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  1. Yeah it's the wrong time of year for tarpon , we have been going to the keys in May for a number of years until covid. Looking for some beach fishing for snook , red fish etc
  2. Just reading the reports of the storm damage down the gulf coast , so horrible to see such devastated communities and environmental damage. We were coming over from the UK to fish Sanibel in November but that won't be possible now. Does anyone have any alternative areas worth trying in florida, we will be beach fishing mainly fly, we are flying into miami and don't mind a drive . Please pm if you don't want to post, hopefully we can find somewhere to save our trip.
  3. Cool , that's a spot I will try next year when I'm over .We always have a few days around Miami before heading to the keys. Thanks for posting , we will keep an eye out for the junkies and Satanists tho !
  4. Sad to hear this , Cordell is a great guy and I hope he has a fast recovery.
  5. That's good to hear , we are arriving Sunday pm some time ,look out for 2 bald Scotsmen that will be us!
  6. Great report and lovely fit looking trout, would love to spend some time out there one day.
  7. Great , will see you there .
  8. Were at the Doryman on Sea st , lot of brits stay with Dave there in the spring.
  9. Thanks Mike, I will tie some baby bunker , I have tied a lot of short decievers thinking they would cover it. I know what you mean about ep flies , not much good for repetitive cast fishing. Will probably avoid the ocean side although I love sighting fish in a surf . Cheers for the info, you have made my day! Colin
  10. Flying in to Providence from Edinburgh, we will have a day down between Westerly and Narragansett then drive to Dennisport. We will be fishing all over the cape,wherever we find fish anyway. Good to hear there are plenty schoolies,at least there's fish about.
  11. Sounds tough fishing, did it pick up? Hope so I'm flying over on Saturday for a week, any pointers would be a big help.
  12. We were fishing legally with permits at all times on our trip and the total was under $100 each for fishing. We went specifically to fish, rented a car and took our gear, Ive been many times and fishing is available with a little research.Your post is very misleading for anyone considering going to Iceland and the statement that all rivers require guides is just nonsense.
  13. I think you just need to be more resourceful ! 3 of us just drove right round the island in a 8 day trip , we caught over 100 brown trout each , sea trout , char , sea run char , cod , plaice and some other sea fish we couldnt ID all on fly.Total on permits to fish was under $100, nothing prebooked and all DIY without guides , its fairly easy to access if you are competent with a fly rod. Cheers Colin
  14. Hi Dick Many thanks for posting these flies, it is a great help as my friend and I are having a week on Sanibel May 14th-20th . If your down at that time look out for a tall Scotsman on the beach. Thanks for the inspiration Colin
  15. Im going to see Dr Hook tomorrow.... Unfortunately its for a prostrate exam