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  1. I drive my truck right around these signs on the beach in the Town of Riverhead. If someone bothers me, I calmly tell them the deal and call the town about their sign. Usually if a homeowner is out on the beach I smile and wave, and they don't bother me. They know what they're doing.
  2. It's a rebadged Chrysler van, those transmissions are known for this problem. You'll probably need a rebuild.
  3. Yup, H2 wheels. Front was a ‘78 F250 HP D44 with all sort of goodies (Reid knuckles, alloy shafts, OX locker, hydro assist, etc…), rear was a D60-ISU out of a late 90s Chevy (I think) van. Pretty cool axle, a little narrower than the typical 60s, 35 spline shafts from the factory. Later ones had discs, but mine was drum that I converted. Semi-float axle though, which people balked at but there was no way I’d be breaking those shafts on 37s and a stock motor. spent a lot of money on that Jeep, got bored with it really quick. Took it apart and sold most of it all and bought the Discovery for cheap.
  4. long time lurker, have't been on the "fishing" beaches in a few years (since the red XJ) and want to get back into it. got a boat a few years ago, fixed it up, sold it, got another and did the same thing but haven't had the itch to get another. anyway here's my progression of buggies.. 06-10 10-13 13-16 17-20 20-
  5. Softer ride you want Fox. Bilstein's digressive valving is firmer.
  6. Really? I know that place is different and you need a different sticker if you are parking a trailer. I think they changed some rules during the pandemic and maybe they make you have one year round now? That would be unfortunate. I haven't been paying attention to the signs since I get the 4x4 and parking pass every year.
  7. I have one (am a resident obv). Its off season, you can park at any of the beach access parking lots. Where about you want to go? Wading River beach, Iron Pier, and Reeves all have lots.