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  1. Playing with some poppers, little neck, flare, and trying a diving popper
  2. Thanks everyone! I enjoy seeing everyone else’s work and checking out plugs that are new to me. Thanks Antagonizer for setting this up, maybe I’ll try to organize something over summer
  3. I’ll take Wires green pencil 1. Wire for Fire (1) 2. ATDR14(0) 3. H'Islander (1) 4. Antagonizer (0) 5. Punch 63 (1) 6. Mrscott24 (2) 7. Kent I (0)
  4. I’ll take Kent’s banana 1. Mrscott 24 (3) 2. H'Islander (2) 3. Kent I (1) 4. Punch 63 (1) 5. ATDR14 (0) 6. Wire for Fire (2) 7. Antagonizer (0)
  5. I will take punches top swimmer UPDATED Round 1 1. Punch63 (1) 2. Wire for Fire (3) 3. Antagonizer (3) 4. ATDR 14 (1) 5. Kent I (3) 6. H'Islander 7. Mrscott24 (3)
  6. Just about done. Have two finished and just need to get the third painted or wrapped
  7. Thanks man
  8. One of my new favorite patterns
  9. Yea so far in that style blade I’ve only found the one size and like you got the thicker size from moores. I did pick up a variety of Colorado blades to try as well
  10. Yea my intention was to be able to move the flaptail to either position for more testing, but that’s not a bad backup idea. I plan to recess the back of the plug on the next batch so the hanger will be a bit cleaner and no need for the dab of epoxy I used this time
  11. That’s the hope!
  12. 7.5” Flaptails in bluegill and blue back herring
  13. Thanks everyone for the advice! Here’s my first couple of testers...already have plans to change a couple things for the final version, but I’m happy with this result for my first flaptails
  14. They seem to be pretty easy to work with. Wasn’t sure how epoxy would play with the skins so I sprayed some matte clear over top before the etex
  15. First time playing with jig skins. Turned out pretty good with a few lessons learned for next time