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  1. Here are some pics. No rush to sell, I will just continue using this reel if not sold.
  2. Searched for a answer but couldn't find anything specific.... About 2 weeks ago i took a few casts with my vs200 with no issues at all, later i rinsed the reel off like i always do and put it back into my car where i keep my reel/rod during the season. About a week later i took the reel out of my car to re-tie a leader with plans to fish later that night but i never ended up fishing. when tying the leader i cranked the handle a few times and didn't notice anything funny at that time. Another week goes by and i take my rod out of the car and notice my reel is extremely ruff to reel. after fishing it a couple times its gotten a little smoother but noting like it should be, extremely hard to crank. Did the greese dry up after leaving it in my car for a couple weeks? just a thought...any ideas? id hate to have to send it out for service and not have my reel for a month.
  3. thank you! i appreciate the help
  4. yes, just rough with no grinding, im going to try the oil and see what happens. really just want to get through the next couple months using this thing before sending it out for any repairs it needs. its a older usa model and surprisingly smooth up until now.
  5. must have cought a dozen 40 inch fish that morning, that one being biggest at 44'
  6. looking for a surf rod for my vs200, mostly throwing plugs and occasionally jigging... thinking about buying a lamiglass gsb but figured i would look on here first. not interested in anything over 10'6.... i have a 10'6 Tiralejo that i will trade and add cash if interested... THANKS!
  7. looking for somthing shipped or picked up locally in Massachusetts
  8. still looking, bump
  9. no thank you...still looking
  10. i aint nuts bub...first 9' mojo i got the reel seat starting spinning loose on the rod after the first week, sent out for warranty, got a brand new rod and the SAME thing happened after a couple nights fishing. The third mojo i had snapped fighting a bluefish, gave up after that. JUNK
  11. looking to purchase a surf rod between 9 and 10 foot for my vs200, preferably locally (Massachusetts) or i will pay to have it shipped, lmk what yall got! thanks
  12. mojo are the biggest piece of crap IMO, very poorly made and the 3 ive had have all been replaced under warranty defects, i finally gave up on them
  13. What is the length? I’m not looking for anything over 10’ I already have access to a 10’6 so I’m looking for something smaller
  14. looking to buy a vs200 any color
  15. ended up purchasing @young**** gold vs200, thanks for the help guys!
  16. ok, i will do 450. messaged you
  17. 425 paypal ready
  18. can you take the heat shrink off? or maybe i will just buy a power knob to put on there, how about 400 without the line... ?
  19. i will offer 400 shipped, anything wrong with the knob?
  20. could you post some more pics of reel without your hand in way?
  21. I would offer you 540 shipped^ more so looking for a x series but I’d be willing to pay
  22. I would offer 650 for the 27
  23. could you send me some pictures? still looking....
  24. Bump