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  1. Early morning in the fall. Catching up with myself. Improvising A jetty. Nobody fishing it. No fish here. Heh... Striped bass marinated in lemon juice, olive oil and herbs then cooked over a BBQ.
  2. Pro-cure is highly popular with west coast trout anglers. Everyone was seemingly using it. When I came east I stopped using pro-cure and catch as many trout as back west. I don't see a difference. I did buy a tube of Mustad Activate that seemed to me to work really well. I don't think it's available anymore though. What really seemed to matter is dialing in the right presentation for the moment. Sometimes they want spoons. Sometimes they want it under a float. At others they're hugging the bottom. I suspect the same is for stripers and whatnot. The bait shop guys told me that the big jugs of bunker oil are used by boat anglers to create a chum slick. An alternative to pro-cure is salmon oil or fish oil pills (some contain anchovy and mackerel). Cheap when on sale! That's what I use IF I use it at all, which is rare.
  3. Ha! Just watched the video. It mentioned the great white shark I had seen at the Monterey Aquarium!
  4. I saw a captive great white shark in Monterey Aquarium many years ago. It survived longer than anticipated.
  5. You can stop at any number of B&T's on the way to the cape and pick up what you really want rather than settle on what's in stock at BP, too.
  6. I'm fine with adding deportation if they are LEGAL status. Including their family. Then donate their trailer to the homeless
  7. This was my first time seeing Alberto. Loved it. Really enjoyed this show. Was good to see MX Plugs there. Love his pikies! Don Musso was there. He is such a gentleman and very kind with taking the time talking to the anglers there. Bill Wetzel put on a great presentation, different from last years, which is appreciated. Learned a bunch! Seemed like there were less plug sellers there this year. Bought a squid darter from Big Fischer (what a nice guy!) Over at the Daiwa table I learned that the previously discontinued freshwater DR Minnow is coming back. The DR Minnow has been one of my favorite freshwater lures for years so it's good to see it return. Too bad the bubblegum color isn't in this year's line up. I would love to see a translucent pink version of the DR Minnow, that would be killer!
  8. Seminars I went last year. I thought it was great! The seminars were full of useful information and the Q/A after each helped to clarify things for me. Goodie Bags The goodie bags were really good. Mine had a Sebile magic swimmer thingy and a Tsunami spoon among other stuff. Shopping The shopping is great. A good opportunity to talk to the lure makers and get to know a little more about the lures. The Location The Huntington Hilton is really nice. They have a restaurant and bar area. The burgers and stuff are good and not too expensive. Good food. I want to be there again this year. It's a four hour drive for me to get there though.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful works of folk art.
  10. Never mind. :P
  11. Fall is a great time to take the kids fishing.
  12. Thanks! I've got a bunch of those styrofoam corks. I'll give it a try next time! :)
  13. Hmmm... need to try this. I have to update bait every 15 minutes because of crabs. How big a float do you use?
  14. That's interesting about the black and red. One of John Skinner's books, maybe the fishing the bucktail book said that he was partial to the wine colored bucktails, I think at night. So the connection to crustaceans and squid and the red color makes more sense.
  15. Tsunami. I'm looking straight at you.