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  1. Looking for a tarpon 120 in mass. Would consider similar. Thanks
  2. I may be interested in the 81/6 if you have any planned trips down anytime soon
  3. I sent out a 130 that was totally f’ed up in November and got it back in 10 days
  4. Dont really post on here anymore but these guys are as good as it gets to deal with for servicing reels
  5. Like title says looking for a torium 14. Would consider a 16N or trinidad. Thanks
  6. Beautiful reel but I dont need anything that expensive so I’ll pass. Just catching blues for tuna bait with it really
  7. Looking for an older Penn 113HSP wire reel, anybody have one sitting around theyd like to get rid of?
  8. I’m also interested and curious about maybe how you’d compare them to the old pro blue 843? One of my favorite rods.
  9. I’ll take the other pair of 11s and pay shipping if available
  10. Its synthetic, search super hair online its common tying hair.
  11. Black and white bundles of super hair. 12" long hairs, great for tying jigs. $40
  12. Random lot, what you see is what you get. $30 shipped, 5 piece.
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