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  1. you might be better off asking this question on the hull truth
  2. what account had it? i want to see the comments lol
  3. if you do a quick google search the price on elvers right now is around $2,500 a lb
  4. Okay I’m up that area a few times a week, if not item is still for sale
  5. Sorry I don’t want to ship, willing to meet if you are in Rhode Island/mass/ct area
  6. Sorry best I can do is 275
  7. I’d do 275
  8. Yes still for sale
  9. been to Yoo Sushi a few times its pretty good and reasonably priced
  10. what video did you see?
  11. Bump and price reduced to $300
  12. Sorry that label isn’t there, it was a custom built by crafty one, I can see if I can find the write up for it.
  13. Attached photos, rod is 9 out of 10, the only deduction is a slight scuff mark. I took a photo of the scuff to show it.
  14. It can definitely handle light jigging, i was mainly fishing canal so I was only using it for top water. Wouldn’t want to throw those heavy jigs on it. I’m located in Warwick