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  1. Sounds good. Shoot me your pp info and I’ll get it over to you shortly
  2. I’m still in @ $475 shipped.
  3. Thanks for the counter offer. I think I’ll hold off.
  4. $475 shipped?
  5. Sounds good. Let me know.
  6. Any interest in trading for the bail arm plunger kits that came on either side of the bail? I need both sides. So the parts in the pic x 2
  7. Looks to be a gt-fisherman knob. I have one that is very similar. They had a bunch of models. Sometimes can be found in the auction sites for $100++. The one on my reel came with the original receipt. JP¥9000
  8. Reel purchased from Japan?
  9. Thanks man. VS suggested that I send it in. I just pressed it out.
  10. Has anyone dissembled the handle assembly on a Van Staal VR reel? If so, how is part 31C attached to 31B? 31D unscrews easily and the diagram seems to indicate that 31C is just pressed on. Thought I’d ask here before putting it on the press.
  11. Guess you don’t want to sell them...
  12. Haven’t heard back. Still want to sell these?