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  1. I recently purchased a surf machine 9 footer, used it down in Florida for the first time last week and hooked up to this black tip. This rod has so much backbone, very impressed. Pulled the shark outa structure with ease. Defiantly going to be my main setup this season.
  2. Not at the moment. If I can can’t find a zeebass 22 or 25 before the bass show up then I will just be keeping this
  3. Bump would also consider a zb25
  4. Sure message me for PayPal details
  5. Sure, message me for details
  6. Looking to trade my vs200 for a zb22, will add $$$ if i have to. VS is in 10/10 mechanical condition and 9/10 cosmetic with a few very minor scratches from light use. This is a USA version #9595
  7. Shimano still available
  8. ive decided i would rather a 9, edited thread title.
  9. pretty much anything but a mojo, 3/4-4... heading down to florida and need something shorter than my 10 footers i use up here.
  10. looking for a 9 foot surf rod..2 piece, somthing along the lines of a lamiglass or century surf machine. will meet up in mass or paypal, something with some backbone
  11. ban commercial fishing, catch and release only at the cape cod canal, and boat/surf anglers allowed to keep one slot size fish a day.
  12. im flying, i plan on buying online and having it shipped down there, fishing stuart area.. guessing i need something with backbone to pull them snook away from structure