President size 20. I have an older xx25 that's a workhorse, no problems. So hoping this smaller one holds up the same. Funny nobody's mentioned the Daiwa Legalis LT. It has some serious hardware inside but is ultralight as well. Didn't know it was still for sale otherwise I would have gotten one of those. Still might.
  6. That new Omicron variant with 50+ mutations is spreading in the USA. It spreads easier than the Delta variant. It's in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey already. A guy at a conference in New York spread it to other people. So far it seems that it's milder than the previous versions, particularly if one is vaccinated. Wait and seeing right now. I'd hate to catch it then find out it's a permanent virus the way Herpes is and that it eats your brain or something. So wait and see is the reasonable and prudent approach at this moment. At least at many concerts you have to show proof of vaccination. Will they be doing that at the shows? I'd feel better about it if they did AND they had a mask requirement.
  7. Sticking a used and broken off piece of artificial worm works really well for trout. Gets that S curve shimmy on the kastmaster going really nice.
  8. It's probably not the fault of the rod. It's probably YOUR FAULT. I'm not saying you're an idiot or anything, so don't take offense. This kind of thing happens because of how a rod is stored, transported or handled which can cause micro-cracks in the rod. So FOR EXAMPLE, if you throw the rod in your car and it's whacking on against something then that'll cause it to acquire micro-cracks that become stress points. Rods are very sensitive to how they are handled. Maybe it's not even how you handled it, maybe someone at the store picked it up and slap it against the counter accidentally. Tsunami rods have performed fine for me, way better than some other brands.
  9. They have a plan already for mitigating that. Multi Sector General Permit SWPPP 2019.pdf
  10. Kastmasters and the Johnson version and the Hopkins No EQL work great, love them all. Point Jude Butterfish are really nice when I'm casting to breaking fish and not too far. Really like these.
  11. Casting in the wind can be tricky. What can happen is that the chunk can catch the wind. Also, casting high will also catch the wind and ruin the cast. When it's really windy I prefer to switch to a heavier spoon, especially if there is churn in the water to give the spoon some lift in the water. Wind can be challenging!
  12. How many ounces of lead were you using? Were you using it on an open beach? Were you chunking where there's a strong current like in an inlet? Some places, like at an inlet, I don't chunk because there's too much current. I don't normally chunk with anything more than five ounces at the high end. When there's that much current where four ounces can't hold bottom I switch to lures, which (just my opinion) is more appropriate for fishing with lures. Toss a lure like a Tsunami paddle tail soft bait, a bucktail or a spoon of appropriate weight and let it get swept with the current.
  13. Sleeping in a van down by the river even though you have a bed in an actual house.
  14. Pumpkinhead will take care of them...
  15. That's definitely a place to go for hamana-hamana but I knew an old guy a few years ago who retired there to live the "booty bandit" lifestyle and got a bullet in the back of the head.