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  1. I will take the fire river Danny for asking
  2. Hey @luvplugs I would like to purchase the 2 circled pencils please
  3. With your luck I don’t believe that rod will ever see a fish over 5 pounds
  4. I’m still using that ss1201m you sold me last year, love that rod for pencils...
  5. Yes weight wise... I was thinking maybe 6 inches off the tip?
  6. not to hijack a thread but what would be the ultimate custom 1201L cut for throwing the most it can handle
  7. Bump
  8. Bump... buying all colors in the 8 inch ones
  9. Will u split?
  10. Bump
  11. thank you for the offer but I’m looking for custom
  12. Looking for a one piece custom
  13. 2...1 oz 2 ...1.5 oz Bullet head white thick hair please