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  1. Will you be closer to cape tomarow?
  2. 100$ meetup at canal or somewhere?
  3. 100 for all?
  4. My Saragossa 6000 lasted 2 years longer than my vr150 did in the surf, both reels dunked. stick with a vs.
  5. Are these surface swimmers?
  6. If he passes on the bags how much are you looking to sell just the 2 tube gear up for?
  7. Happens only to the elite
  8. Well that one looked badasss also! Haha
  9. GED, I believe you took this reel down from your racks to show me your rod the other day when we met up, I was going to say how cool of a Color combo the zee was!! Hopefully it holds up!
  10. Looking for a 2 or 3 tube bag, preferably something made with sail cloth.
  11. OH MY GOD theres a shark swimming in the ocean peacefully! this is amazing I can’t believe it
  12. Bump, price drop... 70 shipped for all
  13. I will offer 200 invoiced
  14. Do you have the original strap also? Can the side tube holder fit a beer without the tube in it