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  1. 1. Bunker. 2. Spoon made in the USA.
  2. Super moons aren't rare. Seems like we have one every month, lol. It's just a full moon afaic. Not sure I want to fish on a full moon but I'd rather be out there fishing than not fishing... Last time I fished a full moon there were a whole bunch of people who thought the bright moon brought out the stripers. So I turned around and left.
  3. That's the thing right there is to get over the struggle and be okay with not catching a single fish. I see people tossing out small baits like a cut piece of calamari or a small chunk of mackerel. They'll catch more than me but they're going to be throwing them back anyway. I'm in it for something I can take home, I really don't care if it's a giant or my PB. So in order to do that I'll chunk out the head or a bigger piece that won't make an easy meal for a catfish or a schoolie. Something that someone told me years ago is that you have to put in in the time. This guy catches more than I do but he's out there more than I am and I know for a fact that he comes home a lot of times without having caught anything. But because he's out there often he raises the odds of catching something. Last time I was out the newb next to me was catching catfish all night. Although the catfish were harassing my bait none of them swallowed the size 10 and size 9 circle hooks I was using. He "advised me" that I should scale down my bait and I was like, no way because I don't want to start catching catfish. I have to get back out there soon because I can feel it that it's time now.
  4. Last night went out bait fishing at a pier that's about a block long. I was alone for a couple hours until some guy with one of those Dick's wagons and two lanterns comes all the way down the pier to the end of it where I was fishing. The guy was a nice guy personally, even though he wouldn't give up the light and even stated that stripers are attracted to light (LMFAO). On the bright side, he did turn off his bright lantern and I appreciated that small gesture. He was also fishing with what appeared to be six foot freshwater rods and tossing about one ounce of lead, if that, with his bait. Obviously a noob. I was fishing with five ounces of lead which was more than enough to hold bottom in the current. The next morning he pulls in his line and snags me. He's positioned to the right of me, tossing one ounce lead and the current is running from his position (right of me) to the left. I run over and said, "Whoa what happened?" and he says, I kid you not, "You must have cast over my line." Of course, I pull in my line and it's holding straight ahead. I didn't say anything to the noob because you know, whatever. I could have shown him that he snagged me but I'm done arguing with people over dumb things. What's the point? It was a crappy night of fishing, still early in the season, but it was nice to have someone out there that late, even if they were violating "the rules" about no lights and accused me of crossing his line at the end of the fishing session. It would have been a worst night if I had allowed him to fire up my temper, which is something I try not to unleash anymore as that ruins a night for everyone including myself.
  5. The eyes on the hook aren't inline which means the hook point would ride sideways if you used them as a tail hook. One would have to use two split rings to make that work. Interesting idea though! Most of my offset circle hooks are size ten and nine, feel sad that I'll probably have to throw them away.
  6. Libertarians are annoying AF. Governments are forced to make laws to compel idiots and libertarians to not do stupid things that endanger others and themselves. The rest of us use common sense.
  7. Painting a black lure iridescent or with a glossy topcoat seems to miss the point about black being well, black, which is the opposite of shiny. It makes sense for black lures to be painted matte black since they're not mean to be reflective, duh...
  8. So sad! I haven't been there in a couple years because of the pandemic. Love that shop! The owners at Mackeys Bait and Tackle had that fun Deliverance vibe. Every time I went in there I mentally made the sign of the cross so that God would protect me and I'd make it out of there alive. My kind of place!
  9. Nice! I hope it's still there! I used to go to one in the early 1980's that was on 26th and Mission street. No longer there. I think it's a dot com now that makes an app that has someone come to your house to tie your shoes.
  10. This is what I do but not top of the line, lol. The other option is to add a heavier spoon up front and use the lighter spoon as the dropper. Might get tangles though. Which is why I prefer to use the right size rod and reel.
  11. There's glow in the dark spray paint if you want to make your own. Works well when sprayed on white. Recharging glow in the dark items is best done with a UV flashlight.
  12. Those are nice lures, good for Mike! Fortunately, there are many good plug makers making crazy good lures (like Tank and Asylum among many others). I'm sure there'll be others coming up. So even though Mike's are out of reach I know there's no shortage of quality plugs to buy. No fear of missing out here.
  13. Not this model. I check my facts before posting. You should too. I may not drive around with two American flags on my car but I do my best to check where my products are made and opt for American made, even if it costs me more. Same with my hiring practices. Many of my peers hire offshore workers but I always hire American, even though it costs me more. I'm not criticizing anyone, so no need to circle wagons. Just a gentle encouragement that we can all do our part to support our fellow Americans.
  14. Heh. Made in Korea. I try to buy Made in America as much as possible to help keep America great.
  15. I prefer 10/0 with a bunkah. Eagle Claw makes a good and reasonably priced hook although Owner is my favorite but they're expensive. Some tackle shops sell off brand circle hooks that are pretty good. Can't remember the name of the brand, something like Evil Bastard or something like that, lol. But I'll use the smaller 8/0 gamis for smaller chunks.