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  1. I'm in for the Scabelly! Thanks
  2. Get a thin plastic mat for the bottom of the crate, I used an outdoor place mat cut to my crate size that I punched a few small holes in for drainage. This keeps any lures from snagging the crate or whatever its sitting on if the lure drops down the tubes.
  3. I used a cleaned out peanut butter plastic jar, and has worked just fine for me.
  4. "they are in" Thanks Gunner!
  5. Thanks for the responses, I picked up one from Saltwater Edge to see their design and how it works. The plan after that will be to make my own, think this technique could be deadly for summer flounder in the NJ surf
  6. As the water warms up fishbites seem to work just as good as bloodworms, but early on the bloodworms are the ticket.
  7. Looking to add casting eggs and teasers to arsenal. Where do you recommend buying the eggs? Also I have seen a few different sizes (1, 2, 3, 3+ oz) which sizes do you guys typically use
  8. Im in! Thanks for the chance, those look killer
  9. I use the xtratuf ankle deck boots in the summer
  10. Clams in June/July allow for a mixed bag of stripers n drum in NJ.
  11. 2oz+ is typically overkill for that inlet. I will either use weightless or up to 1 oz max
  12. I have caught a bunch of drum out of the surf, ranging from the puppies (sub 24") to the bigger one (40+lbs). From my experience, June seem to be the time where soaking a clam can produce drum in NJ.
  13. The setups you have will get the job done, but it will certainly take a while cranking them back up. Bring a bunch of lead, clams, and whatever you need to stay hydrated. Look for the muddy bottoms and you will be into the tile
  14. When I got bitten by the plug bug I was buying multiple colors of the same plug. I mainly stick to white when buying any new lures, especially the more expensive ones.
  15. Closing this sale and locking. Will post new sale of what is still available.