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  1. hard to believe at his age but he is still a restricted free agent. he isn't going anywhere.
  2. Butkus Might be a good special teams player today
  3. Getting hit by 180# LB’s who can run a 6.0 verse getting hit by a 280# LB who runs 4.5 would have extended his career even more.
  4. Yeah i remember how small and slow defenders where in that era too
  5. Marino was no where near the leader Brady is
  6. I made bank off the blinded haters sunday 3 haters at a hundo each ain’t bad I say keep it going $$$$$
  7. Fellow Mustang here I was at the snowblower game as a senior in HS
  8. Belichick or Tomlln? I would say BB is a great coach Tomlin.... not so much
  9. coaches keep their job because of win/loss record, its a big deal really
  10. losing close games should not the trait of a great coach. winning close games should be.
  11. so by that logic Gruden is miles ahead of Tomlin. got it!
  12. and that makes Tomlin what..... 1-5 against the Patriots in the last 6???
  13. listen to yourself.... "if the steelers didn't blow the lead" after saying how great they were. they were playing the freaking raiders who are trying to lose to gete a high draft pick that is funny stuff right there
  14. Yes sir, throwing the ball with 3 minutes left was pure genius stuff. Patriots should never gotten the ball back
  15. yup