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  1. Ok kinda a spot burn as I know where everything you mentioned is. I generally only use a head lamp for changing flies tying. I caught a 42 in that “area” last year so there’s potential. Becareful on the Jetty with no light seeing some devistating accidents on them even in daylight.
  2. Sorry to here about the rod and the hooking lol. Yeah I have only been picking up a dink here and there the last few times out. So many pogies around not surprised the fishing has slowed down a bit. I got a 4 wt switch rod so gonna hit the smallies for a bit I think and maybe head north for some better species
  3. Yeah let that pig go. Was a slow day so atleast I didn’t get skunked!
  4. I have a switch rod I use on the beach 8wt 11.6 Scott L2h and it cast far enough on the beach. How far are you guys trying to cast? I mean real windy days I can’t cast as well but a majority of the time I can get to my backing or close to it and that’s far enough for me. My 12.6 7wt does well too. In Maine most of us two hand guys use around a 11-13ft 7-8 wt rod. Which is why I have had questions for you guys a few weeks ago. A lot of you seem to do it so much different especially in the rod department. I do like the idea off building one that will throw that huge amount of grains just to truly see the difference.
  5. Here’s my catch today was a big one nice big clouser in the back of my right arm
  6. Yeah I was out yesterday and they were as far as I could see miles of pogies
  7. Peter, Hi it’s Adam same username as the other forum. Was nice to meet you and fish with you while you were here. Come back anytime like said above generally can get into fish all season. Bryan and eye have got plenty of 30ish fish since you left. Let me know if you come back
  8. Right you want a slack line but not to much then watch your line or indicator for strikes.
  9. Yeah pogies for miles right now. Maybe.....
  10. Poly leaders or versa leaders most shops will have them
  11. Well I prefer the head systems personally easier to switch out line types. The rage line is a good inbetween line not quite skagit thickness and not quite as subtle as scandi heads. They are great beginner lines decently soft presentation. 360 grain would more then likely be good on a 10 wt as mentioned or if you wanted a two hand rod somewhere in the 5-6 wt range
  12. Is it a head system or intergrated?
  13. Love the fish guys
  14. I would hit a beach near the mouth of a river somewhere. I can think of a few near you within 40 min drive
  15. I had an idea just pop in my head. I weld my own loops and they look factory(super easy). So what if you slice the line so you can fold it out of the way. Maybe a few inches or so or more if needed on both lines where you want to splice it. Do some sort of knot in the braid then lay the fly line coating(what you folded back). Once you do this get clear I/8 inch heat shrink slide it over the area you want to weld. Make the heat shrink a bit longer then the area you want to weld ( so you can cut the heat shrink off after) once you get it all in place and the materials laid on nice grab a heat gun with a tip you can weld line with this meathod with a lighter too just need to be careful. Heat the area you spliced all the way to where the cuts start until they weld back together. Let cool and cut the heat shrink off. If you made a piece long enough. You should have a spot you didn’t shrink tight. Slide the scissors in there cut a bit and peel it off. Not sure if this will be a option but if a small size knot was used and the the weld comes out good it will be pretty smooth