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  1. Lightly used 10' Lamiglass Surf Pro XSRA 1205-2. Its rated 1-4oz. Its just not a rod I really use. $300 Make me an offer!!
  2. Idk how I could be anymore clear I’m selling a full rod! With an option to buy another top if you’d like but I’m not asking anyone to.
  3. Why would it be tough to sell on its own lol it’s a complete fishing rod lmao. I have an extra if i want to build the bottom half again or i can sell the top section to whoever buys the COMPLETE rod if they wanted to if not I’m selling a COMPLETE rod!
  4. The rod is in RI. To clarify you are buying a 10'6" 2 piece rod. The bottom section has 5 trips on it. The top section is brand new never used! That setup im selling for $400 Now right now the guy who built the rod has my broken top section (TOTALLY SEPARATE FROM LISTING) he is fixing it to be a shorter option for this rod. However This is NOT included right now mainly because I don't physically have it. However if you want to buy this at a later point when its done this is an additional option that is pretty cool to have if you wanted it.
  5. I’ll do my best to give you a solid response. It’s in really good used condition. I do not use my gear with white gloves however. The reel was built to be a tank for a reason. The kid I got my VS from was too scared to fish it because he would scratch it. Not me I fish my gear hard. That said this is my backup reel id give it an 8 out of 10 10 being unopened. Never had an issue 1 owner. Bought it brand new at red top
  6. 2-6 he’s also fixing the other top section for me and just putting a tip on it so it’s 4 inches shorter guys at ODM said it effects nothing just makes it a bit stiffer. So i will have that at a later point too if you’d like to buy that at some point too. Just will be an option to have 2 options for 1 rod
  7. Custom wrapped rod by Howard Reed at Narrow River Customs. Rod is 1 month old. I actually broke the top section and had to have it replaced by ODM and then rewrapped. Im into this rod believe it or not over $600! However you're getting basically a brand new custom rod minus a few trips on the grip for the price of a used one. Top section has NEVER seen water. Its an unreal rod and I don't want to sell however I need the cash! Firm on $400
  8. Selling my kayak. I don't want to sell it but strapped for cash and could use it fo sure. Comes with the SeaDek, and the quick release seat attachment. Firm on $900 its seen the water only a handful of times. My loss, your gain!
  9. Up for sale is my used VR 175 spooled with 50lb PP Super Slick. Still have the box and the bail if you wanted to put it back on. $400 OBO
  10. $300 Cash. even for a Van Staal seems a bit suspect.
  11. still available?
  12. looking to trade my van staal VR 175 for a 200. Will also pay the difference!