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  1. Looking for a everlasting eel
  2. Sold!
  3. Will message you now
  4. Sporting wood , original tattoo darters 55 shipped
  5. Sorry man but I ended up trading this to a friend.
  6. ….
  7. ****ing salty took another mikes custom from me yesturday, bastard ran right up on the beach, tried sticking my dog on the bastard but she wasn’t much of a help
  8. seals ain’t a problem if you know how to fight them, just adds some excitement.
  9. No thank you , I do like habs 2 oz jointed needles
  10. Really only looking for a glider or possibly other mikes other than his darters
  11. Looking to trade this lightly thrown once mikes jr glider for his regular size glider… will add cash.
  12. Looking for a used or new mikes catch and release glider.
  13. Bone sr dookster lightly used .. I can do 35 shipped
  14. Fully torn labrum, I can’t cast over my shoulder so I side cast. had the surgery but it failed… shoulder dislocates all the time, sometimes in my sleep. Luckily it’s not to painful when fishing
  15. Offer 75 for rouge