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  1. A few finished up!
  2. I didn’t spend too much time on those before I moved on but what I did was start the cut with a dremel and then use a burr to do the final cut. I think it was 3/4”? Then hand sand to make sure it’s all even. Post up your results since I might follow up on these. I’ve improved my skills a lot since then lol
  3. Got the first two done. Kept the paint simple since I wasn’t sure on the final product. Happy to say they both work as planned, just have to see if the fish approve. The bodies are 6 1/4” and total weight is 3.1oz. Adding a weight to the belly and adding epoxy to the wire for the front section has kept the body from spinning. They’ll get tested this weekend and see if any toothy critters will bite
  4. Those look great! Ironically I finally re-tested mine today with a belly weight and I’m happy with the results. It’ll get sealed soon and start the build process
  5. How do these challenges work? Am I only building for myself or is it like a swap too?
  6. I’m interested
  7. What I’ve seen mentioned was guys will epoxy the wire and front section or solder the wire to the grommets. I think I’ll end up trying the epoxy method when I get around to finishing. I’m undecided on weight placement, considering just forward of the hook since it’s already very tail heavy
  8. Yes that test was without a weight. I re-wired it so it’s a looser fit and added a heavier hook. It’s better, but will still occasionally rotate. I noticed that with similar plugs the front piece is solid/fixed to the wire. Not sure if that’s part of my issue or not. Next I will do a belly weight
  9. Made a little progress this morning with my first prototype. Works ok...but I may have the two body parts too tight together as the whole plug will spin occasionally. Going to re-wire with a little more play and test again. I’m thinking I’ll end up with a weight on the front piece
  10. Sooo clean!
  11. Livefreeordie - Those look like smallie and trout killers!
  12. It’s a possibility, I bent one last night with a wooden dowel and hammer. Turned out better than I thought it would, just got to test it and figure out how to make them consistently if it works
  13. Appreciate the kind words guys!
  14. Whoops meant nylon but probably not much better
  15. I need to mess with the props a little bit, but I’m considering some pliers to try and make the bends. Just not sure how well the Teflon will hold up to the stainless