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  1. i avoided today for that reason and figured an influx was coming in. i went in twice yesterday, once in the am and once after work. Was supposed to have hockey at night and it got canceled had all my fishing gear on me and thought why not go for an hour or two. Won't go into to much unless in pms, but there was no fisherman around at the time i first got there.
  2. anyone have an extra canal bike set up for sale?
  3. What’s the most important need still? also I’m gonna bring my 2 main poles with me incase anyone wanted to try out some different rods also free magic swimmer to anyone who can show me how to load them lol
  4. Do it and don’t be afraid to use the make offer feature. I made an offer and picked up brand new vsx 250 bail less for $649.
  5. at the canal this morning EP posted on their page that on top of the confiscating of the bass they took the peoples gear as well today to go with the fine
  6. like the title says, what is your favorite/strongest knot when tying mono to your tactical angler
  7. mondays and thursdays
  8. ocean state tackle in prov RI has uncle josh still. He had like 40 jars left last week when i was there. Call him and he can hold some for you.
  9. There needed to be a video of this
  10. dan can i get the following bullet head 4x 4oz painted black long shank 4x3oz painted black long shank 4x3 oz painted green long shank shad head 2x 4oz painted black long shank 2x3oz painted black long shank 2x3 oz painted green long shank
  11. some good news
  12. ah sorry can't be much help then, going to say there's some monsters in blackstone if you're willing to travel, but its in RI. Was thinking you might have been more central Mass.
  13. what part of mass are you in?