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  1. For a time i had 4 Daiwa Ballistics. The 35-40 13'3" lengths all had weighted screw-in butts. So one day the weight fell off one of the rods and i almost crashed the tip. I found the screw on weight and after putting it back it dawned on me that this weight might help balance the "fulcrum" affect of casting a surf rod when trying to "oof" it out. Would this be a correct assumption?
  2. I have 4 Cree headlamps for over 5yrs. Under $15ea. 8K lumen. 2 rechargeable 18650 batteries. All different configurations & light colors. Last all night. The red illuminates the whole area!
  3. Good video from Okuma on the Makaira Spinner.
  4. *Has 55lb max drag, same pre-set drag settings as in the 20K & 30K, 4.9:1 gear ratio, 40in line retrieval, weighs 28.2oz & can take 415yd of 50lb braid. Also a 5yr limited warranty. I heard a 15K is in the works. Other sizes are the 20K & 30K. The anglers that i know here both use the 20K from shore. Both agree it's stronger then a Stella though a comparable Stella is slightly lighter in weight. It's purely a matter of personal preference. I think it's important to look up where the nearest service Okuma and/or Shimano service center is. Hawk gave a very good review on the Makaira. I must admit in Hawaii the Shimanos are the most popular spinners, then comes the Penns. As long as you're happy with your unit it should be ok. Right now i'm slowly replacing all my Azores with the new Blues. Hard to beat for the money. And aesthetically speaking it matches well with all my blue Okuma rods.
  5. I haven’t used one yet. I know 2 who do. GTs from shore and that reel gives them no quarter! Should be good at the FADS jigging for tuna as well.
  6. I helped Okuma do the Fishing Expo here in Hawaii in Oct. we had one on display. What a beast! Might be coming out with a 15K for next year.
  7. Yes it is! Brought in a GT with it. 12' Ocean Master for spinners is what i used for that reel.
  8. Will do GoneCoastal. This reel was last offered back in 2014. I found field info on the Solterra Level Winds with the bars that jiggers use but not the Lever Drags that casters like. It was a interesting find to get this BNIB. Thinking of going 65lb braid backing to 40lb Big Game Trilene 40lb top shot for surf casting. Rated for 310yd of 30lb mono. But will open it up to grease & lube as well.
  9. I just got in a BNIB Okuma Solterra SLR-15CS. Has anyone ever used this reel before?
  10. I love my 10' & 12' Rockaways with a Azores 40.
  11. Some of the reels are quite good. The Azores Spinners with the dual drag stacks will be introducing their new high speed Azores line for 2019. Also will have Shimano type sizing now. The Makaiwa spinner will unveil their new 2019 size. The Tesoro Star Drags are really good & all the prices are down to Earth for the technology & materials used. Recently they have been vastly improving their products.
  12. Who here uses this line of spinners? Would like to know thoughts when stacked against other spinners like the Shimano Stella?
  13. I've decided to chunk with Azores Spinners on Nemesis Surf Rods, spin cast Epixor Spinners on Rockaway Surf Rods, plug a Metaloid Popping Rod using a Makaira Spinner & Surf Cast/Slide the new Hawaiian Custom Surf Rods using Tesoro Star Drag Reels. In the past years Okuma has really stepped-up their innovations & introduced some exciting new products. Also any questions i had with Okuma was answered within 24hrs. I now have to look at large braid spools to save some bucks. Looking at the 5lb Predator Braid spool of 80lb for the Tesoro Star Drags & Makaira Spinner. Thinking of using 50lb braid for the Azores & 10lb + 30lb for the Epixors.
  14. I have the Penn Fierce 6K Live Liner spinner. Good size reel for chunking. But as you pointed out the secondary system isn't "dogged" loud enough.
  15. Exactly, your thoughts on the Azores mirrows my own. Also for what they charge it's awesome what you get in return.