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  1. I found a piece of primed pine in the woods while riding my bike. Thought, hey that’s about the right size for a glider. Roughed out a shape, put some lead in it after seeing a few of examples in this thread, and screw eyes. Gave it a coat of primer too. Today was the first test swim with just a front treble hook on and wow! I’m sold! Current was ripping pretty hard and it wanted to come to the surface and roll out, but with the right retrieve speed I couldn’t believe the amount of zig and zag. Thanks jigman and everyone else for the inspiration to give it a go.
  2. What a ridiculous evolution of an awesome thread about "The one that got away." You knuckleheads keep it up, and we won't get to see cool stuff like this anymore, because its not worth the hassle of bickering back and forth about "potential spot burning." Just take the photo for what it is and leave your preconceived notions to yourself. Anyway thanks for the cool post bob!
  3. Auto paint needle that came out pretty wild. 7 and a half inches. Ounce and 3/4. Been playing around with different weighting. I think this one will be a winner
  4. Thanks Tman. I've only turned a handful of plugs, and have been using one of the lower speeds my lathe's capable of. I'll definitely adjust my belt next time I turn. Had just turned a maple needle before that, and it came out pretty nice. A previous mahogany habs clone was tear out city though. My setup is a Sears lathe from the 70s with Sears tools that I got from a yard sale for dirt cheap, so I can't complain. I will try to be more diligent about tool sharpness though.
  5. Anyone still spinning? Fired up the lathe today and turned my first Danny plug out of some old growth pine. 5 and a half inches, and just under an ounce an a quarter currently with lead. Danny 1 lip.
  6. Caught this fish with some serious battle scars. Anyone have ideas on what happened to it?
  7. Exactly! Always fun catching fish while everyone else is sitting comfy on the couch.
  8. Was lucky enough to experience my first worm hatch yesterday. What a sight to be seen! Bass exploding all around for over an hour. I wasn’t prepared with any worm imitations but did manage to land 6 of those extremely finicky fish. All around this size.
  9. 1 ounce spook. Sank with a rear treble. Hoping it’ll stay on top easier with the flag.
  10. 8 inch black over chrome wadd
  11. Thanks! They are sticker backed foil with a plastic dome over them. I pop the plastic part off and sharpie the pupil on the foil. First attempt yielded a bubble in between the foil and plastic. I’ll play around a bit more but will probably buy some 3D eyes.
  12. Good tip. Here’s a 1/4 plastic bead sticker mocked up in a wadd needle.
  13. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a small order in 4 days last week.
  14. Lot's of bait and birds working today, but didn't see any sign of feeds where I was. No shortage of snappers though, and a young angler I spoke with caught a few decent seabass up to 13 inches on an epoxy
  15. There's a reasonable chance anywhere from Harwich to Falmouth. Land based albie fishing requires a lot of time and patients though. If you have both of those give it a shot.