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  1. I think I’m going to hold onto the last one. Thanks everyone.
  2. Looking at picking up a Torque 7 gen1 to jig and pop tuna off Jersey, (under 150lb fish). Other than the fact that they look goofy, a little heavy, and had some early issues with the rotor flexing (which penn updated) why do these things get looked down on? Everything I read about them was really old and all negative... is there any recent opinions about them?
  3. Yeah I can do that.
  4. Three saltist’s for sale. All three have carbontex drag kits and ball bearing line roller upgrade. Fresh service with receipts. brand new braid on all three: 65# on the 5000 and 80# on the 6000 & 6500. $165ea shipped can make a deal if you are interested in multiple.
  5. Interested in any trades?
  6. I’m not “actually” jigging the ccc... I’m jigging bluefin tuna off jersey. A canal reel works perfectly for this and this title catches more attention as most of the guys on here better associate with that. The vsb (bailed) is what I was looking at, I have a 250 and like it very much. I am looking to replace my second setup, a penn 7500ssv I was gifted as I feel that reel just won’t be up to it...
  7. What are you asking?
  8. Thanks, which Shimano? I think that’s going to be a bit small for my use. I’m out of jersey jigging for tuna offshore actually, but a “canal jig reel” fits the bill perfect and is “English” to most of the guys on this site versus asking for a tuna reel.
  9. Possibly, what’s the gear ratio on that?
  10. WTB jigging reel. Looking for penn torque 7, vsb250 or 200, Stella 20k, saragosa 20k or similar size heavy duty spinning reel. I have a few custom rods or smaller reels I can throw in as trade plus cash.
  11. As title says 7500ssv brand new in box. $125 shipped
  12. No issues, I’ve had counterbalanced handles on a few of my conventionals and they always felt clunky to me. Swapped to the power handles and never looked back!
  13. Thanks guys, after further thought I’m going to hold out for a 200 or 250. I will be at surf day if by then I haven’t found one I will reconsider the offers here and possibly meet up with one of you guys.
  14. Same questions: pics? Where, and how much are you asking?
  15. Pictures? Where are you located? And what are you asking?