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  1. if your handy check out the DIY wooden kayaks. They are a stitch and sew build and one site even has a SOT. If I remember correctly, it comes in at 48#. PM me if you like.
  2. Check this out. Used it on my 21' center console for years without a problem.
  3. I could easily fit into the 11. However I will be loading the yaks in the bed of my pickup, so lifting will be negligible. With the last yak I would slide it out far enough to attach the wheels and then continue pulling it out until the wheels hit the ground and just wheel it away. hope to do the same with this one. thanks for your input.
  4. Well, the deed is done. Left early yesterday morning and purchased the 13'. Getting the 13 is a good choice, but I will still wonder if the 11 Would have been just as good, or better for me. This is why it is most important, that people that own and use the equipment chime in with their experiences, as well as the purchaser trying the equipment on their own. However all informed opinions are needed. In the end, the final choice is mine and mine alone. A greatefull thanks to everyone for their input with this thread.
  5. Took a trip to the Root Beer Barrel this morning. He had a 13' and an 11' revolution at his location. The 11' was for sale, the 13' was waiting to be picked up. But at least I was able to see them SXS. Came very close to purchasing the 11, but walked away to think about it a little more and later, decided to go with the 13. So tomorrow, a trip to Delaware is in order. At Root Beer Barrel there is one PA, one outback, and the 11' Revolution left.
  6. Today I am going to check out an 11 footer. Still tossed up between the 11 and 13, but leaning more to the 13. I often see in different posts, people mentioning speed in a yak, but how important is that really? How much difference is the speed between the two yaks? I would assume it is negligible? Let you all know what happens when I return. Probably with more questions. I do very much appreciate everyones opinions here. This is a great forum.
  7. I'll give Root beer Barrel a shot thanks
  8. Nice idea, but your too kind. (or practical) I like the Roman spear better. lol
  9. Oh man! you are right on about the tailgaters. I was a nervous wreck bringing my 14 footer home from South Jersey. I was considering attaching 3 Roman spears to the back of the yak. lol. My truck also has a 6 foot bed, but has the hide away racks too and taking it off and on from them may be too much hassle, If the 13 is purchased. Maybe rigging a pully system, so the yak is raised over the tail gate from the back rack would work? Or just put up with the un-curtious drivers behind.
  10. Thanks to you both for the more in depth information, It is what I was looking for. Now it is final decision time. A trip to Delaware is in order, just to make a final comparison of the two yaks. (hope they have both in stock) I would like to have one for the fall striper run. Are there any dealers closer to the Brick area than that?
  11. I guess I should have added that I own a 14 foot carribean and I am very pleased with that. What I am curious about, is if there really is a difference in performance between the 11' and the 13' Revo. The only reason for purchasing a Revo is for the ease of fishing with a pedal drive. I currently own the Native Slayer 10 and have been using it in the bays and rivers without a problem. I just do not like that style boat, or the propel drive. It will be sold to help pay for a Revo. So is there really much difference in performance between the two boats. Thanks for the responses so far.
  12. Gents, i am looking for some help here. I have been researching for a new pedal drive and have finally narrowed things down to the Hobie revolution. I am eyeing up the 11' and 13', partly for ease of fitting it into the back of a pickup. A friend of mine has the 13 and had stated that I should stay with the 13, because it is more stable in the water than the 11. He claims it will also perform better in the wind and current. I tried his 13 and was very impressed with it. I have yet to try the 11. There is only a slight difference in width and of course the 2 feet in length. At this time, his claims just don't register with me very well. FWIW, I have one of the propel drives and after trying the hobie, I like it much better. Anyone here have any experience with both?
  13. Saltfisherman, we think alike. But you have my curiosity up. what yak do you currently use? I have the Eddyline Carribean and love it. But now I am looking for a pedal yak for fishing the bays.
  14. I generally won't go out if the wind is over 10 mph in a paddle kayak. But as already stated, it depends on where you are going. Some places I fish, if close to shore, and the wind is broken by homes, trees or an island Im good to go. You have to get to know the wind direction vs tide and current and how they effect each other and how that will affect your drift.
  15. I know for a fact that burlap over a cooler will keep the ice from melting much longer. However, just keeping a moist towel or burlap over a fish will keep the flesh moist, but not cool. You want to do both. IMO that is not much different than using a stringer and if the water temps are high at the surface, does not keep the fish very well.