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  1. 4 and 6
  2. 8
  3. I suspect sparkles in a basses mouth!
  4. Lil puke getting rid of all his habs... SJ the gorilla must have ruffled his feathers
  5. What is the reasoning a lot of these guys especially boat guys use conventional when throwing big metal lips like grs?
  6. How tall are the tubes in the main bag?
  7. Money received
  8. mikes HD 9 inch c&r swim bait.. used, epoxy chipping, took swivel and hook off to ship surf asylum flat glide needle thrown once, like new. hook will be removed to ship 110 shipped for the pair.
  9. Mikes bass candy
  10. 9 inch HD c&r used condition, epoxy is chipping, see pics for details... looking for habs, GRS SH pikes, BM dee darters and other mikes new or used condition, will add money if necessary
  11. Please let me know! Enjoy your trip!
  12. Can I borrow one to fish