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  1. Agreed. Leave the hook. Throw her back.
  2. The strap on Korkers will go on any footwear and, if strapped properly (Good YouTube video by **********), will make your jetty experience safe and confident. Korker boots are outstanding as well. Their high end versions have the “Boa” system that make sense for freshwater applications but bind up with the introduction of sand.
  3. Don’t set the hook with those circle hooks! Other than that, a live line reel is helpful should a fish take and run. Missing fish by not applying a precisely-timed hook set while chunking just seems like something not to be too concerned with- we’ve all seen those guys with their rods in spikes, paying no attention- though they seem to catch fish all the same as those standing on their rods.
  4. Agreed. Well said... these days, high-end components and good backbone are common on even moderately-priced sticks.
  5. Stormr neoprene (Stryker and surf top) are for the cold for the most part, but very durable, very reliable. Guy Cotten seems to be the move for anything warmer than late fall, early spring. Though I have a stormr fusion for the warm weather...
  6. Have a buddy that cranked his 6000 underwater for a bit (forgetting that he had swapped it out w/his VS) with no ill effects thus far....
  7. Tuna belly worked great for me last year. Even the flash frozen stuff. I like to have an 80# shock leader of about 30 yards on top of my braid with an FG- I've lost sharks in the surf when they ride waves left to right and my knot(s) are between my rod tip and the shark. That long leader allows a few turns of the mono on my spool if/when a shark takes off sideways on me. And yes- the 80# mono casts terribly...
  8. The bay... here are the descriptions from the auction:
  9. No clue... but here they sit... there's a capital BH on them both (bought separately).
  10. Clear mac kills. Fish em if you got em. ... on the other hand...
  11. Just picked these up to decorate my office.
  12. Agreed. Cheap lights (think multi-pack from Depot) work great. I try to use mine as little as possible anyway. For all the stupid money we do spend as surfcasters, lights seem not to give you the same ROI as a VS...
  13. Crushed barbs help...
  14. Any updates on this topic? He has many plugs for sale...
  15. I would say to go big on the hooks when chunking. A couple wraps of wire doesn't hurt with regard to keeping bait together and on the hook. No matter what- the best advice I've gotten has been to use a timer or alarm and change out bait every 30-40 mins based on freshness/frozen bait. The timer gives you confidence that you're not fishing with a hook and weight alone (at least minimizes that time to a finite amount) also eliminates that urge to check your rig every time you get that hunch you've been cleaned up.