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  1. The 136-2F is a honey blank, and quite a nice one if I might add.
  2. I’ve got some old fiberglass blanks laying around: SB136-2F SB136-2M SB136-3M Both the 2M and 3M are white fiberglass, the 2F is honey.
  3. Second in line if this falls through.
  4. Talked to bob this morning, and my blanks should be a couple weeks out, perfect timing for me. I forgot to ask him a question though, and you actually may be better help since you had a lot to do with the design. Bob explained how the 8’ version was designed to “cut” as in the butt is a straight taper so very easy to make a 7’6” for example. If I wanted to cut the 732, let’s say to 6’6” or even to 6’3” let’s say, would I be screwing up how the rod handles load? I have no problems leaving the blank full length if that’s best, just a what if question when I get around to building it.
  5. Sounds good. Would love to join.
  6. So I stopped by grumpys finally. The 732 is DEFINITELY the one I want. All of the XC blanks are head and tails above any of the other blanks I was able to get my hands on. Bob unfortunately wasn’t in, but I’m going to call back tonight and order the color my dad wants (building the rod for him), I may even snag a 731 for myself!
  7. 8oz taped to each tip. The top blank is a 136 3m, middle is the yard sale find, bottom blank is a 136 2m. I think I’m going to be real lucky and have this end up being a 2F!!
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. I have some newer blanks I’m going to compare these to on Friday. Sb136 2m and a 3m. I also have one of these I can compare to: which I was 99% sure was an 11.5’ seeker until you posted your pic... It’s cut down to 9’ and matches EXACT to my brand new 9’ seeker Bunker Spoon rod, and is for sure way different than my 136 2m. sorry for the derail. ill post more and some better pics on Friday when I have all the rods together, maybe it can help anyone in the future trying to id old blanks.
  9. Scored two rods on the side of the road. Old school honey blanks, had to pull over. The long one is I think a cut down (butt end) 1164 aka 136 2F. No markings but it has a 12 tip 1.0butt and feels so sweet. Gonna compare to the 2m and 3m I have at the shore house this weekend, but it’s for sure just a bit more connected, fingers crossed here. Does anyone know what rod the shorter one is? I sliced off the bottom grip and found the following underneath where the OLD lamiglas numbers were inked on: 5#06??? 0.875” butt 20tip (assuming cut)
  10. Thank you very much for the explanation, I will stop by grumpys and check out both of those blanks this weekend. If there’s a good afternoon during the week, I could make a run into Staten Island as well, not far from my work.
  11. See title, looking to buy one of these rods, older model not made anymore. Its a 15-30 conventional. Know it’s a shot in the dark but if anyone has one lying around?? thanks, Tom
  12. I’m sure this has been asked before. But with the newer technology blanks what would be the best blank to build a fluke bucktailing rod. id be matching this up with a Maxel hybrid 20 and fishing 3-6oz bucktails in 50-90’
  13. What are you interested in for trades?
  14. So I finally got a chance to make up a rough 3D model. Currently converting the file to be able to be read via the CNC machine for a prototype hopefully soon.