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  1. 3-4oz plus bait would work perfectly. I sent you a pm with my cell to send that video. Tom
  2. Sorry it took so long. heres some more pictures:
  3. Thanks, I’ll reach out to Mark.
  4. Has anyone built a tuna popping rod on one of these blanks before? Wondering some first hand experience. I would think the action would work pretty well, soft enough tip to cast well and tons of backbone.
  5. I’m not sure, it’s a 10+ year old surf rod that’s been rewrapped a few times over the years, it really rips!
  6. What’s the best way to post a video? I’ll be at my house tomorrow night and can take more photos.
  7. Hand soap, big soft sponge or boat mitten and a light freshwater rinse. The hand soap doesn’t break down the grease in the reels like dish soap would so that’s important!! Afterwards a light coat of WD-40 and into the storage racks. Also do the rods with the same process and WD-40 on the guides as well. I have gear that is decades old and still looking brand new doing this.
  8. I have a 9’ custom spinning rod that I just re-wrapped this winter. Its rated 20-40lb. 50/50 split two piece. I had been using it off my center console as a light tackle schoolie tuna popping rod, it really throws plugs well in the 3-6oz range and can handle the high drag. It does ok down to about 2oz before feeling too stiff. Would make a great surf stick for plugging or jigging deep channels. Its the rod all the way to the left in the picture. Cork handles with inlay, all Fuji components, alconite guides. I have a video on my phone that shows the rod much better I can send anyone that’s interested. $100 shipped
  9. Probably around $30. I think I could get the waders into a large flat rate box, but not sure if I could squeeze the boots into the same? If you’re not in a rush to get them I’m sure we could figure out meeting up.
  10. Here you go, waders look basically brand new. Not sure what size the boots are, the number was on the sole got worn off.
  11. Get the 7’6” if you plan on casting with it. I just built the lighter one (mh) and cut it down from 7’ to 6’-4” strictly for boat use. As mentioned above, it’s a perfect fluke rod and should easily handle smaller bass, has a nice backbone.
  12. No, I’m sorry, I had an emergency and I didn’t make it around to my other house last week. I’ll be there to work on the boat this weekend. Can I send you pictures Friday after work? Tom
  13. I bought one a long time ago for inshore bottom fishing. Fluke, sea bass, tog, etc. It was one of my favorite reels, unfortunately lost it overboard last fall. Never had a single issue, although I wasn’t pushing it near the max... it has some really crazy drag if you push it up! Edit: the one I had was the sea game 15, the heavier duty one. Still a very small reel, comparable to an Avet sxj.
  14. Yeah, most definitely waterproof, they’re actually in really nice condition despite their age. I don’t have any pictures handy, sorry. next week im going to try to make it down to the boat I can take a few for you.