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  1. I'm raising some European night crawlers in a couple of bins of soil in my basement. They are supposed to be able to tolerate brackish water better than than the larger local night crawlers. I can't get out to try them until June when I have more time and they will be larger, but I will try to see how well they work compared to the locals and then post back.
  2. In the summer with a bunch of guys always looking for an empty ballfield to play on. Nowdays they are mostly all deserted or too fancy with artificial turf designed to keep everybody off. Back then you were the man if your cheap wooden baseball bat didn't have cracks or screws holding it together. There was only two or three baseballs, probably had some of Dad's black electrical tape around it and your day was over when the bigger kids kicked you off "their field" Oh yeah -- $5 sneakers that all looked alike, flippin baseball cards that nowdays are worth their weight in gold, peashooter fights at the local movie theater and the local fort in the woods with the stash of playboy mags.
  3. DG, keep your posts and pictures coming. Last week in central Jersey while on my deck I heard unique calls of a group large birds flying high in the sky. I looked up and saw what I thought was at least 10 blue herons in formation flying north to south with a loud honking but with almost a trumpeting type of call. I contacted my local bird expert and he identified them as probably Sandhill Cranes which have been seen in our area. Its amazing what nature reveals to you in the Spring if you stop, look and listen once in a while.
  4. I'm not a professional but I had a problem at friends house down the shore with a high efficiency gas furnace in early February. Furnace stopped running first intermittently and then just wouldn't light yet the blower would run. Turned out that it had a blockage in a condensate trap something called a "p" trap which affected the pressure switch sensor and would not let the furnace light. I had to unhook some tubes, drain some water from them and get rid of some crap that had accumulated in this plastic trap over the years. After cleaning it started right up and has been running ever since. Look on youtube and search for "gas furnace p trap" and you will find several short videos. Some are more informative than others but I found one that worked. It may look like the picture that I have attached. Good luck!
  5. Two flew into my patio door after being spooked from my bird feeder last week. I picked them up and put them into a safer spot. They were groggy for about 5 minutes and then took off.
  6. Fred, I'm getting flashbacks. I went to Catholic school in the 60's where we had 2 classes for each grade with a few lay teaches but they mostly all old nuns. I was one of the good kids but when you crossed a certain line even you were dealt with swift punishment. I came in from recess to my fifth grade class and was immediately called by Sister Mary Boniface (I have no idea how they chose their names) to the front of the room. I was one of the taller kids and she was close to a midget. She informed the bewildered me and the class that I had left my tuna fish sandwich in my bookbag. I stood there as she got on her tippy toes, reared back and slapped that stupid grin off my face. And to this day I am a fine, upstanding old man.
  7. - backwards 100 meter sprint - gotta have dodgeball
  8. N.S. , As seed ages it does get less viable. Store any unused seed in its original pack in a ziplock bag in a cool dry spot in the house - not in a refrigerator. Any moisture including high humidity can damage the seed.The general rule of thumb is that the smaller the seed, the longer it can potentially last. That's why its harder to keep beans and sweet corn for more than 1 or 2 years even if stored properly. Last week I just seeded some oddball seed from as far back as 2011 just to see what happens. I will post with pictures next week with the outcome. - Mike
  9. I'm doing my onions, leeks and shallots now also but I have the advantage of growing them in a greenhouse. Once the seedlings have emerged, they do need plenty of bright light with a south facing window the best. They will grow more spindly in less light with a very thin diameter. At some point as they grow taller you should cut them back which will increase the stem diameter so that they will grow taller and stand on their own. Fertilize them lightly now and water them well but let the soil dry slightly between waterings as that will encourage a good root system.
  10. Steve - Garlic would prefer to be planted in the fall because the buried cloves have a "chill requirement" which has to be met in order to get the best bulbing and clove size at maturity in the summer. When planted in fall the low soil temps over the winter fulfill that requirement. If you have some bulbs now and they are still firm and not getting soft then you can store them in your fridge for 6 to 8 weeks to also fulfill that chill requirement. Make sure there are no apples in the fridge as gasses from the apples might damage the garlic. Plant them in your garden after the storage period.
  11. DG Any reason why you don't use grass shrimp for fresh water as opposed to the killies?
  12. I really couldn't hear it too well but in central Jersey I found a dead fisher cat on my rural road which can sound somewhat like a fox. They are a type of large weasel with a pretty scary scream around mating time in Jan. and Feb. Try googling fisher cat sounds to check if it might sound similar.
  13. The oil pump does have a screen filter that could clog so that the burner won't fire. The cover to take off in the picture of the this pump has the model # of the pump ( A2VA-7116) on it. Take off the 4 allen screws and the cover comes off. There is a small maybe 3 inch cylinder with a fine wire screen that fits inside the cover which acts as a filter too. Any large particles or gunk that gets past the main oil filter will get stuck in there. Not often but it happens. Clean it out with parts cleaner or blast out the junk with air and re-use it. There is a gasket behind the screen filter. Leave that on the pump when you take off the screen and after cleaning just reinstall the screen and put the screws back in.
  14. If you have a 2 pipe system, a supply from the tank and then a return back to the tank, that is usually self priming and you shouldn't have to bleed the lines. With a one pipe system, supply only, you usually do have to bleed because even a little air in the line will cause a burner lockout.
  15. Won't spill your coffee going downhill.