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  1. I’m also interested and curious about maybe how you’d compare them to the old pro blue 843? One of my favorite rods.
  2. I’ll take the other pair of 11s and pay shipping if available
  3. Sold. Thanks
  4. Sold, thanks
  5. Its synthetic, search super hair online its common tying hair.
  6. Black and white bundles of super hair. 12" long hairs, great for tying jigs. $40
  7. Random lot, what you see is what you get. $30 shipped, 5 piece.
  8. I’ll do that. PM coming.
  9. No thanks, all set on those
  10. No thanks, not a penn fan
  11. Also, this is the 128GB model
  12. Either 128 or 256 GB, will check tommorow
  13. Have this 2012 13" MacBook that never gets used. Works great, includes power charging cord. Looking to sell for $225 or would entertain trade offers for gear, top pick would be a gosa 6000. Located on Cape Cod