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  1. Got this little guy on cape ann right in the open oceaN off the rocks this past Wednesday first cast of the season. Then nothing but taps for an hour or 2. Went again yesterday, great conditions and absolutely nothing. Maybe cuz that time I was on the northeast side and first time was on the east south east.
  2. Got 2 schoolies last night on the beginning of the outgoing in Rockport.
  3. Slammin keepers for the past week, then last night the biggest fish ive ever landed. Cape ann.
  4. You guys gotta hit Cape Ann on an outgoing tide, prefereably an onshore wind, overcast, and seas over 4 ft. If you don't slay the schoolies I would be surprised. But regardless of these conditions even when it is dead calm I see bass every time I go out, they follow my lure and I miss them or I get a lucky and hook one. Otherwise I get many per trip. I have seen keepers on the follow and my buddy claims to have hooked a beast. I am confident that the keeper class bass are here for sure.
  5. I find it offensive that you can't use the R-word on this site
  6. No I was solo except one time I had my bozo friend with me. Went twice since and got skunked both times which is weird because the first time there was more bird activity (gulls and cormorants) than I had ever seen in my cove. They were feeding on some tiny little baitfish. My friend claims he had hooked a monster but his line slipped on the spool and he couldn't set the hook. What a ******, gotta have mono backing or electrical tape under braid on ****** reels bro. Second time I saw tons of bigger schoolies, had up to 3 follow almost every cast in to my feet. Threw everything and tried everything on short time so I took another skunk. Conditions were not ideal either time. Next time it all lines up I'm getting into the keepers, I can feel it.
  7. Went out everyday over the long weekend and never got skunked. Monday I had the most and biggest, still no keepers. All off the rocks into open ocean on cape Ann, northeast side and east side. Not sure if the pic is the biggest one, can never tell with the damn thumbnail. I was surprised they hit that spook, it's one of the biggest plugs I throw. That was the only surface plug that worked, everything else came from below.
  8. Thursday after work hit the backshore in glo to catch the end of the outgoing. Hooked a schoolie first cast and every other cast after for a full hour until slack tide when it ended. The biggest was 24". Hit the same spot yesturday and there was less action but did manage to land 2 smalls. Both times I had luck with sinking stuff, floating pencils did not work out.
  9. Yesturday evening I fished my spot in Rockport with my buddy. We both got 2 small schoolies each, biggest at 20". A guy was fly-fishing on the point up from us, he landed atleast one. I had luck with small stuff on a super slow retrieve... Prob cuz the water is still really cold.
  10. I went to the north side of cape Ann to make a few casts yesturday late afternoon. Got a couple of follows but no hook up. There were some people fishing with bait and they hooked up on a schoolie. Interestingly the NOAA buoys show the water being warmer on the north side of cape Ann. But those things mess up frequently.
  11. What is the minimum water temp stripers will move into? I understand it is 47. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  12. I got skunked on the south side of cape Ann in open ocean this past Thursday 4/23. Water felt ice cold, prob around 42. I did see seagulls diving on something the whole time I was there a half mile out.
  13. When did the first stripers start showing up last season? I never remember. I'm already spooling up my reels and putting fresh trebles on my plugs. I really gotta keep a log this year.
  14. Skunked last night on what I thought were great conditions. Becoming concerned.
  15. I've been into fat schoolies steadily over the past week around sundown. Missed a fatty on Sat, pulled the hook as I tried getting it up onto my rock. My buddy landed a slob this morning. All on Cape Ann, all off the rocks. They are still here.