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  1. Van Staal VS150G. Has some scratches but overall in good condition. This reel was sent out for service 3-4 years ago and never used since. The reel is pretty stiff right now, not sure if its because it hasn't been used at all or the cold. I have box, bag, service receipts, etc. USA made. Just looking to unload it since I never use it. Looking for $325 shipped.
  2. How about $40 for the lot?
  3. Offer stands to buy the peanut
  4. Let me know, very interested in peanut but don’t want the popper
  5. $25 shipped for the peanut?
  6. Ttt
  7. Sounds good to me. PM coming
  8. How much? I’m definitely interested!
  9. ttt
  10. Cool I'll take that too, PM coming. Thanks
  11. I'll take that, PM coming Still looking for any others out there
  12. How much did you have in mind?$$
  13. TTT, still looking
  14. I have a mint mid 2012 13" MacBook Air that was barely used. I'll do a trade or sell outright.
  15. I still have this up to sell. $350 for the whole package or I'll part it out for anyone interested in just the hunter or just the kayak rack