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  1. Bump
  2. Looking for z glides…new or used.
  3. Most of the time from what I’ve seen there is a live drawing with a legitimate number generator
  4. Interesting… this is such a common practice with things like watches, cars, sneakers and anything collectible on all social media platforms, I’ve just never seen it with plugs.
  5. I’ve never actually seen this go down or am apart of a page where they do this but how is it a crime?
  6. Last bump
  7. Looking for the 2 oz and the larger 3 ounce version, jr or senior, new or used.
  8. Sold !
  9. Used fat tail… herring colorway. 75 shipped
  10. Darnit!!
  11. Looking for mikes spooks new or used
  12. A little to expensive for me… thanks
  13. it really depends on the colors you have… I would probably be interested in a few of them depending on price
  14. Larger spook any colors really.. possibly smaller to depending on color
  15. Dean out here getting that money lol, can’t knock the hustle
  16. Bump
  17. Left side top , pink and raccoon
  18. Still looking for more !
  19. Seconds on 8 and 9
  20. retracted
  21. Sounds good I will message you
  22. Yes, I would love it! lmk how much
  23. Bump
  24. Hey morningwood, sorry for the late response, my power just came back on from the storm, I should have mentioned I’m only looking for a un-fished one. A gift for a friend.