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  1. It’s been awhile but I should have some updates here in the near future. Finally bought some stainless to try and make some lips ad managed to snag a couple to copy from a friend
  2. I think you’re looking in the wrong place. Might want to check out some of the build threads and see how much work goes into building a plug, wood or resin. The guys here put a ton of work into their plugs
  3. Few more metal lips for myself
  4. No worries at all!
  5. thanks man
  6. Swimmers and sand eels
  7. A friend of mine didn’t find any stripers the other night but apparently American shad like my slope head lol.
  8. I’ll take one of Kimas dannys Round 3 ADTR14 (0) Antagonizer (1) Eddieg710 (0) Kima (2) Hokeypokey (0) Rayndogg19 (2) Antagonizer you’re back up
  9. I’ll take an antagonizer eel Round 2 Eddieg710 (0) Hokeypokey (0) Rayndogg19 (3) Kima(3) ADTR14 (0) Antagonizer (1) antagonizer you’re up
  10. Howdies 5-7”
  11. Sorry guys I’ve been on shift and it’s been a bit crazy. Ill take one of eddie’s as well thank you Round 1 Kima (3) ADTR14 (3) Antagonizer (3) Rayndogg19 (3) Hokeypokey (3) Eddieg710 (1) Round 2 Eddieg710 Hokeypokey Rayndogg19 Kima ADTR14 Antagonizer Round 3 ADTR14 Antagonizer Eddieg710 Kima Hokeypokey Rayndogg19
  12. I’ve got a dry suit that I wear when it’s really cold or sometimes a wetsuit
  13. It would definitely be nice not to rely on buying them. I’m just intimidated about starting something new lol I appreciate it the offer! I’ll do some more research and give it a shot myself. If that doesn’t go well I’ll take you up on your offer. Thanks man!
  14. Gotcha I think I know who. Thanks!
  15. Those look good! Did you buy the Conrad lip?