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  1. So in a recent thread people recommended specific cooking methods for certain hot dogs. Like, for this brand, grill it. But for that brand, boil it in water. What determines the preferred cooking method? Do natural casing dogs do better in water? Do pork dogs do better on an open grill? Is there a reason for the madness or just personal preference? I prefer to boil them...
  2. Keep it for rough water or heavy current, when a lighter lure might get tossed around. I just picked one up for that reason. I also have a Mike Fixter 5 oz monster popper for the same party.
  3. Scam. Hey Tim, did you check the IP address of the OP to see if it's coming from Ireland AND from a legit ISP and not a web host. Check if the IP addy is from Eastern Europe or India.
  4. I remember all the anti-Feinstein/Pelosi signs all over the place around fifteen or more years ago saying they were against farmers and for turning farmlands into dust bowls.Total lies for big Ag to get more water. What goes on in the west coast is a theft. They do things like schedule hearings then change the location without notice so that anglers can't be there to voice opposition. Arnold Schwarzenegger is complicit in this scandal of how water has been mishandled for the benefit of big ag.
  5. I have a REALLY BIG darter and it didn't do that much darting. I fished it in the canal. Do you think it just needed a stronger current?
  6. Whoa, whoa, whoa... I've got nothing against puerto ricans. I love them, their island and their food. As I said in my post (in case you didn't keep reading), most people I encounter, regardless of race, are super nice. That particular trio were the exception. I had them pegged as shifty and was keeping an eye on my gear while they fished around me. But while I was focused on packing up, the old guy kicked my snagger to the side where I couldn't see it. I'm just pointing them out so if they're on this board they will recognize themselves and feel ashamed of what they did. The boy, I feel bad for him having to grow up with such bad influences. I shamed his father and grandfather in front of the boy, told them that what they were doing was evil and was theft. So I hope the boy realizes how wicked his father and grandfather are and follows a different path. I grew up near rough neighborhoods. Many of the older kids were burglars, drug dealers and users, some of whom didn't make it to 16 and others served time in prison. My neighborhood was so tough, the first time I got mugged was in kindergarten, walking home from school. An older boy wrapped a rope around my younger brothers neck and threatened to kill him. I can recognize ex-cons, meth heads, junkies and thieves when I see them. Having grown up around that was part of what made my younger brother a great cop and what makes me immune to fear under extreme circumstances.
  7. A Puerto Rican grandfather, with his thug son, and the 12 year old grandson were all fishing along a pier. I was snagging bunker. The three puerto ricans weren't doing so well because they had a crap snagger, too small. As I was putting my gear away, the grandfather apparently kicked away my snagger. I thought it had already made it to my tacklebox. When I made it to the car I was like, did I put that snagger away? I checked and was like oh, I must have left it at the fishing area. So I returned and there's the Mother Fracker fishing with my snagger, which I recognized because it had a unique sticker on it. Mother fracker, the son, threatened ME when I asked for it back. The grandfather, who looked like an ex-con himself, calmed him down. Probably because the son was on parole. So yeah, there are some real bastards out there. BUT, in my experience, the good people outnumber the bad, no contest. In almost every fishing outing, I meet one good person after another. I've met people of all races and walks of life, trump supporters and liberals, at the fishing spots and almost all of them were cool. Those three thieves were the exception and most certainly not the rule.
  8. Do you OWN the spot, like with a deed? If not, then messing with this person and expecting him to go away is only going to add to the list of your griefs. As soon as you move back in he'll know it was you and start messing with you. The worst enemy is the one that is unknown. I'm not encouraging you to make it your life's mission to make this person miserable. Just pointing out that walking in and announcing yourself as you propose is going to bring you more misery on account of a spot you do not actually own and have no legal claim to.
  9. That's what I've been thinking about wrt invisible plugs. They're homing in on the non-visible cues like vibrations and there isn't the visible cue like an obviously fake lure to make them break off and turn around.
  10. >>>Berkley cherrywood Yes, I bought one of those last season for trout and panfish. Seven footer, I think medium light. I believe it's a composite graphite rod. It's a step up from the Shakespeare micro series rods for only about five bucks more. I can't get an accurate cast like I can with a better rod (like the Shimano Compre spinning rod, $99), but I can get the cast basically around the general area most times. For me, that's the downside of el cheapo rods, but it's not by much.
  11. Daiwa Samurai rod, 7 foot, medium heavy. It casts 1/4 oz to 1 oz. Costs about $15 in the BOGO free promotions at Dicks. You have to get two, of course, for $30. Comes with reel! I use mine for snagging bunker. Casts a snagger for crazy distances and has a firm control on snagged bunker. Salmon, Trout, Steelhead magazine reviewed the light rated rod for trout and gave it a thumbs up a couple years ago.
  12. SOL members are Internet Lynching a guy on SOL because they feel it's bad form to Internet Lynch some guy on SOL. Okay...
  13. The Mitchell real makes a loud clacking noise. Annoying as hell. I regret buying the one I have.
  14. My parents were frugal. No doubt that left a desire for me to get what I want, yet another part of me doesn't like to be owned by things. So I've a push and a pull ambivalence about acquiring lures. That said, I do need some bottle poppers and a couple of those Gibbs Skippers. I like the talkin poppers because of their cost. Feels less traumatic when I lose one.
  15. So was the USA... Sorry, couldn't resist!