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  1. I was on the beach fishing with my son that day, saw all the emergency vehicles but didn't know what happened until later that night.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. Took him out in Warwick with no luck, but we fished for about an hour before his attention wondered. I will try a few of these spots over the next weeks.
  3. My son, who is 6, has been asking me to take him fishing. I was thinking of taking him out and trying to catch some scup. I know colt state park has the dock, any other places you would suggest to take him fishing?
  4. Yeah, this is probably what I will do for now.
  5. My 6 year old son has started to ask me to take him. I have been fly fishing once, and plan to go out as often as I can, but I am not sure I am the best one to teach him since I am still learning. Should I wait a season or two to take him? I don't want to tell him no and he loses interest. Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks everyone. I we t with the 3-tand, picked it up yesterday. Now just need to find time to go fishing.
  7. Who says that's ever going to happen?
  8. The guy who runs the store I have been going to suggested the Hydros, the t-90, and a Galvan(think it was a Rush). Maybe I am making too big a deal out of the full sealed.
  9. I was looking at the Hydros, but I was leaning towards t-90, because the T-90 is completely sealed.
  10. I am looking to get a new reel to use on my Orvis Clearwater 9wt. I think I am leaning toward the 3-Tand T-90. I was curious of others opinions of it, or suggestions for a diffrent reel under $400.
  11. Ok, thanks. This will most likely wait a few years, not sure it's the kind of fishing I want to do, at least until i am more familiar with fly fishing. I have, and am unsure what to get. I have looked at a few of the high end Simms jackets, and have heard great things about them. Just not sure I want to spend $400 or $500 right now. I guy I was talking to in a local shop says he has had his, 8 years I think. So it seems to be worth the investment. I will keep looking around.
  12. I can handle that. Any requests?
  13. So everything worked out that I can take the day off. Looks like Davidr has the bait, anything else we need?
  14. I'm am unsure if I can go, was going to find out tomorrow. So if there is no room for gill and his son with me and there is without me, I will give my place up for them.