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  1. Fishy lot, no splits. Hooks will be remove little to no use, maybe thrown once Lordship spook BM herring Danny BM gas skinny needle BM gas mini wadd 120 shipped
  2. Enough about the canal, makes another post about the canal
  3. Trying to sell as lot, shipping is expensive
  4. 100 shipped price drop
  5. Looking for a couple new or used thanks
  6. He had first dibs but he passed
  7. Does anyone actually use a sling on here…. I’ve never handled used a boga in my life because of the fact that I don’t want to further damage a fish to figure out the wight, sling idea sounds interesting
  8. If I hook up It’s probably going to end my clamming career LOL
  9. I still surf
  10. I would never !
  11. Konehead, I think you lost this debate
  12. What’s your guide rate? I’m interested in catching some slobs
  13. I think the seals are actually saving the fishery… the more fisherman they scare away the better
  14. fishy lot…. Habs SR pink 3.5 large needle - 45 Sporting wood bottle - 33 lordship spook -33
  15. no worries… updated split prices
  16. Looking for a couple tattoo darters, originals only
  17. That bottom black/green ….. wow. what color way is that?
  18. Take those damn hook protectors off nevan!!!
  19. Bump
  20. Bump, still looking!
  21. Looking for 2 oz needles and jointed tony c needles, new or used. Thanks