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  1. I was able to track one down! I did buy some carbide cutters from Paul but didn’t know he made the holder as well. Thanks!
  2. Anyone have a spare Midi Diamond Vee cutter they are willing to let go? Finally getting my duplicator set up thanks Matt
  3. There’s a ton of info on here if you search this forum. YouTube is another resource I use quite a bit
  4. Forgot to post up, amazing work guys! Thanks again!
  5. Playing with some poppers, little neck, flare, and trying a diving popper
  6. Thanks everyone! I enjoy seeing everyone else’s work and checking out plugs that are new to me. Thanks Antagonizer for setting this up, maybe I’ll try to organize something over summer
  7. I’ll take Wires green pencil 1. Wire for Fire (1) 2. ATDR14(0) 3. H'Islander (1) 4. Antagonizer (0) 5. Punch 63 (1) 6. Mrscott24 (2) 7. Kent I (0)
  8. I’ll take Kent’s banana 1. Mrscott 24 (3) 2. H'Islander (2) 3. Kent I (1) 4. Punch 63 (1) 5. ATDR14 (0) 6. Wire for Fire (2) 7. Antagonizer (0)
  9. I will take punches top swimmer UPDATED Round 1 1. Punch63 (1) 2. Wire for Fire (3) 3. Antagonizer (3) 4. ATDR 14 (1) 5. Kent I (3) 6. H'Islander 7. Mrscott24 (3)
  10. So while I was scouring this forum for info on a popper/spook hybrid, I came across a couple flaptail threads that intrigued me. Especially those that Steel Pulse builds! The issue I quickly found, was finding an option I liked for the hanger/cleat/bracket that’s attached to the tail to get the blade below the plug, like how Lido’s were built. I know Paul builds his hanger, but his skill is far beyond me, so I started looking around for pre-made options. I noticed several people mention that some musky shops have the cleat/hanger, but no specific places were mentioned and I couldn’t find anything during my searches. Anyways, here’s a couple options I did find, one is the brass “plumbers chain” that I found in a flaptail build article, and the second is a figure 8 link I stumbled across. My test plug was actually a 7.5” two hook spook I had made already, that has a belly weight and tail weight. I set it up with a standard tail wrap and the brass link so I could try the flaptail below center and on center. With the blade, the plug sat at about 40-45 degrees in the water. Action wise, at least with this set up, I think I preferred the blade on center from the tail wrap. The blade made a bit more commotion on the surface and that seemed to give the plug a slight side to side action as well. Neither configuration wanted to walk, at all, but I know it’s not a spook. I’ve got a few more that I plan to play with different weighting, but so far I’m liking this plug! Hopefully this will add a couple options for people
  11. Just about done. Have two finished and just need to get the third painted or wrapped
  12. Thanks man
  13. One of my new favorite patterns
  14. Yea so far in that style blade I’ve only found the one size and like you got the thicker size from moores. I did pick up a variety of Colorado blades to try as well
  15. Yea my intention was to be able to move the flaptail to either position for more testing, but that’s not a bad backup idea. I plan to recess the back of the plug on the next batch so the hanger will be a bit cleaner and no need for the dab of epoxy I used this time
  16. That’s the hope!
  17. 7.5” Flaptails in bluegill and blue back herring
  18. Thanks everyone for the advice! Here’s my first couple of testers...already have plans to change a couple things for the final version, but I’m happy with this result for my first flaptails
  19. They seem to be pretty easy to work with. Wasn’t sure how epoxy would play with the skins so I sprayed some matte clear over top before the etex
  20. First time playing with jig skins. Turned out pretty good with a few lessons learned for next time
  21. I do need to experiment a bit with different wood, kind of got stuck on AYC
  22. Baby steps...a little closer to what I want today. With a 3/0 treble on the belly and tail, it pretty much just wanted to come straight in. Changed out the treble in the rear for a siwash and I got the action I wanted! Need to try some 2/0 trebles with this body. I think I’ve got a bit too much weight but it’s damn close to what I want. Gonna turn a few more and try a small tail weight with a belly weight just in front and just behind the belly hook
  23. 6” AYC spook/popper thing. Howdies seem to be the most popular style topwater lure out West (at least for the delta), so I wanted something a little different that will walk and spit a little water as well. First attempt was an on center line tie with a weight 2” from the tail. It would walk, but was not easy to do so, at all. Added a tail weight to see what it’d do, ended up more like a pencil popper. Version #2 6” AYC off center line tie, slightly smaller head and cup, with a weight 2” from tail. Better action, will walk and spit but not as easily or consistently as I would like. I assumed the bottom of the cup was catching/digging into the water too much, so I knocked that bottom edge off. More testing today...
  24. Revised my prop bait and finally finished it up, along with a 5” Danny and my first Conrad.
  25. Good looking trout!